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Batman Beyond vs Spider-Man 2099
Season ???, Episode ???
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Written by Bigthecat
Directed by Bigthecat
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Batman Beyond VS Spider-Man 2099 is a What-If Death Battle.


DC vs Marvel! They say heroes never die, and with these two, the legacies of Batman and Spider-Man carry on! But who is the superior successor?


Boomstick: The future can have lots of possibilities but in some realites futuristic versions of Legendary Superheroes exist to defend the world from evil.

Wiz: These heroes have adopted the powers and costumes of their rolemodels and carry on their legacy to promote peace and justice.

Boomstick: And kick tonnes of supervillian ass, like Batman Beyond, the Future Batman.


Wiz: And Spider-Man 2099, the Future Spider-Man.


Boomstick: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick!

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills, to find out who would win... a DEATH BATTLE!

Batman Beyond

Wiz: Born in the year 2023, Terry McGuniess was quite a rebellious guy, as he was once part of Street gang and had had many run-ins with Gotham City's Police Department which put him at odds with his father.

Boomstick: After being chased by a crazy gang of Jokers and meeting a really old Bruce Wayne Terry returned home to see that his father had been killed. Terry then went back to see Bruce so that he could help him identify the killer and discovered that he had once been the Legendary Batman but Bruce told him to leave.

Wiz: Terry figured that Businessman Derek Powers was behind the murder and snuck in the Batcave and stole Bruce's advanced Batsuit however Bruce soon discovered and shut off the suit's power supply just as Terry was about to confront Powers. Terry convinced Bruce to allow him to carry on Batman and he managed sabotage Power's chemical operation.

Boomstick: Bruce then went to visit Terry and hired him as his personal assistant while secretly training him to become the new Batman, also since all these series have to have a Star Wars reference Bruce is Terry's "Dad". Turns out Bruce's colleague, Amanda Waller had decided that there needed to another Batman to carry on Bruce's legacy so she injected Terry's actual Dad with a serum that rewrote his DNA structure with Batman's making Terry the son of Bruce Wayne.

Wiz: Terry eventually took on the role of Batman and has many tools to help him in his war on crime, he has peak human strength, being able to easily punch out thugs, lift a metal grate and keep up with his own highjacked Batsuit.

Boomstick: He's fast and agile enough to keep up with several older and more experienced thugs, and is as fast as Bruce was in his prime who was able to outrun an explosion, he's also tough enough to survive being shot in the shoulders several times as well and has survived being stabbed in the stomach and chest.

Wiz: Terry wears a futuristic variant of the Batsuit, this Batsuit was designed to allow an aging Bruce to continue fighting crime well past his prime and it's proven extremely useful to Terry in his own crime fighting career. The armour grants him Superhuman Strength allowing him to elbow through a metal door, punch holes in walls, exchange blows with Man-Bat who can lift up to 4 tonnes, punch a powered up Brainiac and lift up a giant metal coin.

Boomstick: It also grants him Superhuman Speed, allowing Terry to dodge gunfire and several of Static's electric blasts, he's been able run and jump through a series of beams whilst dodging attacks from a giant robot, keep with Stalker whose an enhanced hunter and was able to backflip down several feet whilst carrying a toy baby AND dodging gun fire from three shooters, now that's what I call impressive!

Wiz: While wearing the suit Terry's been able to shrug off bullets, surges of electricity, torrents of flame, magical blasts and ice beams, he's also taken hits hits from Venom powered thugs, shrugged off having a boulder landing on him underwater, suffered no damage after being launched into a metal tower and remained conscious after Superhero Micron grew to the size of a skyscraper and stepped on him.

Boomstick: The suit has retractable wings that allow Terry to glide and fly along with powerful rocket boots that can boost his flying speed to supersonic levels, the suit's boots can also attach themselves to magnetic objects if Terry needs to cling on to something.

Wiz: The suit also has built in grapple guns that can be used to restrain opponents and climb up buildings, a cloaking device, retractable arm blades and claws capable of cutting through metal and wrist mounted lasers.

