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A wish came true... A dream became a reality...

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Street Fighter VS Killer Instinct! Two Insanely Strong African American Boxers who have lost their title of Boxing Champion but now seek to reclaim it clash! Who will come out on top?


Author's Note: TJ's biography will contain his backstories and feats from both KI timelines but TJ will not have his cybernetic implants like he didn't have them in the Rebooted timeline.

(Cue:Invader - Jim Johnston)*

Wiz: Pugilism or Boxing is a rather gruelling and aggressive sport that needs a lot of skill in order to be mastered.

Boomstick: And these Two Extremely Strong African American Boxers have become Champions of the Sport but have previously lost their tile and now seek to reclaim it like Balrog, enforcer of Shadaloo.

Wiz: And T.J. Combo, the boxer from Killer Instinct.

Boomstick: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick.

Wiz: And it's our job to analyse their weapons, armour and skills to find out who would win a... A DEATH BATTLE.


(Cue: Balrog's theme - Street Fighter V)

Wiz: As one of the top enforcers of the evil organisation Shadaloo the boxer Balrog is a deadly fighter, carrying out the dictator M. Bison's orders with no question.

Boomstick: Actually Wiz Balrog is the big fire monster that killed Gandalf in Lord of the Rings ... Sad Times.

Wiz: Ugh.. Anyway before he became one of Bison's lieutenants, the man also known as Mike Balrog was born on September 4th 1968 and grew up in a life of poverty until he rose to fame as a boxing champion, for a time things were going well for him...

Boomstick: ...But then he got permanently banned from the ring after crippling an opponent and killing another, needing money Balrog joined Shadaloo becoming one of it's highest ranking members.

Wiz: Balrog was forced to get lots of temporary jobs including the role of a security guard in between the many defeats of Shadaloo and it's reconstruction, he would one day stumble across a boy called Ed who he decided to take with him after seeing Shadaloo's mark in his hand believing he could learn many secrets about the organisation from him.

Boomstick: Eventually Balrog and Ed would flee Shadaloo's crumbling base as M. Bison was being destroyed once and for all, abandoning the organisation in its final moments.

Wiz: Balrog is a fierce fighter and has many techniques and ablites he's strong enough to destroy cars with just his fists, able to destroy a Billard table and barrels with a single punch, leave a dent in a van from one of his blows and most impressively he was able to kill one of Yoga Master Dhalism's elephants with a single blow. We've previously calculated that elephants can withstand over 10,000 pounds of force meaning that Balrog's striking power is extremely impressive.

Boomstick: Balrog is quite a fairly fast and agile fighter and is also pretty tough able to withstand being betean up by Cammy, falling off a cliff and survive the explosion of Bison's Pyscho Drive which is estimated to be strong enough to destroy a town.

Wiz: Balrog's fighting style relies on using raw strength and of course Boxing, but he's not afraid to play dirty and often headbutts his opponents which is illegal in normal boxing.

Boomstick: With his Dash Straight move Balrog moves forward and punches his opponent and with the Dash Upper Balrog moves forward and then uppercuts his opponent this attack can be used to defend against enemies who like to hurl themselves through the air.

Wiz: He is able to turn his back on his opponent, charging up his attack before striking his opponent in a move known as the Turn Punch, the longer this attack is charged up for the harder it will hit the opponent.

Boomstick: With his Charged Buffalo attack he strikes his opponents several times with his punches whilst moving forward, he also has a another version of the attack called the Ex Charged Buffalo where he moves forward while flashing yellow for some reason, punching his opponent fewer times than when he uses the Charged Buffalo but instead dealing slightly more damage.

Wiz: When using his Bursting Buffalo attack he strikes his opponents lower body with a downward punch before striking them with several upward punches and with the Ex Bursting Buffalo he flashes yellow hitting his opponent fewer times but dealing more damage overall.

Boomstick: With his KKB move Balrog hurls himself forward deflecting all projectiles this move also allows him to pull off lots of combos and his Crazy Rush move allows him to combine the Charged Buffalo and Bursting Buffalo moves into one series of attacks.

Wiz: He punches his opponents several times utilising a variety of his attacks with the Crazy Buffalo attack however the last punch will always be a Turn Punch, he also has the Dirty Bull attack where he headbutts his opponent stamps on their foot and smackes them across the face with his fist and last but not least he has the Gigaton Blow where he hits the opponent with two Turn punches before hitting them with a third one which strikes the opponent multiple times.

Boomstick: Balrog has betean the likes of F.A.N.G and Necalli, stood against the likes of Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li and Gen, alongside Vega has defeated a pair of Shadaloo soldiers, survived the explosion of Bison's Pyscho Drive alongside Birdie and killed one of Dhalsim's elephants with one of his attacks called the Gigaton Punch.

