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What on earth are you? I suppose I'll have to dissect you to find out.
~ Baxter Stockman

Baxter Stockman is one of the recurring villains from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles media franchise.

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Baxter Stockman is a brilliant but mad scientist who in is in his own little world. Stockman has always had an evil streak in his heart, but conceals it well with his rather timid and dorky appearance. He harbors deep rooted resentment at a world that he feels has constantly wronged him. But the one thing that makes Stockman surprisingly dangerous is his skills in engineering powerful weapons, robotics and various other useful inventions for his own benefit of revenge or get rich quick schemes. But his scheme of using Mousers to steal from banks was thwarted by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Stockman ending up in a psychotic ward when he attempted to reveal the mutants' existence. This lead to his employment with Shredder when he bailed Stockman out with a proposal, one that would ultimately have consequences with Stockman's sanity eroding even further.

Death Battle Info[]

Having obtained several degrees in the electronic and engineering fields, Stockman is genius mechanical and electrical engineer with a particularly interest in microelectronics and robotics. He also had enough knowledge of genetics to create seventy-three mutants in an attempt to construct a mutant army.

  • Weapon: trans-mutation gun



After being exposed to mutagen while in the presence of a common house fly, Stockman mutates into a giant, humanoid fly-creature. While Stockman retains his intelligence and engineering skills, despite a more aggressive sadist in personality, he gains an increased sense of hearing, increased strength, and of flight ability. Stockman's wings can give him enough flying speed to keep up with fast-moving vehicles, and is difficult to hit. Furthermore, using it for long range attacks, Stockman's saliva is acidic enough to dissolve metal. Stockman can display an ability to communicate with flies, using them as his personal army.


  • Created the Mousers.


  • As Stockman-Fly, Stockman can be easily distracted with bright lights and sugar.