Boomstick: But we're not done yet boys and girls, the suit has even more gadgets that Terry has at his disposal ... 'Inhales', it has finger beams that can blind enemies, special rectangular shields called Impact Defusers that can block bullets, tasers that can give his enemies and electric shocks, enhanced vision, can project holograms, can fire shrukien-like projectiles called Bat Discs and has a built in communicater that allows him to communicate with Bruce 'Exhales'... Wew one thing's for sure I really want this thing!

Wiz: Might be a bit difficult for you to get it though as the suit can release an electrical discharge to stop anyone from stealing it and to defend against enemies if they manage to get a hold on him.

Boomstick: Damn that sucks!

Wiz: Being the successor of Batman, Terry is equipped with several different types of batarang, Normal Batarangs can cut through metal, Hook Batarangs can tie up and restrain enemies and can be used to climb up to different areas, Explosive Batarangs explode upon impact and Electric Batarangs electrocute foes. Terry can also throw a more deadly variant of the Explosive Batarang called the Bomb Batarang which can cause big explosions.

Boomstick: Terry can also throw smoke pellets to surprise enemies, knockout pellets which release a sleeping gas that causes foes to fall unconscious, bolas to restrain them, explosives from his ulititly belt, flash bang grenades and tranquilliser darts.

Wiz: He's a master martieux artist having received training from Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson but is also willing to fight dirty if push comes to shove. He's also a skilled dectective and a master of stealth, being able to disappear from people's sight without them noticing and infiltrate secure areas without being detected.

Boomstick: Terry has taken down a gang of Jokerz with Bruce Wayne, took down Derek Powers avenging his father, defeated his own Batsuit with nothing but his wits and Bruce's old utitly belt, went back in time and helped Superman defeat a powered up Brainiac, became a honorary member of the Justice League and killed the Joker.

Wiz: However his suit is not indestructible and can be pierced with enough force, his cloaking device uses a lot of the suit's power and at the end of the day Terry is still human and can be killed by any normal means.

Boomstick: Still if you try and go up against Batman Beyond, you will almost certainly be brought to justice!

Batman Beyond: Every time I put on that suit, it’s my chance to help people who are in trouble. I guess on a personal level, it’s my chance to look like a worthwhile human being again. In my eyes… no one else’s.

Spider-Man 2099

Wiz: Miguel O’Hara was an engineer of Mexican and Irish Descent who worked for the Megacorpration Alchemax, however he disliked the amount of control the company had over his city.

Boomstick: One day he was asked by the company’s CEO Tyler Stone to test some really complicated process about imprinting genetic codes into human psychology, But... the process ended up transforming the test subject into a ugly creature that died soon after it’s transformation.

Wiz: This was the final straw for Miguel who went to Stone to resign from the company at which point Stone offered him a drink which contained the highly addictive drug Rapture. Since Alchemax was the sole manufacturer of the drug Stone knew that this would force Miguel to continue working with the company.

Boomstick: What a nice boss! and did we mention that Tyler was also Miguel’s secret Dad?, that’s good parenting right there!

Wiz: In an attempt to rid himself of the drug’s addiction, Miguel performed the same process he had been previously forced to carry out, on himself but his supervisor had sabotaged it in an attempt to kill him. However Miguel survived and discovered his DNA had been fused with that of a Spiders granting him a host of new ablites. Miguel swore to fight crime and used a Day of the Dead outfit to help him make his costume becoming the heroic webslinger, Spider-Man 2099.

Boomstick: Miguel has a variety of powers and ablites at his disposal, he has Superhuman Strength being able to lift up to 10 tonnes, catch and lift a speeding car, rip open a car roof, tear a group of Spider-Salyer robots to shreds and easily defeated a beefed up Anti-Venom. He’s also fast enough to dodge point blank gunfire, catch arrows and swords and can move faster than the eye can see.