Wiz: However he's lost to Cammy, E. Honda, Zangief, Fei Long, R. Mika and Ibuki and doesn't really have any kick attacks this lack of kick attacks can make him fairly predictable. Balrog isn't very bright, when he became leader of Shadaloo after one of Bison's apparent "deaths", he quickly ruined the organisation and was forced to rely on getting other jobs in order to get money and speaking of money that's usually the only thing that motivates him he will do anything for whichever Villian he's working for as long as he gets paid rather than really thinking about what he's actually doing. He usually runs into battle without strategy and is quite overconfident and cocky which can lead to his opponents overwhelming him despite his skill as a fighter.

Boomstick: But with his Strength and fighting skill you do not want get in the way of this Boxer!

Balrog: I'll make you regret you were ever born you two-bit chump!

T.J. Combo

(Cue: I'm Back (To Rise) - Killer Instinct 2013)*

Wiz: In the original Killer Instinct timeline TJ Garrett had to fight to claim the title of Heavyweight Boxing Champion, working his way up he would eventually claim the title and hold it for 5 years until he would eventually lose all that he had earned.

Boomstick: ..Turns out TJ had spent most of his money on secretly receiving cybernetic implants so that he would never lose his title but one day the Ultratech surgeon who gave him the implants blabbed about them to the media resulting in the champion being stripped of his title, wealth and public respect.

Wiz: Feeling humiliated at the loss of his title, TJ would try and regain his fame and fortune by fighting in the Killer Instinct tournament where he would defeat the dinosaur Riptor and would attempt to destroy Ultratech's HQ until he would then be sent back in time.

Boomstick: But that's his story in the original timeline let's move on to his story in the rebooted timeline.

Wiz: Right..Tyler Johnson Garrett was born near Gavelston Texas, which was the birthplace of the great Jack Johnson- the first African American Heavyweight boxing champion, whom Tyler's father idolised.

Boomstick: His father also was a former sergant in the army and felt devoted to his country, subsequently hung the American Flag outside his house, he taught his son how to fight using a stack of tires as a heavy bag.

Wiz: He joined a city league, but at the age of 12, he was badly betean by one of the boys and was taunted by him, TJ would get his revenge by replacing the padding in his right glove with a roll of quarters so when he next fought the boy, he broke his nose with one punch.

Boomstick: Ouch..Well I suppose that kid got what he deserved! Anyway that moment was the first time that TJ had ever cheated and he constantly ended up cheating so he could win a lot of sweet trophies!

Wiz: ..But he was eventually caught and thrown out of the league, after dropping out of high school and being kicked out of the military TJ went to Chicago with the ambition of becoming a professional boxer, where he got a job being a caretaker at a Boxing Gym in order to pay for his training.

Boomstick: Over the next 5 years TJ grew to be tall and studied Boxing, he even analysed the fighting techniques of Boxing Champions such as Muhammed Ali and Mike Tyson, to improve his skills as a Boxer.

Wiz: In his early twenties, he began to win a lot of his fights and was given the nickname "Combo" by journalists for his deadly combinations of jabs, followed by a devasting right-hook to the face. After 5 years of competing he finally managed to win the Heavyweight Championship..

Boomstick: But then he became the victim of every celebrity cliche known to man, owning an extravagant mansion, always wanting to earn lots of trophies, having a collection of expensive cars, abusing his body.. You get it. He began to not take his training seriously and barely won the next two fights in the defence of his title and when he lost his title 3 years after gaining it, he fell into a deep depression.

Wiz: With his life falling apart TJ was approached a strange man who told him about a special research programme that could make him Superhuman. He was shown a production line creating cybernetic implants and given a demonstration of the capabilities of this technology.

Boomstick: TJ loved the idea of regaining his title and signed a contract on the spot, basically handing over his life and career to the organisation this dude belonged to, which was the megacorporation Ultratech.

Wiz: He was given titanium implants in his forearms, which gave his punches a bone-crunching effect and within 6 months he'd won back his title, leaving the man who had previously won the title from him with his face pushed in, things were going pretty well for TJ but then the AI robot ARIA asked TJ to face the new Ultratech robot Fulgore in a publicised exhibition bout, TJ was asked to throw the fight so that Fulgore could be shown as being far superior than any human fighter..

Boomstick: ..But instead of throwing the fight TJ decided to beat the everliving hell out of Fulgore absolutely decimating the robot!!

Wiz: As a result ARIA told the media about TJ's cybernetic implants, leaving the champion in ruins, he took his revenge on Ultratech by trying to attack their agents, he would eventually team up with government agent Black Orchid and defeat many more of Ultratech's lackeys before taking on ARIA herself and beating her when he and Orchid escaped the corporation's facility and spread news of Ultratech's unethical projects to the public where Orchid would give all the credit to TJ for discovering this.

Boomstick: TJ is a deadly fighter and has many fighting techniques and ablites and eventhough he has removed his cybernetic implants he still has an Ultratech serum in his blood that was given to him to allow his body to adjust to the cybernetics and this allows him to pull off incredible feats of strength and speed.

Wiz: Like being able to send opponents flying with a single punch, causing a small Tremor when he punches the ground and being able to knock around giant foes like Aganos and Fulgore and he is also a pretty fast and agile fighter.

