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Auditor is one of the antagonists of the Madness: Combat series of flash animations.

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Auditor is a shadow like figure (an employer) who's main goal is specifically kill Hank and taking control of Nevada. He attempts to do various tactics like sending grunts, surprise attacks, but to no avail. Eventually he is forced to face Hank and his friends face to face, but he learnt he could get more power from absorbing others and the dead bodies of others. He attempted to do this to beat Hank and his friends, but Tricky's body was, unfortunately for Auditor, one of the corpses absorbed, resulting in him exploding from the sheer power the clown had.

Death Battle Info


  • Reality Warping
  • Absorption
    • Can absorb living or dead bodies to gain more power and heal
  • Weapon Creation
  • Teleportation
  • Dark Magic
  • Shapeshifting
  • Enhancement
  • Dark Fire Creation
  • Environmental Manipulation
  • Reanimation
  • Telekinesis


Auditor has been shown to summon various weapons.


  • Machetes
  • Swords
  • Spears


  • Mini-gun
  • SMGs
  • LMGs
  • Rocket Launchers

Special Equipment

  • Jebus's Halo
    • This increased his powers
    • Should give him the same powers Jebus has
      • Shield Creation
      • Flight
      • Dissolving
        • Can dissolve others
    • Possible enhances Auditor's own reality warping


  • Can match people like Hank and Jebus
  • After absorbing enough bodies, he was able to overpower Hank and Sanford
    • Though, his cockiness got the better of him, which made him accidentally absorb Tricky
  • Took punches from MAG Hank
  • Dodged various gun fire from Hank and Sanford
  • Suffers no recoil from shooting a mini-gun
  • Can use a mini-gun as a sniper rifle


  • Not unkillable
  • Was killed by absorbing Tricky
    • This was temporary, as when Tricky later died, Auditor came out from the dead body
  • Some of his abilities either require him to have Jebus's Halo, or have only been seen used while Auditor had Jebus's Halo
  • Taking the Halo from Auditor is possible
    • Auditor could possibly just take it back via telekinesis
  • Not very good at hand-to-hand
  • Overuse of Jebus's Halo will slowly result in it rejecting him
    • He is forced to absorb dead bodies to heal and stop the halo rejecting him

Extra Info

  • Auditor has an improbability drive in him
    • This is the reason he is able to do things like warp reality
  • He has only ever been seen being harmed by attacks that are enhanced by lightning or simply just lightning
  • Not affected by food/drinks/sugar
  • His body count is 2nd lowest in the Madness Series, the Sheriff only being worse by having just 1 kill