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How about you leave it to the REAL heroes?
~ Audrey

It's not enough.
~ Audrey

This was supposed to be MY story!
~ Audrey

Audrey Redheart was the Primary Antagonist and the Final Boss of the 2018 game Wandersong.

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Though not much of her background is known, Audrey was apparently just a face in the crowd growing up, despite her talents. One day, however, a strange Angel messenger appeared in her dreams, giving her a test with a sword she swiftly passed. Once she succeeded, she was given a dangerous task: To kill the 7 Overseers holding up the world in order to save it. However, upon killing the first overseer she could in one blow, she found out that killing the Overseers was actually to end the world, allowing for a new, uncorrupted Universe. Despite this, she chose to continue her quest, out of fear she was nothing without the title (And someone had to do it anyway). Eventually, she managed to kill every Overseer (Except two of them, who killed each other), and disappeared to an unknown fate while the world was saved from destruction by the work of one Bard.

Death Battle Info (Fanon)


  • Age: Young Adult (Around 20)
  • Height: 5'3 (Presumably)
  • Weight: 53.29 Kg (Presumably)
  • Former Chosen Hero of the Goddess Eya
  • Unknown Fate after killing the Final Overseer

Powers and Abilities

  • Superhuman Physical Strength, Speed, Durability and Characteristics
  • Expert Swordswoman
  • Resistance to Empathy (Was mostly unaffected by the overwhelming kindness of the Bard which usually convinced even the cruellest people)
  • Limited Lightning/Electricity Manipulation (Audrey's Sword could be used to summon lightning down into the blade, charge it up, and shoot said lightning back out at just as high speeds)
  • Attack Reflection (Could reflect any projectile with her sword)
  • Paralysis Inducement
  • Minor Resistance to Hot and Cold temperatures (Was able to fight against a corrupted Overseer on a platform inside an active volcano that could've destroyed her sword mere moments beforehand) (Was unaffected by the freezing winds of Ichor Mountain's surrounding areas)
  • Speed Increases (Could dash horizontally for a quick burst of speed. Could be spammed. While she could not pass through larger enemies, she couldn't take damage when dashing

Equipment - Sword

Audrey had a Sword seemingly given to her by the Messenger of the Goddess Eya. This Sword is made of an unknown metal, and is of a size similar to Audrey's body. It can stun, paralyze, injure, and kill, and was what Audrey relied on the most, as she feels she is nothing without it.

  • Lightning Strike: The sword is raised to point upwards, summoning lightning and channelling it into the Sword. Then, the lightning may be fired off in any other direction at the same speed. Chains between enemies, and stops at walls. Has 3 stages of charge. Can be used to charge mechanical objects.
  • Reflect: Using this Sword, Audrey could deflect projectiles by making sure her sword touched it. Required more effort for larger projectiles

Feats - General (WIP)

  • Killed all but two of the Overseers, several in one attack.
  • Terrified the Corrupted Queen of Winds with her mere presence.
  • Climbed Ichor Mountain, presumably without assistance until near the end.
  • Defeated a large monster that dwarfed a large city.
  • Ended the world.

Feats - Raw Power (WIP)

  • One-shot Queen Chaos in her largest form (Roughly 3.7094566e+12 Joules of energy were needed for that according to a calculation on VS battles wiki. Subject to change due to that wiki's unreliability at times)
  • One-Shot Order Queen in her largest form with lightning from several meters away.
  • Was able to stun the Bard and Miriam with her scarf, despite the pair taking hits from her and getting up not long after before.

Feats - Speed (WIP)

  • Casually kept up with the Corrupted Queen of Winds, who resembles a very large Crow (and seems to move even faster). Was able to easily keep track of her and even stun her.
  • Lightning can move faster than can be tracked despite (presumably) not being natural lightning.
  • Could react to and deflect small comical-shaped stars that were falling towards her.
  • Was able to keep up with and even get ahead of the Bard despite the Bard's use of flight travel.

Feats - Durability (WIP)

  • Far overall stronger than the Bard physically, who could take hits from Audrey and get up quickly during their final fight.
  • Could take hits from what appeared to be small comical-shaped stars, as well as thorny spikes.
  • Survived a hit from the Corrupted King of Hearts, who broke a large part of the ground beneath her in the process, while collapsed due to a faulty potion.

Feats - Lifting Strength (WIP)

  • Was able to carry and swing a large sword in one hand in casual stances, which the Bard, who can carry large chunks of coal and crystals, run around and throw them, with ease, struggled to even lift.

Stamina and range (WIP)

  • Audrey had fairly high stamina, being able to fight on par with a witch named Miriam (Whose magic could harm Audrey) for quite some time before weakening her and storming off in rage. She had high range with her sword and lightning, though said lightning stops at walls.

Weaknesses (WIP)

  • Overconfident
  • Reckless
  • Prone to Anger
  • Over reliant on her sword, feels she is nothing without being The Hero.
  • Can be disarmed if distracted.
  • Can be manipulated and tricked (Eg. fell for a fake power potion which ended up causing her to collapse thanks to a very potent stomach ache)


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