Boomstick: He's survived being betean up by Fulgore, endured having his arm broken when he punched a brick wall and managed to endure tearing his cybernetics out after ripping open his own arms.

Wiz: TJ's fighting style relies on him punching his opponents rapidly with heavy hitting blows that can knock oppents back, he's also not afraid to fight dirty and he can use this style of fighting to help win fights that have the odds stacked against him.

Boomstick: But alongside Boxing TJ implements a variety of martieux arts into his overall technique, his style is likely to include elements of Wrestling, Muay Tuai and Kickboxing, he can implement his diffrent martieux arts knowledge into his many different moves like the Superman Punch where he punches someone as hard as Superman does and instantly one-shots them! ..

Wiz: ..The Superman Punch is actually a technique where Combo strikes the opponent with a large leaping hook and the Rollcoaster is where TJ combat rolls towards the opponent before hitting them with a punch. The Turn-Around Punch is where Combo performs a rather awkward backwards cross-up Punch and the Throw is where TJ punches his opponent in the gut, then quickly moves to punch them into the ground.

Boomstick: The Shoot Toss move is where TJ grabs his opponent by the midsection, turns around and then slams into the ground, with enough force this move can bounce opponents into the air so that TJ can hit them and pull off more combos and with the Powerline move TJ performs a straight jab but TJ can do one of three things before using the move, he can pull out of it and hop backwards, pull off a combat roll to get closer to the opponent in a move known as the Tumble or use the Flying Knee attack to jump at his opponent and then hit them with his knee.

Wiz: The Tremor move is where TJ performs an arcing jump, which can intercept any airborne opponents and he then falls to the ground, punching it with his fist and causing a shockwave.

Boomstick: The Vortex move is an uppercut that sends opponents flying into the air, he can also follow up with a second uppercut called the Cyclone that strikes the opponent and creates a whirlwind on his fist.

Wiz: If TJ is about to be defeated he can heal himself in order to keep fighting but once this has happened the scars and cracks on his arms will begin to glow blue and a small blue aura will form around him for roughly fifteen seconds where his overall speed will be increased, allowing him to strike foes more quickly.

Boomstick: So he basically goes Super Sayian God Super Sayian but without the blue hair?

Wiz: Yeah...I guess you could put it like that.

Boomstick: TJ can also finish his opponents with one his brutal No mercies!. With the Neck Breaker move he punches his opponent in the gut forcing them on their knees and walks around in a circle before snapping their neck and he can pull out a Submachine gun out of his trousers and shoot his opponents repeatedly with the Target Pratice No mercy.

Wiz: He can send his opponent flying towards the screen where they will then slide down it in comical fashion with the Fourth Wall and lastly with the Up In the Air No mercy, he can charge up an Uppercut strong enough to launch an opponent so high in the air that they aren't seen coming back down after this move has been pulled off.

Boomstick: TJ has defeated the likes of Orchid, Sadira, Spinal, Riptor, Cinder and ARIA, fought and defeated all three Fulgore Models, fought Spinal, Riptor and Glacius alongside Chief Thunder, has teamed up with Orchid to expose Ultratech's inhuman experiments and has killed Riptor.

Wiz: However he has lost to Fulgore and Glacius and has no methods of ranged attack apart from his submachine gun which means most of the time he has to get up close to his opponent in order to damage them. Also while he may have betean Cinder he still struggled against him and at the end of the day he is still human and can be killed any normal means.

Boomstick: But with his experience and fighting skill TJ is no ordinary boxer and defintely not someone you would want to cross paths with, Trust me!

TJ Combo: Think you got what it takes to beat the Champ? Come on!

Pre-Death Battle 

Wiz: All right the combatants are set, let's end this debate once and for all

Boomstick: It's time for a Death Battle!

Balrog and TJ Combo are ready


High in an apartment building in the evening, TJ is punching some punching bags in a gym within the building when suddenly ..


The door to the gym goes flying off it's hinges as a tall man in a blue shirt, with huge muscles and red boxing gloves enters the room, TJ turns to look at him.

TJ: Who are you in thinking that you can just walk in here wanting to see me.. you better have a good reason for this interruption...

Balrog: I am Balrog, and my employer, Bison wants you to join Shadaloo...

TJ interrupts him.

TJ: I'm not joining any organisation, I've got my career to think about.

This time Balrog interrupts.

Balrog: This ain't an offer, it's an order! Bison's paying me a lot of money in order to take you back to him, so if I were you I'd be walking out that door right now while your still in one piece!

Bakrog punches the wall making a dent in it.

TJ: I ain't going anywhere Punk... even if you are being paid a lot of money to take me with you.

Balrog growls.

TJ sees the gym's boxing ring in the corner of his eye and walks towards stepping over the red ropes and standing within the ring.

TJ: If you want to try and force me to go and join your organastion face me in here..


Balrog runs towards the red ropes leaping into the air and raising his fist to strike TJ who prepares to defend himself.


