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Banjo and Kazooie are the main characters from the same title video game series.

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Battles Royale

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Battle Record

WARNING: The following tab will reveal the numbers of wins and losses for the following character. Read at your own risk.

Battle Record

  • Wins: 3
  • Losses: 5
  • Draws: 1<by>One Death Battle has two opposite alternate endings, showing no clear winner.

Possible Opponents


Death Battle Info

Background (Banjo)

  • Age: Unknown, possibly twenties
  • Height: 5 feet
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Species: Honey Bear
  • Occupation: Adventurer, Regular savior of the Isle o' Hags

Background (Kazooie)

  • Age: Unknown, same as Banjo most likely
  • Height: 3 feet
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Species: Red-Crested Breegull
  • Occupation: Weapon, Shield, Means of Flight, Banjo’s Partner in Crime

Individual Abilities


  • Good climber
  • Excellent swimmer
  • Higher stamina than Kazooie
  • Capable of swiping with claws (Claw Swipe) and rolling forward (Forward Roll)
  • Pack Whack
    • Slams backpack down like hammer or swings it in a wide circle (latter option can slow his fall)
  • Taxi Pack
    • Stashes items in its hammerspace content (special objects allow him to float)
  • Shack Pack
    • Banjo slips inside of his backpack to fit into small spaces and survive hazardous environments
  • Sack Pack
    • Banjo uses his backpack as a sac-race sack to traverse dangerous grounds and liquid pools
  • Snooze Pack
    • Uses backpack as makeshift sleeping back and naps to regain health


  • Fast runner
  • Can walk up steep slopes that Banjo can't
  • Flaps wings to slow falls
  • Leg Spring
    • Backflip that allows Kazooie to jump higher
  • Glide
    • Exactly what it implies
  • Hatch
    • Kazooie can hatch or warm any object she sits on (not particularly useful here)
  • Wing Whack
    • Can karate chop with wings or spin like a top with wings outstretched


  • Beak Barge
    • Forward-going thrust using Kazooie's beak as a lance
    • Can smash solid stone
  • Breegull Bash
    • Banjo uses Kazooie as a club
    • Not too different from standard attacks
    • Still pretty funny
  • Beak Buster
    • Downward-slam using Kazooie's beak as a stake
    • Can break solid steel plating
  • Bill Drill
    • Upgraded version of Beak Buster
    • Can drill through large boulders
    • Makes for a good screwdriver, too
  • Talon Trot
    • Kazooie carries Banjo around to help him scale steep slopes
    • Moves faster than walking
  • Flap Flip
    • Backflip that goes higher than a standard jump
  • Rat-a-tap Rap
    • Three-hit midair peck
    • Good mid-jump attack
  • Wonderwing
    • Creates glittering gold aura
    • Completely invulnerable
    • Destroys any enemy unfortunate enough to touch them
    • Fueled by Golden Feathers at a rate of 1 feather per second (carries up to 20)
    • Can be activated and deactivated at will
  • Talon Torpedo**
    • Undewater move
    • Launches Kazooie like a torpedo
    • Goes fast, but lacks traction
  • Flight:
    • Kazooie is required
    • Fueled by red feathers
    • Gaining altitude or Beak Bomb depletes them
    • Can carry up to 100 Red Feathers
  • Beak Bomb
    • Midair move
    • Flies straight forward to bomb whatever is in front of them
  • Egg Shooting
    • Can shoot fron the ground, in midair, or underwater
    • Honed further by Egg Aiming, which is borderline snipe-scoping
  • Breegull Blaster
    • Banjo uses Kazooie as an assault rifle
    • Beak Bayonet is a good melee weapon


  • Normal
    • Single shot
    • Max. Ammo: 100
  • Rapid
    • Rapid-Fire
    • Limitless ammo
    • Limited time of use: 20 seconds
  • Fire
    • Ignites target on impact
    • Max. Ammo: 50
  • Grenade
    • Explode on impact
    • Max. Ammo: 25
  • Ice
    • Crystal blue
    • Freeze enemies and put out fire
    • Max. Ammo: 50
  • Proximity
    • Sets up explosive motion-sensing land mines
    • Max. Ammo: 10
  • Clockwork Kazooie
    • Sends out remote-controlled windup breegull
    • Banjo and Kazooie cannot move while this is in use
    • Can self-destruct if time runs out (20 secs) or if manually activated
  • Battery
    • Electrocutes enemies.
    • Max. Ammo: 15



