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Аzrael (Central Fiction)
Only the fittest can survive… Accept your fate!
~ Azrael

Azrael is an antagonist in the video game series, BlazBlue.

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Battle Record[]

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Battle Record

  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 0
  • Draws: 0

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Death Battle Info[]


  • Birth: Unknown
  • Height: 6'8 (203cm)
  • Weight: 353 Ibs (160 kg)
  • Alias(es): Mad Dog, One Who Carries The Death, Death Bringer
  • Likes: Battle
  • Dislikes: Sporks

Enchant Dragunov[]

  • A limiter used by Azrael himself in holding back his full unrestrained power.
  • Appears in the form of tattoos covering Azrael's body.
  • Glows and emits a red like aura or mist on Azrael when released.
  • Azrael can freely activate this ability when he wishes to utilize more of his power.
  • This is neither considered an Overdrive or a Gain Art.
  • Azrael has so far shown to release up to Level 2 in his arcade in Chronophantasma and Level 4 in CentralFiction, and all of them during his Astral Heat.
  • The Tattoo's vanish when all of the levels of Enchant Dragunov are released.

Physical Abilities[]

  • Superhuman Strength
    • Primarily a Fist-Fighting Combatant
    • Capable of pulling a slab of stone from the ground with ease
    • Punched Kagura hard enough to send him flying and crashing into a wall, destroying/damaging it
      • When the punch struck Kagura, electricity was generated
    • Damaged the ground with a simple axe-kick
    • Casually matched and beat TR-0009 Tager (Iron Tager), who weighs 1,212.5 IBs (550 kg), and even showed no signs of struggle or pain
      • Ragna has described hitting Iron Tager like hitting metal
    • Effortlessly broke the bindings that were restraining him after he had just woken up from his imprisonment
  • Superhuman Durability
    • Casually blocked a strike from Kagura Mutsuki with his barehands
    • Has taken strikes from the likes of Ragna the Bloodedge, Kagura Mutsuki, Hakumen, and Valkenhayn R. Hellsing
    • Has endured two years of imprisonment with near absolute zero tempature
    • Shrugs off Kokonoe's direct attacks like their nothing
  • Intelligence
    • Despite his wild forms of combat, Azrael seems to have knowledge in ways of fighting. He has shown through one of his Distortion Drive that he is capable of utilizing advanced techniques of martial arts
    • Recognized who Iron Tager was, just by seeing his fighting style, despite Tager mechanized into a machine

Move List[]



Exceed Accel[]

Special Moves[]

Distortion Drives[]

Astral Heat[]


  • Spent two years in a cryogenic prison that had a tempature of nearly absolute zero, and survived
    • Absolute zero has a temperature of –273.15°C or –459.67°F
  • Azrael matched, and keep pace with the likes of Ragna The Bloodedge, Kagura Mutsuki, Hakumen, Valkenhayne R. Hellsing, Iron Tager, and Jin Kisaragi while only using 1/8th of his full power.
  • Capable of holding his own and matching Kagura Mutsuki, twice, on two occasions
  • Casually matched Ragna the Bloodedge in battle
  • Effortlessly defeated Bullet in their encounter
  • Destroyed and escaped Kokonoe's dimensional prison using only his bare-hands
  • In Azrael's arcade mode, he broke through the Embryo
    • Nine The Phantom comments that Azrael is irrational, and unlike anything she has ever seen even during the events of the Dark Wars
    • While inside the Embryo, which can distort and ruin a person's mental state, Azrael was unnaffected by its effects, and still retained his memories
  • Fought Hakumen to a stalemate
  • Casually defeated all the entries of the "Battle of Ragna the Bloodedge"


  • Azrael heavily relies on brute strength and power
  • According to Kagura, Azrael fights like a child throwing a tantrum, showing that he relies on sheer brute force everytime he fight.
  • Outsmarted and defeated by Kagura Mutsuki, and was later locked away back in his cryogenic prison with the aid of Jin Kisaragi and Trinity Glassfille
  • Was defeated in battle by Hōichirō Hazuki, a former supreme commander of the Novus Orbis Librarium
  • Azrael posseses a rather short-fuse when his opponents do not use their full power on their fight
  • Will go to any lengths in order to make his opponent attack him with all of their power.