Balrog's punch met with TJ's arms and he skidded back slightly, the boxer was stunned by the sheer force of his opponent's punch but this was no time to hesitate, TJ moved his head to the side as Balrog tried to punch him TJ then responding by punching his opponent in leg, face and chest before knocking Balrog into the air slightly with the Flying Knee attack with Balrog then falling back onto the ground.


Balrog gets up and tries to punch TJ, who dodges the first punch but is smacked in the shoulder by a Dash Straight being knocked off-balance before being met with a punch to the side of his cheek, as he turned round to face Balrog he was hit in the face by another Dash Straight and knocked to the ground skidding towards the back of the ring while Balrog grinned at his opponents pain.

Balrog: Get back up and face me chump!

TJ: Oh don't worry bub, I've hardly broken a sweat, your real punishment comes now

TJ rolls sideways towards Balrog his opponent trying to stamp on him with one foot but TJ was too fast for him and punched Balrog in the knee Balrog buckles and TJ begins to stand up and tries to him but Balrog was too fast for him and punched him in the gut with his fist twice with TJ coughing up a bit a blood that appears on his lip Balrog smirkes at the sight of it but TJ casually wipes it off of his lip. TJ then tackles Balrog and the two struggle for a period of time with Balrog knocking TJ to the ground, TJ tries to raise his head but Balrog begins headbutting him TJ's head knocking against the ground while Balrog continues headbutting him while he slams his fist into TJ's gut to try and keep him from moving. TJ feels more blood rising to to his mouth mustering his strength he sees Balrog raising his head to deliver a fatal headbutt TJ raises his fist and uppercuts him with the Vortex raising his head off the ground TJ's head having made a mould in the bottom of the boxing ring.


TJ: I'm not down for the count yet!

TJ then punches Balrog in the gut keeping him in the air longer but then TJ punches him into the ground Balrog rolling over before jumping up, turning round and striking at TJ with the Turn Punch staggering TJ slightly, but TJ recovers quickly and charges at Balrog punching him in the chest twice before trying to grab Balrog with the Shoot Toss, however Balrog is too fast for him and strikes at TJ with the Charged Buffalo attack hitting him multiple times with his strikes. TJ recovers quickly and performs the Powerline attack punching Balrog in the face and damaging his lip causing blood to start forming on it. Balrog tries to headbutt TJ but he dodges the attack and punches Balrog in the neck, surprised by this attack Balrog hesitates for a second barely managing to intercept TJ's punches before striking back with his own blows however most his strikes miss one managing to knock against TJ's elbow, seeing that his opponent is distracted Balrog knocks TJ to the corner of the ring with a straight jab.

TJ rushes at Balrog dodging most of the boxers strikes and blows but is knocked is hit with a downward punch in his leg before being punched repeatedly in the chest with several upward punches TJ then knees Balrog moving his leg up towards his jaw stunning the boxer and causing some his teeth to be disloged Balrog then turns around spitting at TJ as a combination of blood and teeth flies at TJ one of the teeth scraping the top of TJ's nose leaving a cut on it. TJ acknolges the injury on his nose but turns round to see Balrog's fist head towards him TJ manages to turn his head enough so that nose and lips and struck by Balrog's teeth but is too slow to dodge Balrog's punch entirely...




Balrog's fist hit TJ's cheek and lower jaw with enough force to send the boxer stumbling backward slightly.

TJ: Gaah!

Balrog: 'laughs sadistically' Yes!, scream more!, I want to hear your suffering!!

TJ: Your ranting is causing me more suffering than all of your attacks combined Punk!

Balrog's grin turns to an expression of anger as he moves to strike TJ who also turns to attack Balrog the two exchange blows TJ hitting Balrog more quickly but Balrog still striking back at TJ regardless Balrog turns round, TJ becoming confused by this gesture only to wip back round to hit TJ with a turn punch which momentarily stuns TJ thinking that this is the perfect time to finish his opponent. Balrog runs towards TJ and attempts to strike him in the head with the Ex Charging Buffalo move flashing yellow but finds himself falling head over heels into the ground as TJ trips him up.


Balrog hits the ground and looks up at TJ

TJ: I don't know if you were trying to transform into a Super Sayian, or something but whatever it was it didn't really help you, now did it?

Balrog: Your stupid remarks, won't save you from being pummled by me!!

Balrog charges at TJ who knows that he will be able to dodge Balrog's attacks but is suddenly overwhelmed by Balrog's Bursting Buffalo attack, however he manages to shield himself from the majority of Balrog's upward punches with his arm before striking back at Balrog with a couple of his own punches. Balrog tries to jab at TJ with another straight punch but TJ catches it and the two engage in a struggle with Balrog managing to push his own fist closer to TJ's abdomen TJ tries to swipe at Balrog with his leg but the boxer Dosen't budge TJ then tries to punch at Balrog with his free arm but Balrog dodges and headbutts TJ who breaks out of the struggle.

