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Bane VS Rhino
Season 5, Episode 1
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Air date ???
Written by Im secretly batman
Directed by Im secretly batman
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This is a What-If Death battle between Bane and Rhino. TN was made by Batman129.


Two incredibly strong villians of Batman and Spider-Man go head to head, who will win?


Wiz: Strength, almost everyone craves it but will never be as strong as these two villians. Like Bane, the one villian who broke Batman.

Boomstick: And Rhino, the Russian animal themed juggernaut. He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick.

Wiz: And it's our job to see who would win a Death Battle.


Wiz: Bane was born in the prison of Peña Duro, on the outskirts of South America. He grew up with a hard life having to serve time in prison for his parents crimes.

Boomstick: He also had a teddy bear which he kept with him because...I mean, he grew up in a prison! He needs a little bit of a childhood...

Wiz: Bane read and studied many books on Math, Science, English and History becoming extremely smart. He also worked out and declared himself the "king" of the prison, where even the Gaurds were scared of him! So the staff who worked there used a drug called Venom to test it on him...

Boomstick: That just seems like all kinds of illegal! Anyway, the Venom instead gave him Super Strength and he killed the Gaurds and escaped traveling to Gotham.

Wiz: You see in prison, Bane heard other convicts talking about a masked Vigalante called Batman living in Gotham City so he made it his life goal to "break the bat". So Bane figured out Batman's secret identity to be Bruce Wayne and broke ALL of the inmates out of Arkham, tiring Batman for months, returning the inmates from Arkham back to the prison.

Boomstick: So when Batman returned home to Wayne Manor, he met Bane who broke his back! That's right, Bane broke freaking BATMAN'S BACK!

Bane breaks the Bat


Wiz: Bane is at peak physical strength being able to lift around 2-3 tons, lifting Batman over his head with ease, punch two holes in metal doors and break Killer Croc's arm! The venom drug drastically increases Bane's strength to him being able to lift a 27 ton armored truck over his head!

Boomstick: He's also swam against a 35mph current, beat 6 other venom enhanced villains, break Batman's back & break a crocodile's neck with one hand!

Wiz: Bane control's his venom with his little remote on his hand which pumps the venom into him from the tubes from his back, being able to become as strong as he wants to! (Except not as strong as people like the Hulk or Superman).

Boomstick: He's got pretty good fighting and martial art skills (since he grew up in a prison). He's also got excellent stealth skills, sneaking up on Robin. Alright, he's strong, we get it. But isn't he really dumb? I mean in Batman and Robin--

Wiz: You say another word, and some bad things will happen, Boomstick! Anyway, he is actually one of the smartest people in the DC Universe! He figured out Batman's secret identity by looking at his chin, outsmart Batman and is a master strategist. But Bane does have some weaknesses, he has a loosing streak against Batman and his Venom has some too.

Boomstick: Sometimes Bane can put too much Venom in his body and overdose, making him have a minor seizure. His tubes in the back of his head are also pretty visible, and if you rip them out or cut them, the enimies poures out and temporarily turns Bane thin and weak.

Wiz: Bane is one of the greatest villains in DC and is one of Batman's most dangerous villains out there. And he has a cool Spanish accent!

Bane: I am Bane--and I could kill you, but death would only end your agony and silence your shame. Instead, I will BREAK YOU!


Wiz: Aleksei Sytsevien was a common thug in the Russian mafia until he was secured by money and power into being experimented on by scientists who gave him armor based on the hide of a Rhino. He was given the codename "Rhino" and was tasked to kidnap J. Jonah Jameson's son and hold him hostage.

Boomstick: But of course, Spider-Man beat him and rescued Jameson's son. Aleksei was then sent to jail.

Wiz: He served his entire prison term and was released but literally went to find the scientists who did the experiments on him in the first place and made him even stronger. Rhino has since continued his reign of terror against New York City and has even joined the Supervillain team, the Sinister Six.

