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God, you'd think you jerks could come up with snappier dialogue.
~ Changeling - New Teen Titans #32 (June, 1983)

Watch out! Endangered species comin' through!
~ Beast Boy - Beast Boy #1 (November, 1999)

Most of you may know me as the ex-Teen Titan shape-shifter... Changeling. I've saved the country, the world and even parts of the galaxy on more occasions than I care to remember. I'm kind of a household name.
~ Beast Boy - Beast Boy #2 (December, 1999)

I know you still think of me as "wacky ol' Changeling", but I've grown up a lot since you and I were Titans.
~ Beast Boy to Nightwing - Beast Boy #3 (January, 2000)

Look. I'm sure you're some kind of local hero but I'm a real hero from the big city, so just let me call the shots. And try to keep up.
~ Beast Boy to Aqualad - Teen Titans (TV Series) Season 1 Episode 8 - Deep Six (September, 2003)

No one gets it, do they? Everyone assumes I'm unhappy because I haven't been "normal" since I was a kid. They feel sorry for me. My parents died, I got green skin, called a freak. I joined the Titans where my girlfriend was killed... after selling us out to Deathstroke. Yeah, life has been hard. It's sucked sometimes. But that doesn't mean I don't like it. And being "normal" is overrated anyway.
~ Beast Boy - Teen Titans Vol. 3 #15 (September, 2004)

Hey, Barney! Pick on someone your own size!
~ Beast Boy to Zookeeper - Teen Titans Vol. 3 #15 (September, 2004)

Vic leaves me in charge of the Titans for five minutes - and I let us get ambushed by Charles Manson Junior.
~ Beast Boy - Teen Titans Vol. 3 #30 (November, 2005)

I mean, it's these outfits...painted on like we're naked. Everybody can see it all--butt...'nads...junk... Why can't I battle evil in a pair of baggy Levi's...? This is the stuff that keeps me up at night...
~ Beast Boy - Deathstroke Annual Vol. 4 #1 (January, 2018)

If I fell out of a plane, I could change into an eagle. If I was drowning in the ocean, I could change into a dolphin. Change can be good. And necessary. But change can't help me when I'm struggling on the inside.
~ Beast Boy - Teen Titans Vol. 6 #17 (February, 2018)

You can't choose your past, but you can choose your future. And your friends. My friends and I, we're in this together... no matter what comes our way.
~ Beast Boy - Teen Titans Vol. 6 #19 (April, 2018)

The world needs the Titans. It needs someone ready to step up and stop this. Contain the events. Stop the Blood Cult and anyone else like them. The Justice League is off doing who knows what. The real fight's right here. And you saw it coming when no one else did. This vindicates everything you set out to do.
~ Beast Boy to Nightwing - Titans Vol. 3 #26 (September, 2018)

Beast Boy is a superhero from DC Comics.

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Garfield Mark Logan is the son of former child actress and animal wildlife preservationist Marie Logan, and Dr. Mark Logan, who lived in West Africa prior to contracting a rare illness called Sakutia. To save his life, Gar's father injected him with a serum derived from an explicably green monkey. This had the side effect of turning his skin & hair green, as well as giving him the ability to shapeshift into animals. After Gar's parents died in a boating accident during a flash flood, he was adopted by Mento & Elasti-Girl of the Doom Patrol, wanting to be a superhero. He would later the Teen Titans, where he would become one of their most prominent members.

Death Battle Info

  • Real Name: Garfield "Gar" Logan (middle name Mark pre-New 52)
  • Other Aliases: Changeling
  • Gender: Male
  • Affiliations: Teen Titans, Justice League; formerly Doom Patrol, Titans West, New Young Justice, Ravagers, Justice League: Team Entropy
  • Occupation: Superhero, actor (pre-New 52), vigilante (New 52 & Rebirth)
  • Height: 5'8"
  • Weight: 150 lbs (68 kg)


His powers somehow tied to the Earth's morphogenetic field, Beast Boy's primary ability is his the ability to shape-shift into any animal he has seen and made meaningful contact with while still maintaining his original green color.

This extends to single-celled organisms, extinct animals (as long as he studied them), and animals of mythological and extraterrestrial origin upon tapping into another world's morphogenetic field. While in an animal's form, he gains its strength, agility, and modes of movement, such as speed, flight, and flexibility. He also posses keener senses than a normal human that make him an excellent tracker.

Beast Boy has also been shown to shape shift into demonic animals such as the time when Raven implanted Beast Boy with an evil seed of her father Trigon.


  • Acting
  • Encyclopedic Animal Knowledge
  • Martial Arts


  • Despite his flaws, he can be very philosophical.
  • Learned forms of martial arts like ninjutsu.
  • High destructive capability as certain animals.
  • Defeated large opponents like Cinderblock.
  • Threw Trigon to the ground.
  • While in the Doom Patrol, Beast Boy fatally wounded Madame Rouge to avenge the teammates, he lost because of her.
  • Has an internet following.


  • Most animals have some exploitable weaknesses.
    • Small animals are typically frail.
    • Most animals have no projectiles.
    • Most animals have no resistances against elemental, psychic, or magical attacks.
  • Cannot copy superhumans; especially unnatural mutants, mutates, robots, cyborgs, gods, cosmic beings or inter-dimensional visitors.
    • Cannot copy aliens (unless Beast Boy is within the electromagnetic field of that alien's home planet).
      • Aliens with destroyed home planets (like Kryptonians) are impossible for Beast Boy to copy.
  • Is silly and annoys others sometimes.
    • Got himself captured by pressing a "do not press" red button.
  • Can suffer brief nausea while getting accustomed to another world's morphogenetic field.
  • Cannot escape from sticky substances. Red X defeated Beast Boy by trapping him in glue. (Teen Titans TV Series)