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Asura the Destructor VS Superman
Season 2, Episode 10
Vital statistics
Air date May 15th, 2015
Written by AgentHoxton
Directed by AgentHoxton
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Asura VS Superman is a What-If? episode of Death Battle, and the twentieth episode of AgentHoxton's Death Battles. It features Asura from Capcom's Asura's Wrath and the return of Superman from DC Comics.


It all comes down to this! The chaotic vengeance-seeking Asura takes on the Man of Steel in what could be an apocalyptic Death Battle! Who will be left standing in this clash of the titans?


Wiz: Some say that the world functions under survival of the fittest.

Boomstick: I'd say it's more to do with survival of the strongest! At least, that's how the fictional world seems to act more often than not, and these two are ready to duke it out to prove who is the strongest!

Wiz: Asura, the demigod of Wrath...

Boomstick: And Superman, the Man of Steel!

Wiz: Much like when we last used Goku, we are going to be using the modern Superman in this match, since his retcon in 1986.

Boomstick: Trust me, Pre-Crisis Superman is ridiculous even for our standards. He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick!

Wiz: And it's our job to analyse their weapons, armour and skills to find out who would win... a Death Battle.


Wiz: According to Buddhism teachings, Asura is one of the lower ranks of the deities, or demigods, of the Kāmadhātu. They traditionally have three heads, three faces and four to six arms.

Boomstick: So you'd never guess that that name would be stuck onto one of the most powerful and most deadly of the Capcom line-up - meet this white-haired demigod of Wrath!

Wiz: Many remember this Asura for being hot tempered and filled with nothing more than anger and revenge. But, truth be told, he was - and at times, still is - actually a peaceful demigod on the inside. Many thousands of years ago, he was living out a peaceful life with his wife and their daughter, Mithra, whom Asura would vow to protect and stop her from being upset - even if it meant punching anyone who made her cry.

Boomstick: He was also training with his half-brother Yasha with his mentor, Augus, and battled against the corrupt Gohma on a regular basis. Life was swell for Asura. But since this is a betrayal story, it wasn't long before everything went south.

Wiz: The demigod Deus was planning the "Great Rebirth" project, of which Wyzen, Kalrow and Sergei tried to get Asura to be part of. However, Asura wasn't keen on joining and declined the offer. His daughter, Mithra, then became priestess, which angered Asura as he felt his daughter should not be involved in war and conflict.

Boomstick: But the real kick in the teeth came from the aftermath of the battle with Gohma and Vlitra. After the death of Emperor Strada, poor ol' Asura was framed for his murder, stripped of his godly powers and banished to the realm of Naraka - which is pretty much Hell!

Wiz: When Asura woke up 12,000 years later, he swore his revenge and began his journey to best and destroy the ones who betrayed him.

Boomstick: So Asura is basically Kratos in that he is just killing godly figures just out of his own twisted revenge or whatever?

Wiz: ...Not exactly. Asura is actually a fighter against people who do wrong in the world. Aside from those who upset his daughter, he also gets angry when others do wrong. In short, he fights for what he feels is right and what would benefit both himself and the world in the long run. Not to mention the Seven Deities are actually evil to him as opposed to being possessed with an outside force, unlike Zeus and the gods in God of War.

Boomstick: Daaaaang.

Wiz: Anyway, as a demigod, Asura has incredible strength, speed and durability, not to mention combat capability, preferring to rush into combat head-first without any prior method of planning for the most part.

Boomstick: My favourite kind of strategy! Despite usually preferring to beat the crap out of enemies with his bare hands, he does have alternatives to fight with! He can fire standard and homing barrages of energy blasts from his hands to catch foes from a distance, or use his Burst attack, which varies depending on the opponent and the situation! We can't really tell you what he COULD do because... well... it varies.

Wiz: With enough rage, he can enter his Unlimited Mode, where he gains more strength, speed and damage resistance, and cannot overheat while performing Heavy and Special Attacks. The only downside to this form is that it can only be maintained for a short amount of time.

Boomstick: With enough RAGE?

Wiz: Yes... which lead me to his next strong point - his own anger. See, Asura weaponises his own anger and uses it to fuel himself in battle. And with enough rage and power, he can transform into a variety of different forms.

