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Batman V Ezio

Batman vs Ezio Auditore da Firenze is a Death Battle created by Kazamamishima.


DC Universe vs Assassin's Creed! The Dark Knight is finally face to face with Ezio Auditore!


Wiz: Every tragic hero had their own tragic moments and sometimes, losing his parents

Boomstick: Like Batman, the Dark Knight of Gotham

Wiz: And Ezio Auditore da Firenze, the Assassin of Florence

Boomstick: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick

Wiz: And it's our job to find out who would win a Death Battle!


Boomstick: Well, here it is, our savior from Gotham who was...

Wiz: No need for introduction here




*moments later*

Wiz: *sigh* Well, before he was a savior of Gotham, Bruce Wayne was the son of Thomas and Martha Wayne. He was living happily with his family.

Boomstick: Until the death of his parents by a mugger named Joe Chill changed his life. The deaths of his parents motivated him to become the most feared vigilante ever, The Batman!

Wiz: With plenty of physical and mental training, Bruce Wayne was able to stand a chance against a formidable enemy. not to mention, he was even mastered 127 martial arts

Boomstick: But, he also need a perfect tool for a perfect Job, including his iconic Batarang, Explosive Gel, Remote Electrical Charge, Smoke Bomb, Batclaw and every shitton Gadget in his belt, including Kryptonite!

Wiz: But most importantly, he uses fear as his main weapon, by hiding in the shadows and waiting for a moment to strike. Batman was a specialist to show fear in hearts of his enemies. Also, his Batsuit is almost completely bulletproof and can't even detected by even Infrared sensor and Night Vision.

Boomstick: Batman was done a ton of shit in his life, including avoiding the extremely accurate Omega Beam, has bench press at least 1 ton, can survive vacuum in space for at least 27 seconds, and somehow, he become a god. Yes, I repeat, a GOD!

Wiz: And there is a simple reason why he was able to do that

Boomstick: Because he is Batman!

Batman: I am Vengeance! I am the night! I am Batman!

Ezio Auditore da Firenze[]

Wiz: The year was 1476, it was a new era in Italy when art, culture, and science are flourishing under the guidance of inspired minds. This was the age of the Renaissance.

Boomstick: Conspiracy are everywhere and the Templars are still at large not to mention there is a man who was the most feared Assassin in that era.

Wiz: Giovanni Auditore, who was the Assassin at that time who also worked for the Medici and eventually married a noblewoman named Maria. They had a son known as Ezio!

Boomstick: Ezio was a hotheaded member of the Auditore family who spent his days with fighting, beer, money, and... Vaginas! Merda! But at least he helped his father sometimes.

Wiz: Until the execution of his family by Templar Grand Master Rodrigo Borgia changed the way of his life. He spent years and years to find a conspirator who killed his family members and eventually did it. Sorta

Boomstick: But regardless, he ended up join the brotherhood and fight alongside his uncle and the other members of the Assassin order to save the world from Templar influence.

Wiz: As an Assassin, Ezio was trained into peak human physicality, that's why he was skilled in parkour, stealth, and hand to hand combat.

Boomstick: And stealing

Wiz: But of course he need a tool to complete his mission.

Boomstick: He equipped himself a sword, crossbow, a mechanism pistol, throwing knives, his iconic hidden blade and hook blade.

Wiz: he was also specialized in bombs, during in his adventure in Rome and Constantinople, he was a craft bomb specialist.

Boomstick: He's got a shitload of bombs in his pocket, including Daltura bomb that can kill you once you breathed it, cultrop bomb, cherry bomb, smoke bomb, and another bomb.

Wiz: That's not at all, Boomstick, Ezio also use Apple Of Eden, the technology that were made by the Isu.

Boomstick: Apple Of what???!

Wiz: it's the Apple Of Eden, Boomstick

Boomstick: Never mind though, anyone, the Apple were designed to create illusions and to control humans mind. Well, it's kind of mind control.

Wiz: Or it is really a mind control since the target can't move out of their will. And the target itself will have a nightmare once it got hit.

Boomstick: The Apple itself is a weapon of mass destruction to all of mankind. Besides, the Apple itself wasn't even destroyed in a major solar flame that hit the earth.

Wiz: He's not only capable as a Master Assassin but also became the man who would free Italy from Templar influence, but much bigger than that.