TJ moves towards Balrog striking at his face and gut with his punches but Balrog presses his own assault on TJ his punches moving towards TJ who manages to dodge most of the blows but is struck on his lower arm with one punch and on the thigh with the other despite this he still manages to stay focused lunging and kicking Balrog in the chest knocking him towards the back of the ring. Balrog tries to uppercut TJ with his Dash Upper attack, but TJ dodges, however he is too late to avoid Balrog's quick jab to the gut and steps backwards. TJ barely ducks under another of Balrog's punches the the top his head coming into contact with the bottom of Balrog's glove however he uses this opportunity to grab Balrog by the waist turn him around and slam him into the floor where Balrog bounces up towards TJ who delivers four quick punches, delivering one to his chest, one to his neck and face before delivering another punch to his chest sending Balrog flying to the edge of the ring where he bounces off the red boundaries and comes flying back towards TJ who punches him in the chest sending him flying into the ground.


KI Announcer: Solid!

Balrog rolls over on the ground then lunges at TJ's legs causing to fall down while Balrog attempts to strike him with his punches, his blows causing small craters to appear in the ground as he attempts to slam TJ's face in but his opponent manages to barely move out of the way of each of his strikes by combat rolling to the side of the area before getting up to try and knee Balrog in the face but he dodges out the way and punches TJ in the side and rises to his feet taking up a boxing stance for a brief moment before trying to punch TJ again. TJ manages to dodge the first blow but is hit in the side again and then in the chest being knocked back towards the corner of the area his back leaning against the red boundaries, before Balrog moves his head forward to try and headbutt TJ in a quick motion...


Balrog's felt his head came into contact with the metal post at the corner of the ring and saw the dent it had made in it as his vision began to blur and the sound of a heart beating could be heard in the background.



(The audience could see the ring from Balrog's eyes as his vision became more blurry the fuzzy outline of TJ could be seen as he moved towards Balrog)

TJ: You think you can beat me Punk...fat chance!

(TJ punches Balrog in the face as he begins to stumble backwards, the audience sees Balrog try and launch a weak punch at TJ but his opponent easily dodged it)


TJ: Is that really the best you got!

(TJ knees Balrog in the jaw before kicking Balrog hard in the gut and Balrog legs begin to buckle but Balrog begins to focus his attention on TJ and his vision begins to improve and he prepares to pull off the Charging Buffalo attack, the audience can now see both of the two fighters as normal)

Balrog then strikes at TJ with the Charging Buffalo attack hitting him several times before punching him across the face however TJ then uppercuts Balrog knocking him into the air.




Balrog lands on his feet just in time to see TJ leaping towards him his fist aiming for the floor as he performs his Tremor move his punch creating a shockwave knocking both him and Balrog back and ripping apart the floor of the boxing ring. TJ stands towards the back of the ring still recovering from the force of his punch he looks up to see Balrog moving towards him, Balrog's fist collided with TJ's chest as performed his Crazy Rush move punching TJ several times, he then moved to perform his Ex Bursting Buffaloo move his body flashing yellow as he hammered at TJ's body with blows before turning his back to the audience for a second and then turning back round again to hit his opponent with a turn punch the attack launching TJ towards the edge of the ring his body hitting the red ropes with such force that they stretched beyond their limit and ripped the two metal posts that were supporting the red boundaries from the bottom of the boxing ring as TJ was launched out of the ring with the red ropes pressed against his back which prevented him from flying out of the window into the busy streets below. TJ then lands in a heap outside of the ring as it lays in ruins with the floor in tatters, one of the posts having a dent in it and part of the red ropes laying across the ground along with the two metal posts that formerly supported them.



Balrog: (laughs sadistically) Ha Ha...Do you feel pain now Punk?!

TJ stood up his face was a mess with blood oozing from cuts on his cheeks and dripping from his cracked lips, his side and chest aching from the volley of blows that had just hit him, he wiped the blood from his lips with his glove.

TJ: That was nothing...I've come back from far worse than your Baby punches!

Balrog: Baby Punches! ... BABY PUNCHES!! ... Your really in for a beating now!!

Balrog lunges at TJ who rams into him with his side punching him several times with Balrog blocking the majority of his attacks but getting hit in the gut with one punch and then uppercutted in the nose with the other, Balrog felt the blood beginning to leak out his nose, but he couldn't back down now, he had to beat his opponent he struck forward with two Dash Straight punches TJ managing to dodge them but Balrog moved towards TJ weakly kicking his opponent in the knee, while he never usually utilised kicks in his fighting style he was desperate to defeat his opponent, he at his opponent and saw that his plan had worked TJ hadn't been expecting this attack and was recovering from it. Balrog saw his chance and struck at TJ's chest with a Turn Punch sending him skidding back across the room.

TJ saw Balrog moving towards him, preparing to strike him with another volley of attacks but TJ decided to act quickly and ran towards Balrog punching him the gut and in the side and using his size to push Balrog on the floor, where he would kick him in the side Balrog reeled from the attack but grabbed TJ's leg causing his opponent to stumble onto the floor where Balrog punches TJ in the neck to try and keep him on the ground but TJ is resilient and leaps on top of Balrog, punching him in the face repeatedly but Balrog then Raises his leg to kick TJ in the gut sending him flying off of him before he gets up, ready to face his competition while TJ leaps up preparing to clash with Balrog once more.