Wiz: He‘s also pretty tough being able shrug off Venom’s acid touch, viewed being knocked through four walls as a minor annoyance, survived falling down several stories, endured being blasted by a barrage of sonic weaponry and took a hit from fake Thor’s hammer which resulted in him being removed from the fight and a building collapsing on top of him and after all that he still remained conscious. He also has a healing factor that allows him to heal from slashes and puncture wounds in a matter of minutes.

Boomstick: His suit has a light air foil which releases a low amount of anti matter particles allowing Miguel to glide on currents of air. Like Spider-Man he can fire organic webbing to swing around or to tie up people, the webbing is also really difficult for normal people to get out of so you don’t want to get stuck in it!

Wiz: He also has Enhanced Vision, being able to see objects further away than the normal human eye can see, can see in infared and in the dark, his vision also slows down his perception of time allowing him to react to things extremely quickly. His hearing is also enhanced enough to allow him to hear an ambush by predicting where gunfire aimed at him was coming from and still be quick enough to dodge it.

Boomstick: Miguel can use his retractable claws to slash enemies and slit their throats but also to climb walls the claws are also strong enough to shred through metal, Dang!, these claws may be quite handy, but couldn’t someone use them against Miguel so that he would end up injuring himself?

Wiz: Luckily the claws automatically retract when they get close to Miguel so there isn’t any risk of that happening.

Boomstick: Huh...That’s pretty neat.

Wiz: He also possesses deadly fangs which contain a toxin capable of causing dizziness and paralysing victims, the venom is so potent that it has affected Cyborgs and even the Sub-Mariner who has immense durability and a healing factor. Miguel also has the ability to create a decoy for enemies to attack whilst moving extremely quickly.

Boomstick: 99 has gone up against the likes of Venom 2099 and the orginal Venom, destroyed his robot double Flipside, killed The Specialist a highly trained assassin, teamed up with the original Spider-Man to save all of time and reality multiple times, decked J. Jonah Jameson and became CEO of Alchemax.

Wiz: Miguel is far from invincible though as his eyes are extremely sensitive to light to the point where he has to wear sunglasses indoors, he cannot retract his fangs making him difficult to understand, is easy to anger, and while he does have enhanced sight and hearing he does not have a Spider-Sense making easier for enemies to hit him.

Boomstick: But with his variety of ablites you do not want to cross paths with Spider-Man 2099!

Spider-Man 2099: Spider-Man is a great chapter in our history, and you're not even a footnote.

Pre-Death Battle

Wiz: All right the combatants are set, let’s end this debate once and for all!

Boomstick: It’s time for a DEATH BATTLE!


In Neo Gotham, Batman Beyond stood atop a huge skyscraper monitoring the city when he heard Bruce Wayne talking to him via his communicator.

Bruce: Terry there’s been a security breech at Wayne Tower, I need you to check it out for me

Batman Beyond: I’m on it

Terry jumps off the building and flies towards Wayne Tower meanwhile in the Tower, Spider-Man 2099 was rummaging through the technology department of Wayne Enterprises while an alarm was sounding through the building.

99: I know I shouldn’t be doing this but I urgently need to upgrade my suit.

Terry threw an explosive at the window of the department, entering the room.

Batman Beyond: Hold it right there, your under arrest!

Miguel looked up at Terry.

Miguel: You’ll have to catch me first!

99 runs towards the other side of the room leaping through the window causing glass to shatter and fall to the floor.


Batman Beyond: ‘Sighs’ It would be nice if these guys turned themselves in once in a while

Bruce: That’s criminals for you get used to it

Batman Beyond: Yeah Yeah

The camera focuses it’s attention on 99 who is swinging through the city on his web at a fast pace.

99 (Thoughts): Dang it, I shouldn’t have done that let’s just hope this guy doesn’t catch up to me

Batman Beyond is seen chasing after Miguel on his rocket boots.

Batman Beyond: Come Back here!

Miguel looks forward and sees a tall building, attaching his web to the side of it he swings round the building whilst Beyond continues to fly forward.

