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Professor, I...I'll do it!
~ Beck

Beck is the main character of the video game, Mighty No. 9.

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Death Battle Info


  • Real Name:
  • Mighty Number: 09
  • Height: 4'11 / 150 cm
  • Youngest member of the team "Mighty Numbers"


  • Arm Cannon
  • Dash Attack
  • AcXeleration Packs heals Beck's energy


  • ReXelection Pyrogen creates fiery explosions
  • ReXelection Cryophere fires ice balls that freeze enemies
  • ReXelection Dynatron fires three pellets that stick to whatever they hit, then blastes targets with bolts of electricity
  • ReXelection Seismic turns Beck's legs into caterpillar treads, allowing him to break anything in his path and creates a deflector shield in front of him
  • ReXelection Battalion fires missiles that explode upon contact and hit multiple times, can also stick to walls and detonate seconds later
  • ReXelection Aviator turns Beck's hands into helicopter rotors, allowing him to fly short distances
  • ReXelection Brandish gives Beck a sword arm, allowing him to do a spin slash
  • ReXelection Countershade gives Beck a sniper rifle arm, allowing him to shoot bullets that ricochet off of surfaces
  • ReXelection MegaXel allows Beck to place three Mega Drones that fire upon seeing an enemy


  • Saved the U.S. from a epidemic that caued every other robot in the country to go berserk
  • Went up against his 8 older siblings (Mighty Numbers) and won
  • Defeated Trinity, a massive being made of infinite Xel and had infinite weight
  • Defeated Ray, who could rip apart regular robots with ease