  • Termite
    • Can climb up the steep hills
    • Can sink to the bottom of a body of water and does not require oxygen to breathe
    • Fall from very high places without receiving any damage
    • Walking on thorns
  • Crocodile
    • Can walk safely in Piranha Water
    • Can do an powerful bite to attack enemies
  • Walrus
    • Walking in cold water unharmed
    • Riding small sleds
    • Befriending other walruses
  • Pumpkin
    • Squeezing through small holes
    • Walking on thorns
  • Bee
    • Can fly
    • Shoot stingers
  • Washer
    • Can wash overalls
    • Can fire underwear (WTF?)
  • Stony
    • Can understand the language of the Stonies
    • Can shoulder-charge to attack enemies
  • Detonator
    • Detonates TNT barrels
    • Capable of blasting boulders
    • Can float in water unlike most transformations
  • Van
    • Invulnerable
    • Can pay for rides in Witchyworld that require money
    • It's horn can open doors with van pictures on them
    • Can kill enemies by ramming into them
  • Submarine
    • Can swim faster underwater
    • Infinite air
    • Dive deeper than normal Banjo
    • Can fire torpedoes
    • Can unleash a Sonar Ping attack against closer enemies
  • Daddy T-Rex
    • Can roar to attack enemies
    • Invincibility
  • Snowball
    • Heal and grow larger by rolling in snow
    • Can use a powerful rolling attack to run over enemies
  • Mouse
    • Can chew through ropes and chains
    • Can fit into small doors
  • Candle
    • Can light up dark areas
    • Can set fire to wicks and fuses
  • Octopus
    • Can swim in harmful water
    • Can shoot small spurts of water
  • Tank
    • Immune to acid
    • Can fire missiles which kill enemies and open special tank-only doors
    • Cannot jump


  • Dragon Kazooie
    • Infinite Fire Eggs
    • Fire breath
    • Can be achieved by giving Humba Wumba the Mega Glowbo which is obtainable only by unlocking the Ice Safe with the Ice Key

Special Items

  • Shock Spring Pad
    • Allows for Shock Spring Jump
    • Jumps higher than any default jump they might have
  • Flight Pad
    • Allows for Flight
  • Ice Key
    • Can be used to open the Ice Safe
  • Magic Wrench
    • Can be used to attack enemies
    • Can propel Banjo forward in the air
    • Can levitate objects
    • Can create vehicles


  • Wading Boots
    • Allow them to cross hazardous surfaces
  • Turbo Trainers
    • Increases running speed to the point that they can walk on water
  • Springy Step Shoes
    • Allows for a super jump, even more powerful than the Shock Spring
  • Claw Clamber Boots
    • Allows to walk up sheer surfaces


  • Restores health
  • Skill Honeycomb
    • If timed right, can restore all health instantly
  • Luck Honeycomb
    • Sets health at a specific level at complete random (low, high, medium, etc.)


  • Defeated Gruntilda the Witch 4 separate times
  • Rescued the Jinjos repeatedly
  • Clever problem solvers, treasure hunters, and adventurers
  • Defeats hordes of monsters ranging from common thugs to living toxic gas clouds
  • Superb triathletes
  • Extraordinarily lucky, able to find just the items they need someplace nearby
  • Fought all kinds of giant, somewhat-terrifying monsters
  • Survived being stepped on by dinosaurs, hydraulic presses, laser blasts, and point-blank explosions
    • And that's just to name a few
  • Traveled through time to save their ancestors
  • Defeated King K Rool (Smash Canon)


  • Work better as a team
  • Slower, cannot fly or access eggs and shoes (Banjo)
  • Less stamina, can't grab or climb, can't swim underwater (Kazooie)
  • Some items better suited for exploration than battle