99: Phew, I lost him

An explosive Batarang hurtles towards Miguel hitting him in the chest.


99: Aah!

Miguel is knocked back and begins to fall towards the ground, seeing a fairly tall building he fires a line of webbing towards it managing to halt his fall and land safely in a car park, Batman Beyond catches up to him and lands on the ground.

Batman Beyond: I knew I would catch up to you eventually now turn yourself in pal!

99: Not a chance!

Terry looks at Miguel perplexed as 99’s fangs had slurred his speech but he sees his opponent get into a fighting stance.

Batman Beyond: I did not get any of that but if you want to try and defend yourself then be my guest!

Terry gets in a combat position and the two stare at each other intently.



Terry throws some Batarangs at Miguel who fires several pieces of webbing to intercept them, Miguel leaps over a pair of batarangs moving towards him, firing several shots of webbing at Terry who dodges every piece. Terry then put his arm up to block a kick from Miguel as the hero dived towards him, intercepting the hero’s strike and then intercepting and blocking several punches and kicks from Miguel before punching him in the face and kicking him away.

Miguel then extends his hands and fires several more blasts of webbing at Beyond who flips over them before throwing three batarangs towards his opponent with Miguel easily ducking to avoid the attack, the batarangs embedding themselves in the wall behind Miguel. Miguel then runs towards Terry striking him in the shoulder with a punch before kicking him in the knee and gut.

Terry: Bruce I’m fighting a guy in a Spider costume who can shoot webbing, any suggestions on I how I can beat him?

Bruce: I recall fighting a man in a Spider costume once, he defeated me and left me for dead till Dick came and put me in the Lazarus Pit, quite a close shave that was!

Terry: Oh Great, now that’s really reassuring!

As the two exchanged blows Miguel heard Bruce talking with Terry through his super hearing

Miguel (Thoughts): The old dude communicating with that Bat freak is definitely going to give me trouble I better deal with this quickly!

Miguel punches Terry in the chest then attempting to punch him again several more times across his upper body, the Bat blocking every single strike before being punched in the face and struck in the side of the head by Miguel's foot his communicator breaking.

Beyond: Aargh, my communicator you'll pay for that Punk!

Terry throws a smoke pellet at Miguel's feet clouding his vision as the hero looked around he saw a faint outline in front of him before seeing a fist flying towards him before grabbing the figure by the arm punching him in the gut, and throwing him into the ground. Terry looked up to see Miguel's foot moving down towards him quickly rolling out the way as his opponent tried to stamp on him, grabbing Miguel's leg Terry released an electrical discharge through his suit shocking 99 and allowing him to get off the ground and punch Miguel across the face. Miguel then flipped back shooting several blasts of webbing at Beyond who threw a few explosive batarangs to counter them.





The pieces of webbing were blasted to bits as the batrangs hit them, Miguel then unsheathed his claws and leapt over a bola slashing Terry across the chest causing big scratch marks to appear across his suit and Terry to stumble back. Landing on the ground Miguel uppercutted Beyond slashing him across his right arm, shoulder and side before punching him in the neck and launching him back into a wall damaging it.


99: If I were you I would back down now and leave me alone!

Coughing up blood Terry looked up at Miguel and smirked.

Beyond: Not a chance!

Terry ran towards Miguel and fired towards him using his grapple gun the gun's rope tightening around the Spider's neck while Terry pulled his foe towards his direction striking him several times around his chest and stomach and knocking him to the ground with a kick to the gut Miguel skidding slightly on the road. Miguel leapt up and fired a chord of webbing towards a nearby wall ripping a section of it out of place and hurling at Terry who swerved to dodge it.

Beyond: Hmph...You misse-

Terry was suddenly struck in the face by another section of the wall stunning him slightly. Miguel fired a few more pieces of webbing at Beyond who quickly activated his impact defusers whilst running towards Miguel, the pieces of webbing being deflected towards the ground as Terry raised his fist and hit 99 in the face. Miguel shrugged off the blow and head butted Terry slightly denting his armour before intercepting a Bat Bomb and tossing it back towards Terry.