TJ runs towards Balrog kicking at him but Balrog dodges and punches at TJ with a Dash Straight which hits him in the joint between his upper and lower arm with a significant amount of force TJ winces but moves forward with the same arm and jabs Balrog hard in the gut causing him to spit out blood and then Uppercuts him with the Vortex before grabbing Balrog in the air turning him around and slamming him into the ground where Balrog begins to skid across the ground the skin on his arms beginning to Rip and bleed as a result of the friction between it and the hard ground. Balrog gets to his feet and punches at TJ several times hitting him in the chest and causing him to step backwards Balrog tries to headbutt TJ again but his opponent dodges however TJ isn't fast enough to dodge a second headbutt and is hit right in the forehead by it before being struck again by another headbutt and then being knocked back with a Turn Punch.

TJ had had enough of his opponent's dirty fighting if he was going to come out on top he would need to do something to change the tide of battle...and he found the perfect solution to this.. TJ performed his Rollercoaster move rolling towards Balrog and moving his fist in an upwards direction...

Balrog stopped in his tracks as he felt a sharp pain in his groin.

Balrog: Aaaah, WHAT GIVES?!! ...

Balrog tried to continue his sentence but TJ continue rolling moving right into Balrog's legs and knocking him down TJ then got up and looked at his opponent.

TJ: With all the dirty fighting moves you used against me, it was about time you got a taste of your own medicine!

Balrog: Well just for that I'm going to make your punishment even more painful then it was going to be!!

Balrog grins at the prospect of this, but sees TJ's fist coming towards him and dodges it as well as dodging a lot of TJ's other strikes before he feels a pain in his foot as TJ steps on it and looks forward to see TJ moving his fist towards him TJ's fist then strikes Balrog at the bottom of the nose and on his lips causing more blood to come out of Balrog's nose and lips, Balrog moves his head in a quick motion to get as much blood off of his face as possible with the blood appearing sprinkled on the ground.

Balrog: You stamped on my foot...Well two can play at that game!!

Balrog moves to perform the Dirty Bull Attack headbutting TJ and stamping on his foot he attempts to punch him in the face but TJ dodges and headbutts Balrog stunning him before moving his head to headbutt him again but this time Balrog moves his head forward and the two headbutts collide with Balrog feeling slightly more dizzy than TJ. His opponent then takes advantage of this and hits Balrog right in the chest, Balrog moves back, forced out of his dizzy state by the attack he now moves forward striking at TJ with the Ex Charging Buffalo and Ex Bursting Buffalo moves and knocking TJ to the ground.

TJ gets back up slower than when he has done previously and moves towards Balrog striking him with the Turn-Around Punch but Balrog shrugs the attack off with great difficulty and punches at TJ with two Dash Straights with TJ blocking the attacks with his arm and kicking at Balrog who takes the kick and Uppercuts TJ with the Dash Upper however is kicked in the neck by TJ and steps backwards. TJ falls to the ground but gets up punching Balrog in the chest and leg but being hit by a headbutt and then knocked back with a hard punch to the gut.

Balrog: I'm going to crush you now!!

Balrog moves towards TJ, charging up a powerful Turn Punch but TJ dodges out of the way and Balrog strikes a stone pillar holding up the roof instead causing it to stretch and crack in two.


Shocked by this show of strength TJ moves back and Balrog tries to uppercut TJ succeeding with his attack and knocking him into the ceiling where TJ hits it and falls back to the ground large cracks begin to appear in the ceiling as large chunks of rubble begin to fall into the room towards the two boxers.




The pieces of rubble hit the ground as the two boxers try and destroy the blocks of rubble that are falling towards them. Balrog destroys most of the blocks of rubble with ease but at a fairly slow and aggressive pace being hit on the neck and shoulder by them while a few metres away TJ strikes at the blocks of rubble at a faster pace but finds it harder to destroy them then his opponent does being struck in the back and being hit by a large piece of rubble on his shoulder.




A piece of rubble goes flying towards TJ hitting him in the face, his face being covered in white plaster from the rubble he looks in Balrog's direction to see Balrog punching pieces of rubble towards him he manages to destroy most of them but is hit in the neck by another piece he turns round and punches four pieces of rubble towards Balrog which Balrog mostly manages to destroy but is still hit in the leg and shoulder by them.



The two continue punching pieces of rubble towards each other, whilst other pieces of rubble fall around them. TJ being hit in the gut and lower leg by two chunks of rubble while Balrog is hit in the face, shoulders and gut by three pieces of rubble but manages to shrug off the hits, however he is too slow to destroy two more blocks that fly towards him and hit him in his shoulder and then his chest causing Balrog to fall to the ground.

Seeing that the rubble has stopped falling TJ remarks.

TJ: Ha...Was that too much for you?!

Balrog: Hmph...that tickled in comparison to what I've felt before!!

