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I don't fight for good, and I don't fight for evil. I just fight!
~ Augus

Augus is one of the main villains of Capcom's video game, Asura's Wrath, and is the former mentor of Asura.

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Battle Record[]

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Battle Record

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Once a rogue demigod warrior who lived in the mountainous areas defeating large Gohma and various warriors, Augus desired a worthy opponent. One day, having killing one of the Eight Guardian Generals, Augus is approached by Deus to assume his fallen opponent's place. While Augus refused the offer, he accepts it after a arduous battle and Deus's dedication to a total end to the Gohma menace. Augus mentored his fellow Guardian Generals Asura and Yasha, the former having never understood his master's lust for fighting his entire life. But after Asura was labeled a traitor and their regroup reconfigured into the Seven Deities, though he never supported Deus's goal as he saw it to be folly, Augus faced him centuries later and admitted that he saw his pupil to be a worthy opponent.

Death Battle Info[]

As one of the Seven Deities, Augus is immortal and shown to have an incredible amount of superhuman strength and endurance. As the former master of Asura and Yasha, Augus also possesses immense skill in unarmed combat, rivalling Asura's punching speed and strength in battle despite him having a six-armed advantage at the time. Unlike other members of the Seven Deities, Augus rarely uses Mantra-based attacks in battle as part of his warrior code.

Wailing Dark[]

Augus' greatest weapon is a mystical nodachi sword named 'Wailing Dark', that he uses for those he deems a sufficiently powerful opponent. Wailing Dark's blade can extend up to 380,000 km (236121.05305018692 miles) and allow the wielder to generate massive waves of energy that travel above or along the ground. It has also been shown to possess incredible power: it raised up a large chunk of the Moon with a single slice, and literally cut through the Earth itself with it stabbed through Asura.


  • His Wailing Dark pierced through the Earth itself.