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Batfink is the anthropomorphic bat superhero from the cartoon of the same name.

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Batfink was born in an abandoned plutonium mine and lived there with his mother. He was a normal bat at first, but the plutonium radiation gave him superpowers. One day, two escaped criminals went to use the cave as a hideout, and they attacked Batfink's mother, sending her falling off a mountain. Batfink caught her with his wings, but this caused his wings to break. A young boy who saw him took Batfink to his father, who was a blacksmith. The Blacksmith forged wings of steel for Batfink. These events inspired Batfink to dedicate his life to fighting crime. He teamed up with the young boy who helped him and together they've been vanquishing evil ever since.

Death Battle Info

Arsenal and Abilities

Wings of Steel

  • Can fly at high speeds.
  • Can be used as a shield to block most attacks.
  • Can be used as a melee weapon in sword duels.
  • Tips are as sharp as diamonds. 
  • Has built-in retrorockets which can stop him from falling, even while unconscious.

Supersonic Sonar Radar

  • Sentient "beep" which Batfink sends to locate villan's hideouts.
  • Can transform into objects such as a key if needed.
  • Can create a high-frequency noise capable of disorienting enemies.

Thunder Gun

  • Fires a beam which can destroy a cloud.

Plutonium Radiation Powers

  • Enhanced strength and durability
  • Can fuse with plutonium from multiple other sources to become temporarily invincible.

The Batillac

  • Batfink's vehicle of choice, it is well equipped and nearly indestructable.
  • Thermonuclear insulated plutonium heat shield
  • Thermonuclear insulated plutonium blast shield
  • Thermonuclear insulated plutonium crash shield
  • Thermonuclear insulated plutonium sound shield
  • Thermonuclear insulated plutonium quicksand shield
  • Trap doors
  • Only ever seen driven by Batfink's sidekick, Karate.


  • Defeated Hugo A Go-Go 46 different times.
  • Captured 16 villans at once.
  • Outflew The Sonic Boomer's jet.
  • Surived a point-blank dynamite explosion.
  • Survived being shot by artillery and crash-landing.
  • Surived the vacuum of space and atmospheric re-entry.
  • Casually carries the Batillac.
  • Caught a descending rocket.