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Eat my shorts!
~ Bart's catchphrase

Bart Simpson is a character from The Simpsons series of television shows, movies, comics and video games. He is the son and oldest child of Homer and Marge Simpson.

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Battle Record

  • Wins: 4
  • Losses: 9
  • Draws: 0

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Death Battle Info[]


  • Full Name: Bartholomew JoJo "Bart" Simpson
  • Aliases: Bartman, Stretch Dude, Cupcake Kid, El Barto, etc.
  • Age: Because Bart lives in a floating timeline, he doesn't seem to age despite being a young boy, leading to some inconsistencies as to when he was born
  • Occupation: Student, occasional superhero, daredevil, spokesperson for Butterfinger candy bars, etc.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Highly skilled prankster
  • Equally skilled prank caller
  • Amateur graffiti artist
  • Is skilled in cooking, tennis, hockey, etc.
  • Is fluent in multiple languages
  • Experience in Firearms
  • Driving Skills
  • Skilled in Martial Arts
  • Skilled in Magic
  • Size Manipulation
  • Flight
  • Stopwatch


  • Slingshot
  • Cherry Bombs
  • Book of Magic
  • Skateboard
  • Power Suit


  • One of the most recognizable cartoon characters in history
  • In The Simpsons Movie, helped Homer saved Springfield from total destruction
  • Managed to outwit his personal nemesis, Sideshow Bob, many, many times
  • Shot down a Major League Baseball satellite with a tank
  • Upon getting his hands on Denis Leary's phone, proceeded to make prank calls to various people around the world
  • As Bartman, he can quickly fly across stars and solar systems
  • Outran cannon fire
  • Has dodged point-blank gunfire
  • Bart has great skateboarding skills
  • Bart becomes creative when it come to winning a fight
  • Partially helped to save Springfield from an alien plot to boost space TV show ratings


  • Pranks often land him in trouble
  • Intelligence varies
  • Is still a kid?
  • Durability and fighting skills are rather inconsistent where there were times where he could be portrayed physically weak and sometimes be viewed as an average kid.
  • Zombies can cause things to go from bad to worse
  • Being mischievous and rebellious causes Bart to constantly find himself in trouble
  • Shown to have greater lengths of avoiding physical confrontations including his sister Lisa.
  • Allergic to shrimp