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KSA Bandana Waddle Dee

Bandanna Waddle Dee is a relatively major character from the Kirby media franchise. He is a spear expert hero who fights alongside Star Warriors such as Kirby and Meta Knight against evil.

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With the Waddle Dee Army[]

Battle Record[]

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Battle Record

  • Wins: 5
  • Losses: 1
  • Draws: 0

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Death Battle Info[]


  • Age: Unknown
  • Height: Small
  • Weight: Unknown (likely weightless, considering he can fly by spinning his spear)


  • Strength
    • As said before, one of the only Waddle Dee's to match Kirby in strength
    • Able to crack a pretty good part of Popstar
    • Destroys stone blocks with a wooden spear
    • Able to defeat several bosses in a boss ladder
      • Note this wasn't actually Bandana Dee, but a Parasol Waddle Dee, though it's safe to assume that Bandana Dee matches, if not surpasses, this Waddle Dee.
    • Able to damage Magolor
    • Overpowered Claycia/Dark Crafter
      • Dark Crafter, using Claycia, created the entirety of Seventopia
  • Speed
    • Can keep up with Kirby on foot
    • While not showing many speed feats, his reaction times are great
    • Can somehow fly by rotating his spear, like a helicopter
      • Helicopters spin at speeds around Mach 1
    • The fact he can destroy stones and metal while flying proves his reactions are above Mach 1
    • Can attack with his spear fast enough it seems like he's attack from several angles at once
    • Can disassemble robots fairly quickly
  • Durability
    • Tanked blasts from Magolor, which are powerful enough to down four dragons, right here
      • This is what the blast of energy looks like here
      • Magolor is considered a universe-level threat
    • Has tanked atmospheric re-entry multiple times with no problem
    • Gotten shot out of a cannon, completely fine afterwards
    • Survived falling off a waterfall
  • Intelligence/Personality
    • Has a rather supportive personality, doing all that he can to calm King Dedede during one of Kirby's rampages as shown here
    • Pretty resilient
    • Resourceful
    • Can probably play chess
    • Can disassemble robots fairly quickly so he has knowledge on machines

Powers & Abilities[]

  • Double Jump
    • Can pull a scout and double jump off nothing as seen here
  • Teleportation
    • Goes into a meditative state and becomes intangible for a few seconds before teleporting as seen here

Weapons & Equipment[]

  • Spear
    • Fights in style similar to the spear ability
    • Has an unlimited amount of spears at his disposal
    • Can throw his spear for a range attack
      • Can actually charge this attack, and when fully charged the spear crashing through metal casually
    • Capable of dozens of spear combos
    • Casually destroys stone and metal
    • Can energize his spear to deal more damage
    • Able to fly with his spear by rotating it
    • Can transform it into a latch and climb some rope
    • Can cut ropes easily and usable underwater
  • Head Cannon
    • A hat with a cannon on top of his head
      • This ain't rocket science
    • Can seemingly equip this at any time
    • Can charge to shoot an even more powerful cannon ball
    • Can break through metal easily
    • Can turn the cannon into a rapid-firing gun
  • Food
    • Has food on him
    • Known foods he has are:
      • Pep brews
      • Cherries
      • Apples
      • Flan
      • Ice cream
      • Maxim Tomato
      • Reviving Tomato which restores all your health when you've been defeated or killed

Submarine Form[]

  • Can change his body into a submarine
  • Can fire torpedoes
  • Has a super ability that allows him to fire a giant torpedo as seen here
  • Can blast through steel and bounce off walls


  • Somehow eats without a mouth
  • Can punch a massive crater through the planet Popstar visible from outer space
  • Fought off a pair of ghostly, evil hands
    • It was confirmed through gameplay, two in-game descriptions, and a cutscene that he was actually better at fighting of these guys than Kirby
  • Can survive getting shot out of a cannon
    • This is specifically mentioned in an in-game description as a toughness feat
  • Is incredibly good at getting to seemingly impossible-to-reach areas
  • One of the few Waddle Dees, probably the only one who can match Kirby in strength and skill
  • Helped defeat Magalor
  • Helped Kirby in his adventure to restore all color to the world
  • Since Kirby was in his ball form, Bandana Dee proved to be able to match the enemies maybe better then him
    • Fought off Dark Crafter's Grab Hands better then Kirby did
  • Highly skilled with a spear
  • Went with Kirby, Meta Knight and King Dedede on the adventure to fix Magolor's ship
    • This involved going through all of Pop Star, and Another Dimension


  • Lacks in the height department
  • Weakest of the four main heroes


  • The first depiction of Waddle Dees using spears actually was in the anime before being introduced in the games.