Terry was hit in the chest and knocked back Miguel then grabbed a nearby car and tossed it at Terry.

99: Take this!


The car exploded as it hit the ground near Terry’s feet launching the hero into the air however he managed to balance himself landing on the ground safely. Miguel then grabbed another car and threw it at Terry who activated his arm blades and moved his right arm towards the car cutting it in two as he swung in a downwards motion the two halves of the car exploding behind him.

Beyond: You’ll have to do better than that!

99: Oh don’t worry I’ve got some more tricks up my sleeve!

Miguel grabs a couple of cars and throws them at Beyond who dodges the first one and ducks under the second one, Miguel then grabs three more cars and tosses them at Beyond who throws some Bomb Batarangs to intercept them.




Running through the exploding wreckage Terry fires a Bat Disc at Miguel that cuts him across the shoulder before hitting the wall behind the Spider.

99: Aah!

Seeing that Miguel was stunned, Beyond grabs a nearby car and tosses it at his opponent but the Spider merely punches through the car as it flies towards him stopping it right in its tracks before punching through it with his other hand and ripping the vehicle in two. Terry then flipped in the air as he moved closer to Miguel and kicked at him with the Spider dodging the kick and slashing him with his claws. Beyond then kicks Miguel in the face before landing on the ground and punching Miguel in the chest and neck then kicking him in the knee whilst shrugging off hits to the chest and gut from Miguel. Terry then punches Miguel in the face with a large amount of force feeling his opponent’s nose break However Miguel responds by slashing Terry across the cheek with his claws cutting through the armour and drawing blood from Terry’s face.

Beyond puts his hand to his face and sees the blood on it he then looks at Miguel in anger and punches him the two beginning to exchange blows at a rapid pace with Beyond’s strikes being more precise and quick than Miguel’s more clumsier but heavy hitting strikes. 99 begins to win the struggle as he hammers Beyond with blows but the Bat headbutts his opponent and attacks with a volley of punches and kicks. Miguel manages to intercept most of the strikes but Beyond suddenly reactivates his arm blades slashing Miguel across the arm and chest.

99: Gah!

The two fighters catch their breath as Miguel covers his chest wound with his arm.

Beyond: yourself.... in yet?!

99: Never!

Miguel leapt into the air and began to swing through the city as he heard Beyond flying after him with his rocket boots. Miguel shot several pieces of webbing at Terry who flew under, over and around the grey pieces of silk. 99 swung faster trying to get away from Beyond who blasted after him with his boots. Beyond tried to strike Miguel with some electric batarangs but the Spider dodged them and fired some more webbing towards Beyond hitting him in the arm and catching the hero off balance.

Beyond manages to recover and throws a Batarang towards Miguel’s webbing with all his might cutting through it and causing Miguel to suddenly drop down towards the ground.

Beyond: Well he’s a goner

Miguel suddenly outstretches his arms and begins to glide across the city.

Beyond: ‘Sighs’ I shouldn’t have jinxed that

Beyond begins to catch up with Miguel and rams into him knocking the hero off balance however Miguel responds by ramming back into Beyond the two beginning to punch at each other as they fly through the city. Beyond punches Miguel‘s cheek and side while the Spider retaliates by slashing Terry across the chest again before slashing his wing and sending him flying back with a kick to the gut.

Determined to catch Miguel Terry throws a Hook Batarang towards him, the chord of the batarang tying around Miguel’s hands stopping him from gliding away. Miguel panicked he wanted to get away from Beyond and needed to think of a way out of this situation. Then an idea came into his head he had found a solution, using his strength he began to swing on the chord causing Terry to also be swung about. Miguel then swung the cable with a considerable amount of force slamming Terry into the side of a building.



Miguel then swung the cable in the opposite direction causing Terry to slam into the side of another building.



Miguel swung the cable with all his strength and let go of it causing his opponent to go flying through the window of an apartment building.