TJ runs towards Balrog and prepares to uppercut him with the Vortex attack but Balrog dodges and punches TJ in the gut and then in the neck with the Dash Straight causing TJ to cough up a considerable amount of blood. Despite this, TJ manages to duck under Balrog's next Punch before striking Balrog in gut with the force to send him flying into the ground and send him bouncing into the air where TJ strikes him with the Superman Punch hitting Balrog in the chest where he sent back towards the ground and bounces into the air again where TJ hits him with a multitude of punches and kicks striking him all over his body and letting him drop to the ground.


Despite the huge beating he'd just endured Balrog still managed to leap to his feet where he looked at TJ with intense hatred.


Balrog moves towards TJ with a Straight Punch his opponent tries to block it with his hand but the force of the punch is too strong for him and his guard falters, Balrog then punches TJ three times before finally striking him with a Charged up Turn Punch which sends TJ flying back smashing through a brick wall and obliterating it.


TJ flies through the air as the evening sun shines above him before his back slams against a chimney.


Balrog leaps after TJ landing on a roof near the chimney where TJ is and punches TJ in the chest, damaging the chimney.

Balrog: Ha Ha...Your aboustely pathetic!

Balrog then charges up one his punches and strikes TJ in the chest TJ.


Two of TJ's ribs crack as he pushed back by the force of the blow completely demolishing the chimney TJ screams.

TJ: Aaaaah!

Balrog grins at the sight of this.

Balrog: Give it up...Your no match for my skill!

Balrog tries to punch TJ but he catches his fist and using his other arm grabs Balrog by the waist and tosses him head first into the roof that lays in front of them where Balrog slides across it slightly as titles are damaged and fall from their places. Balrog gets up, his face, neck and chest riddled with cuts and his shirt torn at the edges the two boxers look at each other ready to clash once again.

On the roof of a house

Balrog rushes at TJ hitting him in the gut and then striking him straight in the chest which makes TJ stumble backwards Balrog tries to strike TJ with another Dash Straight but he dodges out of the way and kicks at Balrog who tries to hit TJ with a multitude of Punches but the Dinosaur Killer begins to move to the upper section of the roof moving out of range of Balrog's strikes.

Balrog: Come back here and fight you coward... so I can pummel you...

Before he could finish his sentence Balrog was struck by TJ's Flying Knee attack where he flew into the air falling back down and landing on the side of the roof...


Balrog recovered quickly and stood up his body having made a small hole in the roof at the epicentre of his landing destroying various tiles and damaging the wooden beams which held up the roof Balrog made his way to the top of the roof where TJ was and the two began to exchange blows TJ hitting Balrog in the leg, shoulder and gut while being hit in the chest and face they continue exchanging blows at a fairly slow pace before Balrog hits TJ with a Turn Punch sending him skidding to the edge of the rooftop where he manages to hold on to the pipes at the edge of the roof his legs dangling above the street below as Balrog looked over from the top of the roof and began to fall towards him.

Balrog: Your just another fighter to fall before Shadaloo's might!

TJ couldn't fall here he was a former Heavyweight champion he needed to pull himself together mustering his strength he pressed his feet against the side of the building and pulled himself onto the roof before charging at Balrog colliding with the boxer as they fly off the top of the roof and crash through a window in the building opposite them to continue their fight.

In an abandoned building

The two landed within the abandoned building in a heap with Balrog throwing TJ back whilst shrugging off a punch to shoulder both get to their feet as they look at each other with great amounts of frustration.

Balrog: Let's finish this, so I can crush you once and for all!

TJ: Your going down Punk!

The two charge at each other TJ striking at Balrog with a multitude of punches and kicks whilst Balrog shrugs off the attack and hits TJ in the chest with a powerful Dash Straight TJ coughs up more blood which gets on Balrog's shirt, but continues punching and kicking him with Balrog barely managed to block the strikes before punching his opponent away with the throw technique.

Balrog gets up and the two run at each other and they both uppercut each other with their respective uppercut techniques being knocked back before running at each other and their fists collide and they begin to exchange blows with Balrog attacking TJ with the Crazy Buffaloo move striking him multiple times with a volley of punches before knocking him back with a Turn Punch. Balrog then tries to strike at TJ with the Ex Charged Buffalo but his opponent ducked underneath it and punched Balrog in the gut before hitting him with a Powerline, punching him in the face and chest several times before kicking him back and leaps towards Balrog to strike him in the face with the Superman Punch where Balrog uppercuts him with the Dash Upper.


TJ lands on his feet and shrugs off a hit to the face from Balrog and strikes at Balrog punching him twice before being struck in the gut by Balrog and then hit by a volley of punches before striking forward and punching Balrog in the face with the Powerline move.


Balrog recovers quickly and strikes at TJ with the Crazy Buffalo attack however TJ blocks Balrog's strikes and retaliates by uppercutting with the Vortex and then uppercutting him again with the Cyclone TJ then takes out his submachine gun and shoots Balrog in the air a bullet hitting him in the upper chest whilst two hit him in his side.

Balrog: Gaargh!!

