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Get thee behind me, Coats. I'm not Superman, you know. But at least kryptonite won't faze me.
~ Bibleman

Bibleman (AKA Miles Peterson) is the eponymous hero of the live-action television series of the same name. He was described as a man who had success, fame, wealth, but was a frustrated and miserable man. After giving up and throwing himself to the ground for help, he discovers a Bible covered in the grass. Upon finding it, he gave his life to Christ and decided to fight evil in the name of God as Bibleman.

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Battle Record[]

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Battle Record

  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 3
  • Draws: 1

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Death Battle Info[]


  • Able to hold back Luxor Spawndroth with one hand
  • Is capable of throwing him with one hand as well
  • Can match demons of Hell
  • Shattered energy bindings by flexing


  • Easily keeps up with Demons from Hell
  • Has blocked and reflected lightning from demons


  • Is more resistance to temptations then the average man
  • Jumped down several stories and was left unharmed
  • Tanked a blast that completely vaporized a normal man
  • Shrugged off being struck by lightning


  • Teleportation
  • Enhanced senses
    • Can see invisible things, including demons
  • Fourth-wall awareness and breaking
  • Biblical knowledge
    • Has memorized the entire Bible and can recite any part of it
  • Detective skills
  • Swordsmanship
  • Technopathy
    • Sealed a woman in a TV using scripture
  • Unshakeable faith


  • Armor of God
    • Protects from sin and physical harm
    • Has a scanner that works like detective vision
    • Can communicate with the Biblecave computer, U.N.I.C.E., and his allies
    • Can deflect lasers
    • Is powered by faith and can become stronger if Bibleman recites scripture
  • Sword of the Spirit
    • Can deflect lasers and lightning
    • Blocked a sword that cut through steel
    • Can be summoned from the sky


  • God
    • Bibleman's most powerful ally.
  • Coats
    • His first sidekick and best friend. Like Bibleman, he's a man of God and an engineer, building his own weaponry to help fight alongside Bibleman's holy gear. Uses a net launcher, and a pair of gauntlets that can fire lasers which can blow people up, and create force fields.
  • U.N.I.C.E
    • A computer system that operates the Biblecave. She serves a variety of functions. She has access to tracking satellites, can pull up any Bible passage on command, and can transfer her consciousness into flying drones. These drones can create forcefields and even use them offensively.
  • Cypher
    • A former gang member who Bibleman converted. He wears his own version of the Armor of God, less powerful but still effective, and wields a pair of curved, green bladed weapons that function the same as the Sword of the Spirit.
  • Biblegirl
    • Once a friend of Bibleman and Cypher's who took up the name Biblegirl to help fight a villain. Wields a holy net, and later a laser blaster.
  • Josh Carpenter, Bibleman II
    • The second Bibleman, taking up the mantle once Miles retired.