The room of the apartment was dimly lit, quiet and clean apart from the area near the window which Terry had crashed through. Miguel swung into the room and saw Terry on the floor examining his injures, Miguel looked at his own injuries which had started to heal and then back at Terry again

Miguel: Your seriously injured, back down now!

Terry looked up at Miguel and smirked.

Terry: I did not get a word of that but if you said something about surrendering, it ain’t gonna happen!

Miguel rushed towards Terry trying to overpower him with his strikes but Terry intercepted every single one and kicked Miguel in the neck. Terry then ran up to Miguel and started to hammer him with blows with Miguel doing the same the shockwaves between the two rocking the apartment building and shattering nearby windows and mirrors however Miguel began to get the upper hand hitting Terry in the chest with several blows and knocking him back into the wall, as Miguel walked towards him Terry activated his cloaking device turning invisible. Looking around to try and find Terry, Miguel saw a heat signature on his left before being punched in the fist by a seemingly invisible fist and kicked in the chest. Miguel activated his claws trying to slash Terry but the hero dodged his strikes punching and kicking at the Spider who managed to intercept some of the blows before being grabbed by the throat and thrown into a table splitting it in two, Miguel felt the invisible fist grab his neck and retaliated by kicking Terry into the ceiling causing cracks in it and his cloaking device to deactivate.

Miguel slashed at Terry the Bat dodging his blows and responding by releasing tasers from his fingers and shocking his opponent. Seeing that his opponent was stunned Terry punched him in the neck and side before being met with a punch to the face and coughing up blood. Miguel kicked at Terry who intercepted the strike and moved towards the Spider punching and kicking at him whilst being met with heavy blows to the gut and chest. Terry kneed Miguel in the groin causing him to groan in pain and reel back whilst Terry continued to advance. Beyond threw some Batarangs at Miguel who just about managed to duck under them and shot out a chord of webbing which tied around Terry‘s waist, Miguel then swung Terry around slamming him into the wall of the apartment, the ceiling, and the floor before finally tossing him into a bookcase.


Terry threw the books off himself and looked up at Miguel who was leaping towards him, thinking quickly Terry activated his laser blasting Miguel in the chest and sending him crashing into the floor whilst Terry got up and walked towards the Spider. Miguel leaped up at Terry slashing him with his claws before being slashed in turn by a sharp object across his side and face causing his side to bleed and hole to appear in his mask exposing Miguel’s eye and some of his hair. Miguel then looked to see Terry with his claws activated and pointing towards him.

Terry: Since you’ve decided to use your sharp claws I’ve decided to bring in mine

Miguel rolls his eyes before quickly moving his arm and shooting a piece of webbing at Terry who it and runs towards Miguel punching at him with The Spider managing to block most of his blows before Terry activates his finger lasers hitting Miguel in the eyes with them causing him to yell and cover his face with his hand allowing Terry to kick him in the side and continue punching him. Miguel retaliates punching Terry in his injured cheek, pulling up his mask slightly and attempting to bite into his neck with his fangs only making slight dents in the armour.

99: Dang it!

Terry grinned before running towards Miguel and attempting to punch him in the face with the Spider blocking the strike and kicking at Terry, Miguel then tried to slash at Terry but he dodged the strike punching Miguel in the gut. Terry then throws some knockout pellets onto the floor the pellets releasing a yellow gas that causes Miguel’s vision to go blurry as Terry punches him. Miguel begins to stumble as he tried to move towards Terry however when he saw his opponent preparing to fire his lasers at him Miguel ran towards Terry using all of his willpower to stay focused despite the gas. Terry fired the laser as Miguel grabbed onto his arm causing the laser to damage the different pieces of furniture along with the ceiling and floor as the two struggled whilst yellow smoke floated around them, getting the upper hand Miguel threw Terry over his shoulder the Bat hitting the floor with a considerable amount of force. As Miguel prepared to punch Terry his opponent pulled out a Flash Bang grenade and threw it at Miguel’s feet.


