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If you need to learn how to talk to a lady, ask your mum.
~ Bayonetta

I like it when you play hard to get.
~ Bayonetta

Don't fuck with a witch.
~ Bayonetta

So where was I? Oh yes. Your kind invitation. I do hope you've prepared dessert as well. Oh what a lovely tea party! And dancing, too! Cereza, my dear, watch and learn!
~ Bayonetta

As long as there's music, I'll keep on dancing!
~ Bayonetta

Bayonetta is the main protagonist of the eponymous video game series. She previously fought Dante in the 58th episode of DEATH BATTLE!, Dante VS Bayonetta.

Fanon Wiki Ideas So Far[]

Battle Record[]

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Battle Record

  • Wins: 3
  • Losses: 4
  • Draws: 0

Possible Opponents[]


Bayonetta was born in Vigrid from the forbidden union of a Lumen Sage called Father Balder and an Umbran Witch called Rosa: the Witch was imprisoned and the Sage exiled from his clan. Bayonetta's birth caused a rift between the formally peaceful clans and eventually led to them engaging in a war. Bayonetta became a black sheep among the Umbran Witches, and during the war, Jeanne, a former childhood friend, and rival, seals her away from the world while wiping her memory to protect her from those who would exploit her. For the next five hundred years, she is sealed in a coffin at the bottom of a lake. She is later rescued, at Father Balder's instructions. She goes in search of her forgotten past, heading for her old home of Vigrid, and fighting the angelic forces of Paradiso on the way.

Death Battle Info (Official)[]


  • Real name: Cereza
  • Height: 7'7" | 232 cm.
  • Weight: approx. 200+ lbs. | 90+ kg.
  • Her standard clothes are her hair.
  • One of two surviving Umbra Witches.
  • The "Left Eye of the World."
  • Once babysat her childhood self.

Powers & Abilities[]

  • Superhuman strength, speed, agility, and durability.
  • Witch Time
    • Dramatically increases the speed of the user - to the point where everything around them appears to move in slow motion..
  • Witch Walk
    • Walks on walls & ceilings in the light of the moon.
  • Beast Within
    • Animal transformations granting increased speed, flight, and damage negation.
  • Blazingly fast reflexes.
  • Proficiency with any weapon.


  • Love Is Blue
    • Four supernaturally powerful handguns.
  • Shuraba
    • Katana which sucks the soul of its victims.
  • Durga
    • Gauntlets which strike with fire or electricity.
  • Odette
    • Ice skates which can freeze lava.
  • Alruna
    • Whip imbued with poison.
  • Takemikazuchi
    • Hammer which causes earthquakes on impact.


  • Defeated Jubileus, The Creator.
  • Headbutt a skyscraper across a city.
  • Threw a colossal satellite with her legs.
  • Dodged bullets when they were instantly respositioned behind her.
  • Fought her way through Inferno and back.
  • Tanked a superpowered bullet to the face and was merely staggered.

Death Battle Info (Fanon)[]


  • Real Name: Cereza
  • Species: Human
  • Age: 600+
  • Birthday: 19th December 1411
  • Likes guns, killing, lollipops, shopping, and dancing
  • Hates cockroaches, tentacles, and crying babies

Powers and Abilities[]

As a combo fighter with superhuman speed and agility, her combat skills being brutal and graceful in landing multiple hits on an opponent with her Bullet Arms fighting style. She also possesses immense superhuman strength and endurance along with her skills as an Umbra Witch.

  • Bullet Arms: Uses her four guns in punching or kicking attacks.
    • Bullet Climax:
    • Heel Slide:
    • AfterBurner Kick: Aerial version of Heel Slide.
  • Wicked Weaves: Uses her hair to summon the limbs of Madama Butterfly.
    • Witch Twist
  • Witch Time: An ancient art used by powerful Umbra Witches to increase their speed. This allows the user to bypass their opponent's defenses and execute combinations of attacks and other feats that would otherwise be impossible. Repeated use lessens it potency.
  • Bat Within: Turns into a flock of bats to avoid attacks.


  • Love is Blue: Bayonetta's blue guns.
  • Scaraborough Fair: Bayonetta's original set of red guns

Torture Attacks[]

Bayonetta uses her magic and hair powers to create torture devices or killing machines to kill her enemies.

  • Iron Maiden.
  • Guillotine.
  • Treadmill Of Blades.
    • Bayonetta forces her foe to run on a treadmill that drags them into a spike-covered grinder.


Bayonetta can summon giant demons to attack her foe.

  • Infernal Climax: Uses Witch Time before summoning the demon Gomorrah who lunges at an opponent.
  • Umbran Climax: Uses Witch Time before summoning Madama Butterfly at finish off an opponent.


  • Slaughters hordes of angels on regular basis, to maintain contracts with the demons she summons
  • Suplexed a group of angels
  • Can survive in space and underwater
  • Can survive being flattened
  • Can outpace Irenic, an angel who can cross Paradiso, a universe thousands of times larger than our own in just a day
  • Rotated a city block
  • Casually dodged lightning and beams of light
  • Supported the weight of Queen Sheba with her hair, an infernal demon who embodies inferno, a universe that was stated to be infinite in size
  • Can repeatedly fight and kill Gracious and Glorious, angels who can destroy the Earth's surface with only a fraction of their power
  • Kicked a jet into the air
  • As an Umbra Witch, she should be physiologically comparable to Jeanne, who was unaffected by Alraune's insanity-inducing poison being injected into her soul for almost 24 hours straight
  • Can run through time, when inside Muspelheim
  • Can keep up with Aesir, who can shift himself through time
  • Used Madama Butterfly to destroy a meteor
  • Consecutively defeated the four cardinal virtues after being sent back in time
  • Defeated Jeanne, Balder, Rodin, Jubileus, Alraune, Loptr, and Aesir

Flaws and Weaknesses[]

  • Callous and Sadistic to a degree
  • Often comes off as overconfident
  • Can only walk on walls and ceilings under moonlight
  • Her Witch Time can be shortened by opponents with similar abilities
  • Struggled to control the Right Eye of Darkness upon first awakening it
  • Should she die, her soul will be dragged into Inferno


  • Bayonetta won the Smash Wii U/3DS online poll, which is why she became a DLC character.
  • Death Battle incorrectly describes Witch Time as time manipulation, where in the original games - Witch Time is a speed boost.