Boomstick: He is also the man who opened the secret door in Masyaf, held his own against Templars in Masyaf and is the only ancestor of Desmond who eventually spoke to Desmond hiself.

Wiz: Soon, he married to Sofia and had two kids, but even he is getting old, He still had some skill and peak human physicality within him. This is happen when he fought alongside Shao Jun.

Boomstick: he is still one of the greatest Assassins in history, even after his own death

Ezio: Requiecast in pace!

Death Battle[]

Wiz: Alright, the combatants are set! let's end this debate once and for all!


Batman vs ezio by water frez-d9fjvvd

Bleake island, Gotham City 23:29 P.M.

A gun was fired from a car in the street of Bleake island, it was revealed that Two Face was being hunted by Batman. Two Face fired his assault rifle to the Batmobile in hope to destroyed it for good. But the Batmobile was too bulletproof and make it impossible to be destroyed. Desperate, two face prepare his Rocket Launcher while one of his thug members still driving his car.

Later, Two Face fired his rocket launcher only to find out that Batman avoid it easily. Then, Batman detach from his Batmobile and glide to the rooftop of Two face car, he landed safety with his two feet and destroy the rooftop with a single punch. After that, he grabbed Two Face and jumped out of the car while the car itself crash. The car alarm was ringing as the driver died due to car crash. Then, Batman walk approaching Two face..

Batman: You're coming with me, Harvey!

Two Face: Never!

Two Face pointed his handgun bullet at Batman only to be disarm by Batman using Batarang. Batman grab Two Face neck with his right hand.

Batman: I'm not asking again!

Two Face: go to hell, Batman!

Suddenly a shoot was fired from a rooftop building nearby and the bullet hit Two Face right in his head, Two Face is dead. He was shooted by an unknown assailants, and that assailants was revealed to be Ezio Auditore.

Ezio: looks like I miss, don't worry, Batman, the next one is for you!

Ezio prepare to fire his Hidden Gun, but Batman quickly use grapple gun to the rooftop where Ezio standing, causing Ezio to jump backward.

Batman: Who are you? And why do you kill him?

Ezio: Because, I did what I had to do to bring a peace!

Batman: But you killed him! It just makes you one of them, you're not bringing peace, you're abusing it! Now, I'm gonna take you to GCPD.


Ezio run toward Batman and deliver some punch and kick only to block and parry by Batman, then, Batman kick Ezio to the stomach and he grab Ezio hand and slam his body to the ground. Batman try to stomp Ezio but Ezio managed to roll backward to dodge it.

Batman: You're very skilled! Are you one of the Ra's man?

Ezio: What? Who Ra's? I don't know what you're talking about

Ezio pull out his sword, and attack Batman, but Batman however, managed to dodge all of Ezio attack and eventually, Batman block the last sword swing with his left hand and grab the sword with his right hand to disarm it. Batman has Ezio sword and use to throw it at Ezio's head, and missed. Ezio look at the sword as it was miss. But however, it was Batman who created a distraction using Ezio sword, because while Ezio look back at his enemies, his enemies suddenly appear right in front of him and deliver two punches and one kick to knock Ezio out.

Batman: You're coming with me!

Batman attempted to grab Ezio's head but Ezio use smoke bomb to escape while Batman protected his nose and his eyes with his cape. Batman activated his vision, looking for Ezio.

Meanwhile Ezio is in the other side of Building and rethink his strategy. He thinks that fighting Batman in close range would be suicide so he needs a different tactics to take him down. Ezio pull out his throwing knives.

Ezio: I hope it works

Ezio throw his knives at Batman who still looking for Ezio, Batman turn around and manage to dodge it. Ezio however was in the air and attempted to kill Batman with hidden blade, but Batman catch Ezio's arm and throw him at the apartment nearby. Batman glide to the apartment that Ezio's fall right at room 376 in the third floor.

Ezio get up as Batman approach him, Ezio threw several punch and kick at Batman but Batman block all of them and kick Ezio out of the room, destroying the door in the process.

Batman: Stop this! You're gonna make yourself killed.

Ezio: So?

Batman: Come with me to GCPD and you won't get hurt.

Ezio: Easier said than done

Ezio attempted to punch Batman, but Batman easily catch the punch with his right hand.

Batman: Then you leave me no choice!