The huge amount of light hit Miguel’s eyes causing the Spider to yell in pain.

99: AAH!

Miguel fell onto the ground covering his face to try and block the amount of light hitting his eyes, Terry was shocked he didn’t expect the grenade to have this much of an effect on his opponent as he saw Miguel attempting to leap towards him he threw another grenade.


The massive amount of light caused Miguel to fall back to the ground while Beyond looked at him.

Beyond: It’s over crook surrender!

99: me? .... NEVER!

Despite feeling extremely disoriented Miguel attempted to leap at Terry however he seemed to pass right through his body and hit the floor when he looked up to see the real Batman Beyond in front of him. Terry kicked Miguel before launching towards him on his rocket boots the two smashing through the apartment wall.


As the two plummet towards the busy road below Miguel slashes at Terry who does the same the two exchanging claw strikes, however Beyond manages to get an edge in the conflict kicking his opponent in the chest and causing him to tumble towards the ground whilst he activates his wings. While trying to activate his wings a few Bomb Batarangs fall from his ultitly belt dropping towards the road below. Miguel landed on his feet on the busy road the road going over a massive bridge. As Miguel tried to recollect himself was suddenly struck from behind by a speeding car.


Miguel was launched into the air straight into the path of another car.


The Bomb Batarangs hit the road, all exploding upon impact.






A section of the bridge collapsed with Miguel being knocked off of it by a car falling several hundred feet below followed by several dozen speeding cars. Hitting the road below Miguel had no time to react before several cars fell on top of him the pile of cars grew larger before a lorry carrying a large supply of petrol fell off the bridge and hit the pile causing a massive explosion.


A huge cloud of smoke formed while Beyond looked down at the scene.

Terry: Oh man I’m in for a lecture, I better get back to the Batcave to start explaining this

As Terry flew away the camera zoomed towards the road on which the explosion had occurred where nothing but singed car parts and a pile of ashes could be seen.



Boomstick: DAMN!...Now that’s what I call roadkill!

Wiz: At first glance it seemed like 99 would easily take the win but Beyond takes this for a variety of reasons. When physically comparing them Spider-Man 2099 was definitely stronger being able to lift up to 10 tonnes, however Beyond’s feats of trading blows with 4 tonner Man-Bat and lifting up a giant coin meant he could definitely keep up with Miguel in a contest of pure strength.

Boomstick: On foot Miguel had the edge in speed as but Beyond‘s rocket boots would allow him to travel faster than Miguel’s top running speed of 200mph or the speed at which he could swing around on his webs. In terms of durability both were pretty evenly matched however Terry takes a slight edge having survived being stepped on by the Skyscraper sized Micron.

Wiz: Terry was also the superior fighter having been trained in multiple martieux arts by Bruce Wayne whilst Miguel has never received formal combat training.

Boomstick: The two could easily dodge each other’s ranged attacks, Terry being able to dodge Miguel’s webbing with his suit’s enhanced speed and Miguel being able to see or hear Terry’s Batarangs flying towards him with his enhanced senses.

Wiz: When the two inevitably clashed in a closed range bout this gave Terry the advantage he needed to turn the fight in his favour. Terry’s gadgets especially his tasers, eye lasers, knock out pellets and flash bang grenades would allow him to wear down Miguel so that he could finish him off whilst Terry’s suit prevented 99‘s claws, teeth and brute strength from causing him any real damage. While Miguel’s healing factor was handy for quickly healing him from simple slash or puncture wounds it‘s not as powerful as Hulk or Wolverine‘s healing factors and doesn’t allow him to regrow any lost organs or limbs meaning that Miguel was doomed once Terry unleashed his full potential.

Boomstick: Looks Like Miguel’s chances of winning were blown to smithereens!

Wiz: The Winner is Batman Beyond.

Special Thanks

  • Special thanks to Dynamo1212 and PokeSEGA64 on DeviantArt for allowing me to use their Batman Beyond and Spider-Man 2099 bios.

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