Boomstick: And I thought the Hulk was powerful when angry...

Wiz: His most common form is his Vajra form, in which his arms are coated in a metallic substance that allows for better strength and combat capability. As this is most natural to Asura, he is rarely seen outside of this initial form.

Boomstick: Then, come enough anger, he grows four more arms from out of nowhere! This is his Six-Armed Vajra, where he can throw more punches and decimate Wii Sports Boxing records! This form was activated in the battle with that giant fat guy Wyzen in his Gorgen form, whom of which was larger than the planet of Gaia. Asura was able to resist his GIANT FINGER attempting to squish him like a spider, THEN punched his finger so many times and with enough force to completely destroy him... and that was only his first major battle following his awakening!

Wiz: Despite sounding impressive, this is not the full extent of Asura's potential. After bathing in a mass of Mantra - which is a sense of energy containing multiple affinities - he achieved his appropriately-named Mantra form. Here, Asura's rage is more focused than in the other forms and increases his arms' armour and size, allowing for Asura to hit with the force of a thousand arms.

Boomstick: That'd wake you up for sure!

Wiz: And after duelling with Yasha, Yasha provided Asura with a Mantra Reactor taken from the Karma Fortress. This device is lodged under his chest, allowing him to open it up ala Iron Man and soak up as much mantra as Asura can generate or absorb. As such, it increases his powers immensely and contains all Mantra Affinities.

Boomstick: Now, I'm sure fans of Asura are yelling that we're missing two painfully obvious things - his Berserker and Wrath forms. Buuuuuuuuuuut the Mantra Reactor no longer has Asura's anger be able to destroy his body and both gets disabled because of it. But to compensate for losing those two forms, when Asura soaks up enough of that Mantra into the reactor, he turns into none other than his largest-scale and most destructive form - appropriately called Asura the Destructor!

Wiz: This form was taken after soaking up a large mantra blast intended to destroy Gaia by the god Chakravartin. As such, Asura became much larger than Gaia in this state and is capable of facing the Mantra Weaver. He is more than capable of flying at speeds rivalling light-speed and being able to destroy planets and stars, most of which came from the numerous galaxies Chakravartin was generating just to lob their planets and stars at him.

Boomstick: Asura is truly a force of nature.

Wiz: Asura's drive to win and willingness to fight for what is right is stronger than even himself. He is capable of going toe-to-toe with the demigods making up the Seven Deities, hold his ground against foes many times bigger than he is, and destroyed an air fleet single handedly, among other impressive things.

Boomstick: Sadly, though, Asura being mighty doesn't exactly mean he's invincible. Aside from his obvious anger issue, sometimes when under enough pressure or use, his extra arms - or sometimes even his REAL arms - get destroyed for a little while, like in the ending part of his battle with his mentor, Augus, after he impaled him on his sword and STUCK HIM THROUGH THE FUCKING PLANET. Not to mention there's one pet hate Asura has - seeing his daughter cry.

Wiz: He says himself he doesn't know what to do when his daughter cries other than rough up the perpetrator responsible for doing so.

Boomstick: And anyone can apply! Like, he straight up fucked up the God of Creation and stuff, killing him and destroying all Mantra, which did include himself when all was said and done. All because Chakravartin made Mithra cry. Asura gets my vote for Father of the Year.

Wiz: Anyone who wishes to do wrong in Asura's presence best be sorry about what they did. Or else they must face Asura's wrath.

Asura: I understand it all now! The true reason for my wrath! I could not stand it! There is always some fool who wants to rule the world! Always forcing others to do what they cannot do for themselves! That's why I pray to no one! Nor will I be prayed to! But above all else I will never forgive you for making my daughter cry! This is your end!!


Wiz: As the child of a top scientist, the alien Kal-El was born on the Planet Krypton. Upon the imminent destruction of the planet, his father sent him in a capsule en route to Earth with the goal of preserving human life.

Boomstick: A backstory that pretty much everyone copied after that for a while. Trust me, we've seen it before.