Batman punch Ezio back only to find that Ezio avoided that punch and Ezio retreat to the downstairs, Batman throw his explosive Batarang at the wall nearby the stairs while Ezio was running. However Ezio managed to made it downstairs before the wall explode, causing a rubble that close the way to the downstairs. Before Batman try to pursue Ezio any further, he was contacted by Oracle.

Oracle: Bruce, I had done analysis Ezio Auditore just you asked

Batman: And?

Oracle: The weapon that Ezio just used is made from 500 centuries ago, bombs, Hidden Gun, sword, and a Hidden Blade. But..

Batman: What?

Oracle: But, there is something about the another weapon besides the weapon that I mentioned, and I can't analyze it. Whatever it is, the weapon it's too dangerous!

Batman: Don't worry, everything was still according to my plan.

Oracle: I know, just stay on your guard, Bruce!

He check his mini computer inside his gauntlet and see a radar that picked up the Ezio current location. In the flashback during the fight against Ezio in the rooftop, Batman contacted Oracle after he use his vision to locate Ezio.

Batman: Barbara, I want you to analyze Ezio Auditore..

Oracle: What's going on?

Batman: I don't have much time, hurry!

Then, it is also revealed that Batman use a tracker device and it's planted in Ezio hidden blade while grabbing his arm without Ezio wasn't realized.

Back at current scene, Batman tracking Ezio to the lobby as Ezio waiting on gargoyle vantage point in a hope to lure Batman into a trap. Batman eventually arrived at the lobby using elevator, shortly after he's arrived, Ezio throw three smoke bomb at Batman.

Batman managed to avoided it, but the smoke was all around that place. Ezio jump from vantage point to killed Batman with hidden blade however, Batman turn around and avoid it, as Batman run toward Ezio, Ezio throw another bomb, this time, it's caltrop bombs.

The spike appeared on the ground as Batman try to run at Ezio. Only to see that Batman jump above the spike and attempted to attack Ezio from the air, and Ezio dodge the attack and throw another bombs, this time is Datura bomb.

But, Batman destroyed the bomb using a Batarang. Desperate, Ezio fired three bullets from the Hidden Gun only to see Batman dodge it all. And hiding in a vent behind the table.

Didn't know where is Batman hiding to. He activated his eagle vision to locate Batman, but unknown to Ezio, Batman is already behind him. As Ezio turn around, Batman punch him so hard right in the face and sent Ezio back to the ground.

Batman: Give it up now! I'm taking you in!

Ezio: No! I'm taking you with this!

As Batman approach, Ezio use the power of the Apple Of Eden to blinded Batman for a while. After that, Batman vision become clear but Ezio is nowhere to be seen.

And suddenly, he heard his father voices. Calling his name

Thomas: Bruuuuceee.. Bruuuccee

Batman: Father?

Thomas: You are not my family! You are a disgrace!

His father appeared right in front of his eyes while holding the Apple in his hand.

Batman: No! No! I am not a disgrace!

Batman pull out his Batarang


Batman throw his Batarang right to the his father head, seemingly killed him

Batman: BATMAN!

However, as Batman snapped out from the hallucinations cause by the Apple. He realized that it was Ezio who got killed by Batman during the hallucinations.

Batman took the Apple and left the apartment.

24:16 Gotham docks

Batman look at the Apple as he sure for what it needs to be done.

Oracle: Bruce, are you sure about this?

Batman: this thing will cause fear among the innocent people of Gotham if it's fall to the wrong hand. I'm gonna make sure that this thing didn't exist and I will disposed of it.

Batman three the Apple to the sea to make sure the people of Gotham free from the Apple's power and after that, he flee from the Gotham docks.



Boomstick: looks like someone just get outclassed.

Wiz: Ezio is maybe a tough fighter but, Batman just outclassed Ezio in everything.

Boomstick: not to mention, Batman just keep getting better and better. Ezio can dodge an arrow with ease, Batman can dodge a bullet with ease. Ezio has sneak on guard, Batman has sneak on Super villains. Ezio vision was able to see something invisible, Batman vision was able to see not only something invisible but also see through walls.

Wiz: most of Ezio weaponry are for killed people but it still primitive compare to Batman who use the advanced technology. Also, the Apple Of Eden might have a chance to put down Batman for good. But however, since Batman was able to resist mind control, the Apple would become useless.

Boomstick: Batman is just too powerful for Ezio to handle

Wiz: the winner is Batman!

Boomstick: the goddamn Batman!

Batman wins