Balrog falls to the floor but manages to get to his feet with great effort and charges at TJ striking him before he can shoot him with his machine gun causing TJ to drop the weapon out of his hand. Balrog then strikes TJ with his Crazy Rush and KKB move pulling off lots of combos before finally hitting him with the Gigaton Blow move striking him with two Turn Punches before striking him with a third one and hitting TJ with a volley of blows the force of his strikes sending TJ flying and then smashing apart the stone floor of the building as he crashes onto the ground and skids along it before grinding to a halt.


Balrog looked at TJ and saw he was still breathing and began to walk towards him.

Balrog: You were an easy opponent to beat compared to my other opponents!

TJ lay in a heap on the damaged floor, he knew he couldn't carry on fighting in this state he had to beat Balrog, but he was too weak and tiered he thought to himself and stood up knowing he had one more trick up his sleeve.

TJ: Nice try...Punk! ... But I'm not finished yet!

Balrog looks at TJ with a sinister grin on his face.

TJ musters his strength and his body begins to heal the injuries on his face and chest closing up and scabs beginning to form on the wounds Balrog's sinister expression turns to a surprised one as sees a blue aura form around TJ and the scars on his arm go blue.

Balrog: WHAT.. THE HECK?!!

TJ runs towards Balrog and strikes him with his fists several times Balrog tries to punch TJ but his opponent is too fast for him and easily dodges the strikes, kicking at Balrog and knocking him off balance.

Balrog moves forward and tries to strike TJ with the Gigaton Blow technique but TJ dodges it and punches Balrog however his opponent manages to strike him with the Bursting Buffalo hitting him several times knocking TJ back.

TJ then runs at Balrog kneeing him the face before he starts punching and kicking him rapidly all over his body however striking him in the face and chest the most as he continues punching and kicking Balrog before charging up a punch and hitting Balrog with it, sending his opponent flying.


Balrog landed in a heap on the ground his face and chest bleeding badly, he tried to get up to fight TJ but the pain coming from his broken ribs and leg prevented him from doing so. TJ walked up towards him punching Balrog in the gut and then placing his hands around his neck.

TJ: Your done Punk!

TJ moved Balrog's neck to the side as he twisted it in a quick motion.


Balrog's body fell to the ground as TJ's aura disappeared and he stood up.

TJ: I will always be the champ!

TJ knocks his fists together and walks away.



(Cues: TJ's theme - Killer Instinct Gold)*

Boomstick: Now that is what I call a good fight!

Wiz: While this was a extremely close battle TJ ultimately takes home the victory, in terms of strength while TJ can send opponents flying with a single punch and can cause a small Tremor with his blows, Balrog's feats of being able to cause a large dent in a van his blows and killing an elephant with a single punch show that Balrog is ultimately the stronger fighter, however TJ was still able to contend with him.

Boomstick: When looking at their speed they were pretty evenly matched, but TJ takes this advantage as he strike his opponents more quickly than Balrog can, and is generally more agile than him.

Wiz: When seeing who is the more durable combatant Balrog ultimately takes it, while TJ has survived being betean up by Fulgore and broken his arm when he punched a brick wall, Balrog survived the massive explosion of Bison's Pyscho Drive which is estimated to be strong enough to destroy a town.

Boomstick: But Wiz, If Balrog was more durable than TJ how was he strong enough to injure Balrog to the point of eventually being able to finish him off without any resistance?

Wiz: Thanks to TJ's greater speed and agility he was able to strike Balrog extremely quickly which Balrog found hard to contend with, TJ was also able to strike Balrog quickly enough to pull off lots of combos which gradually wore Balrog down.

Boomstick: TJ has a stupidly high tolerance able to endure cutting open his own arms and ripping out his cybernetic implants without passing out from the pain and this meant he could take all of Balrog's strikes and still continue to get back up and fight back, TJ is also more motivated than Balrog, no matter how many times he lost or been kicked out of a competition he always comes back to continue practising the sport he loves most and this meant he would continue fighting Balrog no matter how much pain he endured from his strikes.

Wiz: In terms of experience while Balrog has fought against many experienced fighters and martieux artists he has only ever betean F.A.N.G and Necalli whilst TJ has taken down skilled assassins, powerful cyborgs and the enhanced Raptor Riptor with just his fighting skill so his fighting experience is ultimately greater than Balrog's.

Boomstick: And while Boxing makes up a large part of TJ's fighting style he also incorporates other martieux arts into his overall fighting technique which makes him less predictable than Balrog, who manly utilises Boxing in his fighting technique rather than using any other type of martieux art. Balrog's general unintelligence and agressive nature made him open to attack which TJ could easily take advantage of, thanks to his speed.

Wiz: TJ's ablity to heal from the brink of defeat proved handy when Balrog gained the upper hand in the fight and the speed increase he gained afterwards allowed him to turn the tide of battle in his favour and finish off Balrog.

Boomstick: Looks like Balrog got Comb-owned!

Wiz: The Winner is TJ Combo.

TJ Combo is the winner

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