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Together, we can utterly defeat whoever rises to oppose us! We OUTNUMBER the Avengers. For all their power, they will fall before our superior numbers.
~ Baron Helmut Zemo to the Masters of Evil - Avengers #273 (November, 1986)

Take another look at them -- a close look. Look at their eyes. The bio-modem, Moonstone. We got them before they ever docked -- before they set foot on this satellite. They're Earth's Mightiest Heroes, all right -- but they're mine. Mine!
~ Baron Helmut Zemo - Thunderbolts #11 (February, 1998)

Please pardon the intrusion, my name is Baron Zemo and I'll only take a moment of your time. I can imagine what you all must be thinking. I know how this looks. The dastardly villain seizes control of the global communication network. Pops up on screens across the globe. Threatening some unspeakable act of violence. Holding the world hostage from afar. But rest assured, that's not what this is. There is no Death Star. No Alderaan for me to blow up. Lord Vader, I am not. You see, I didn't hack into your communications network... I hacked into S.H.I.E.L.D.'s. An international military organization with more wealth and weapons at their disposal than half the nations on Earth combined... Can track your cellphone G.P.S. and use it to burn a hole through your skull from space. And yet somehow they've convinced you all to be scared of me. S.H.I.E.L.D. monitors your telephone calls. What you watch on television. S.H.I.E.L.D. reads your emails and catalogs your late-night internet searches. Big brother is alive and well. He wears a white eagle on his chest, drives a flying aircraft carrier and keeps Earth's mightiest heroes in his back pocket. We've given these people far too much power over our lives for far too long. I say it's time we take the power back. I can cut big brother off at his knees with the press of a button. The question is, should I do it? That's the choice I leave to you. But before you decide, ask yourself one question... who is the real villain here?
~ Baron Helmut Zemo to Cammi - Avengers Undercover #10 (September, 2014)

Evil is the name they gave us. We've simply chosen to own it.
~ Baron Helmut Zemo to Cammi - Avengers Undercover #10 (September, 2014)

HYDRA deserves its place on the ash heap, so your death would not bother me. But I'd have to use this book, and other bloodier methods to find what I need. I don't look forward to that. You'd only be dying for your pride.
~ Helmut Zemo to Vasily Karpov - Captain America: Civil War (April, 2016)

An empire toppled by its enemies can rise again. But one which crumbles from within? That's dead. Forever.
~ Helmut Zemo to Captain America - Captain America: Civil War (April, 2016)

You can join me and be a part of something far greater than you have ever experienced before... or defy me and be ground beneath the crushing power of inevitability. Choose, or have your fate chosen for you.
~ Baron Helmut Zemo to the Thunderbolts - Thunderbolts Vol. 3 #10 (February, 2017)

Baron Helmut Zemo is a supervillain from Marvel Comics, and a major enemy to Captain America. He's a frequent member of the Masters of Evil, and the son of The 12th Zemo.

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Helmut Zemo is a nobleman and scientist born in Leipzig, Germany as the son of Baron Heinrich Zemo, a Nazi operative and one of Captain America's greatest enemies. Zemo was told by his father that only those of great superiority have the right to rule the world. It was only when Heinrich had his final battle with Cap that Helmut tried to take revenge. Having become an engineer and strategist himself, Zemo's first attempt at revenge as the Phoenix resulted in falling into a vat of recreated Adhesive X. Horrible disfigured, Helmut officially took on the Baron Zemo name and vowed revenge on Captain America and the Avengers as he formulated schemes to indirectly destroy them.

Death Battle Info

  • Full Name: Helmut J. Zemo
  • Other Aliases: The Phoenix (not the one you're thinking of), Citizen V, Iron Cross
  • Gender: Male
  • Affiliations: Hydra; formerly Masters of Evil, Thunderbolts (founder and leader), partner of Primus, ally of the Red Skull, Redeemers, Secret Empire financier, Sin (then known as Mother Superior), V-Batallion, Hydra's High Council, Army of Evil
  • Occupation: Terrorist, ruler of Bagalia, 13th Baron of Zeulniz, adventurer, mastermind, leader, would-be world savior, wealthy criminal entrepreneur
  • Education: College graduate
  • Height: 5'10"
  • Weight: 183 lbs (83 kg)


  • Reduced Aging thanks to Adhesive X


  • Genius-Level Intelligence
  • Expert Combatant
  • Expert Swordsman
  • Expert Marksman
  • Expert Tactician
  • Master of Deception
    • Influential Expert



  • Circuitry under his hood to guard against psychic assault
  • Adhesive X weapons
  • Particle X
  • Formula X
  • Citizen V Suit (formerly)


  • Disintegrator Gun
  • Adamantium Sword


  • Created the Thunderbolts under the alias of Citizen V, though he was ultimately kicked off by the team after the criminals he drafted as his Masters of Evil embraced their heroic nature.
  • In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Zemo took advantage of the Sokovia Accords, one of many legislative bills the UN established for accountability and oversight of any super powered person, he managed to turn the Avengers on each other. (Earth-199999)


  • His adhesive is so strong that even Zemo has not found a way to reverse it: meaning it can be used against him.
    • His mask was accidentally glued to his face.



  • Baron Helmut Zemo is one of the longtime nemeses of Captain America.
  • Baron Zemo once formed a short romantic relationship with villain turned hero, Songbird.
  • Once traveled back in time to meet his ancestors, including his father.