Rhino from MSM render


Boomstick: Rhino has Super Strength being able to lift 75 tons, and even 100 tons on his best day! He can rip through metal pillars like paper, smash Sandman into dust and hold his own against the Hulk (barely) and punch Nova into orbit!!!

Wiz: He's also got Super Speed being able to run up too 100mph! But possibly his strongest attack is his charge. He does exactly the same thing as a real Rhino, he charges as fast as he can and Rams anything in sight with his giant horn. It's incredibly strong, being able to derail a train, send Gray Hulk flying and collapse a building!

Boomstick: His horn is extremely sharp being able to stab Grey Hulk and penetrate 2-inch steel!

Wiz: Aleksei's armor is also pretty durable being able to take multiple explosions, gunshots and attacks without being harmed. In fact, Spider-Man has only rarely ever actually physically harmed Rhino because of how dense his armor is. It's also acid resistant and removable.

Boomstick: Aleksei can take off the suit and is still pretty durable without the suit. He's survived being backhanded by the second Rhino and take gunshots!

Wiz: Rhino is pretty strong but does have some weaknesses. Once he begins charging, he can't change direction and can get his horn stuck. If his armor is destroyed he looses his powers, has no long range options, and because of how dense his armor is, it makes it hard for him to sweat making him overheat.

Boomstick: He's also really DUMB and always gets like, everybody.

Wiz: But you never want to underestimate this tall brute...or else you will get smashed.

Rhino: Lead me to the! The Rhino'll make mincemeat outta 'im!


Wiz: Alright, the Combatnants are set, let's end this debate.

Boomstick: It's time for a DEATH BATTLE!


Late in Gotham City, Bane and has gang are waiting for a armored truck to come by which supposedly has weapons in it. Bane and his men (armed with sniper rifles) are on a nearby roof when the truck comes around the corner.

Gang member #1: Hey, boss! The trucks comin' around the corner!

Bane: Good. After I get my weapons, I'll take over the city and hold the mayor hostage!

Gang Member #2 (whispering): Ever notice how he monologs to himself?

Gang Member #3: Ya, it's pretty weird.

Bane: fire!

The snipers fire at the truck's tires making it crash into a wall. Bane jumps down while the rest of his gang come down. But they notice that the truck doesn't have weapons but instead it's a prison transport!

Bane: It appears, the NYPD are moving a very dangerous criminal to Arkham Asylum.

Gang Member #4: Should we kill him, boss?

Bane: No, he might be of some help. Perhaps we could form an alliance.

The open the trucks back doors and Rhino jumps out and beats the crap out of all of Bane's men. He then looks at Bane.

Rhino: Now I will crush you, little man!

Bane: I highly doubt that.


The two of them charge at eachother but Rhino rams Bane with his horn, sending Bane flying back into a wall. However, Bane stands back up.

Bane: Is that all you got, Rhino-man?

This makes Rhino mad and he stomps the ground, cracking the concrete then charges at Bane. Bane trips Rhino and he goes flying forward, head first into the ground. Rhino gets back up and punches Bane. Bane is impressed by his strength but throws a punch too. However, Bane's punch barely even phased Rhino.

Rhino: Heh heh, you are weak!

Rhino starts starts smacking Bane around and then throws him, making a dent in the truck.

Bane: We will see about that!

Bane presses a button on his wrist and the venom begins pumping into him, making him bigger and his muscles grow to a huge size.

Rhino: You still stand no chance against me, masked man!

Bane picks up the truck and slams it on top of Rhino's head. He then throws several punches and kicks at Rhino, which he actually feels! Rhino fights back and the two seem somewhat evenly matched.

Rhino charges at Bane which throws them through the wall and into the streets of Gotham. The two begin picking up cars and throwing them at eachother. Rhino begins charging again and the cars in the street are either smashed or sent flying. Bane picks up a car and throws it at Rhino, hitting him straight in the face, knocking him down.

Rhino: Raargh!!!

Rhino unleashes numerous punches at Bane. He punches Bane in the gut and lifts him over his head, throwing him down the road. Rhino charges at Bane again but Bane dodges and Rhino Rams into a building instead, getting his horn stuck.

Bane: Your intelligence is low, Rhino-man.

Bane kicks Rhino's butt, knocking him through the wall and into the building. Bane picks up a desk and slams it on Rhino's head. This forces Rhino to kneel.

Rhino: You anger me!

Rhino lifts his head up, stabbing his horn into Bane and hits him against the ceiling and drops him back down.

Rhino: You were an easy kill, masked man! Like the Bug!

Rhino begins walking away until Bane slowly stands back up.

Bane: You are overconfident, Rhino-man.

Bane's healing factor slowly begins to heal him as he presses the button on his wrist again and becomes even stronger.

Bane: Now I will BREAK YOU!!!

The two of them throw punches at eachother until they both punch at the same time, making their fists hit eachother, knocking eachother back. But the two of them go back at it, trying to over power eachother but Rhino is still stronger and starts pushing him to the ground. But Bane rolls back on his back and kicks Rhino off of him. He then picks up Rhino by his head and throws him outside.

Bane slowly walks over to Rhino but he jumps up and they begin exchanging punches again. Rhino grabs Bane's head and hits it against his knee and then kicks his face. Rhino flips Bane into the air with his horn and punches him down the street.

Rhino: I've had enough of you, Masked man!

Rhino charges at Bane who is hit by Rhino's horn and they go flying in a building as it crumbles around them...

5 Minutes Later...

Bits of rock, dust, glass and building are everywhere. Rhino wakes up and stands back up and looks around not seeing Bane.

Rhino: Yes! Rhino has won!

Bane gets out of the ashes and has several cuts and broken bones.

Bane: Not...yet.

Bane tries to increase his strength with Venom, only to find that it was broken. Rhino runs at Bane and punches him in the face and then catches his foot. He then pulls a Hulk.


Replace Hulk with Rhino and Loki with Bane

Rhino then drop kicks Bane who goes flying. Bane finally relizes that Rhino is still far stronger than him. He'll have to outsmart Rhino instead. Bane runs away.

Rhino: Giving up, masked man?

Bane retreats and lifts up the sewer grate and goes inside.

Rhino: This reminds me of goose chase!

Rhino jumps down and looks around, Strangly not seeing Bane. Rhino starts sweating. Rhino starts running through the sewers.

Rhino: Where are you?!

Bane: Here.

Rhino sees Bane at the end of the tunnel and runs towards him but Bane disappears and Rhino's horn hits a gas line, spraying in Rhino's face, making him feel nauseous.

Bane: Down here.

Rhino, being incredibly stupid charges towards Bane and Rhino hits another pipe. Rhino begins wondering the dark tunnels until he hears Bane's voice.

Bane: Your armor looks very thick, it must be very hard to sweat in this hot and damp environment.

Rhino: Wher are you?!...I'

Bane is shown hanging out on the ceiling being very stealthy. Rhino is extremely hot and begins overheating, about to pass out.

Rhino is right about to pass out. Bane jumps down behind Rhino and snaps his neck, killing Rhino.

Bane: You were a worthy foe. Though, incredibly stupid.

Bane leaves the sewers.


Rhino's body is found in the sewers by Batman.


Boomstick: Wait, what just happened?! I thought Rhino was gonna win.

Wiz: Comparing strength, Bane at his base can lift 2-3 tons, though with venom he can lift 27 tons. But he can increase his strength to be stronger. But Rhino could lift up to 100 tons which was about 2x Bane's strength. Placing Rhino's strength above Bane's. Rhino's speed was also a lot faster than Bane's, running at 100+ miles per hour.

Boomstick: Then it sounds like Rhino should have won! I mean his stronger and faster, not to mention his armor makes him a whole lot more durable! And Bane's weakness is pretty clear, his venom pumps!

Wiz: Though Rhino is all of those things, he's also incredibly stupid. He's always being outsmarted into fighting his allies and is very gullible. His armor is also his weakness, making it extremely hard to sweat for Rhino because of how thick his armor is. At the end, Bane's intelligence is what beat Rhino. The winner is Bane.


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