Wiz: Upon arrival on Earth, Kal-El was founded by the Kent family, whom of which decide to take him up as Clark Kent. However, it wasn't long before the family, and later on, most of the world, began to discover Clark's hidden talents.

Mrs. Ross: My son was in the bus. He saw what Clark did.

Boomstick: At first, Clark found it difficult to accept his Kryptonian heritage, giving himself mental barriers to prevent himself in achieving his full potential. A goal he would work towards uncovering for all of his life. For the time being, however, in order to hide this alien lifestyle, he graduated from college and travelled to Metropolis, where he officially began to don the red and blue garb. Becoming Superman!

Wiz: Superman is a hero with your standard superpowers and then some. He has super speed, strength, flight and much more. But all of his energy and what-have-you comes from none other than the sun itself. Dependent on the sunlight he absorbs, yellow sunlight sustains Superman's powers, whereas blue sunlight doubles it and red sunlight does... nothing.

Boomstick: A solar powered superhero. Some concept, huh?

Wiz: Putting this strange concept aside, Superman is pretty gifted. He can hear things from millions of miles away, spot things moving faster than light, and see through any material... except lead.

Boomstick: I want that power so much... oh man, the evil things I'd do with that...

Wiz: ...He can hear through the vacuum of space... somehow... and is able to see at a subatomic level. But his most well known types of powers stem from trapping foes in ice or creating hurricanes with his own breath, and shooting lasers from his eyes in the form of his Heat Vision, capable of incinerating planets if he ups its power far enough.

Boomstick: You would win ALL the staring contests you'd want with that power.

Wiz: However, Heat Vision does drain Superman's energy faster than any of his other powers, more so if he decides to up its power.

Boomstick: Alternatively, he can concentrate the Heat Vision into a laser so accurate, it can reach microscopic levels!

Superman: Heat vision, focused through your pupils like a scalpel… instant lobotomy.

Manchester Black attempts to attack Superman, but he slaps and neutralizes him.

Wiz: He can also vibrate so fast he can phase through attacks, becoming invisible. And if he vibrates to just under light-speed, he can attain his ultimate attack - the Infinite Mass Punch - allowing Superman to hit with the force of a supernova, approximately 10 octillion megatons of force.

Boomstick: But that only comes for when he REALLY needs to pull out the stops. Which isn't often, considering the Man of Tomorrow has a super-brain that lets him fight strategically, even when travelling EIGHT times the speed of light!

Wiz: And he is capable of fighting opponents off through the use of pressure points, and his durability and stamina helped him fight off demons for 1,000 years alongside Wonder Woman and Thor in Valhalla.

Boomstick: Mmm... nothing like a thousand years of kicking ass to kill some time.

Wiz: The Man of Steel has been trained in two Kryptonian martial arts: Torquasm-Rao and Torquasm-Vo.

Boomstick: Orgasm-what?

Wiz: Torquasm-Rao is a tricky martial art that allows Superman to enter the theta state, a condition where one becomes extremely receptive to information and instinct, whereas Torquasm-Vo is a mental martial art that allows Superman to resist mind control, among other things.

Boomstick: But in order to do these things we've been talking about, Superman had to defeat his then-greatest enemy - himself and his mental barriers. And thanks to Mongol II, he was able to tear these barriers down and become the true Superman, being able of performing some ridiculous things, like moving the Earth around and surviving the fusion of Apokolips and New Genesis, and surviving Koldgast's 15 supernovas to the face. To name a few.

Wiz: However, don't mistake his incredible durability for invincibility. Enough damage or staying out of sunlight can drain Superman's solar power, which can be extensive while in the middle of battle. These combined was how the monster Doomsday was able to put the caped hero out of commission for a little while.

Boomstick: And no matter what, he will always be weak by the green rock we know as Kryptonite. Any prolonged exposure to the stuff will eventually kill him. Poor bastard. Then again I wouldn't be happy with life if I was allergic to a rock!

Wiz: But most importantly, he is always dependent on doing the right thing, even if it makes him miserable in the long run. See, Superman fights not to improve himself and his abilities, but to protect others. He spends more time defending the city of Metropolis and sometimes even the world than he does improving his abilities. Even the buildings are more valuable to him than his own life.

Boomstick: It doesn't help that Supes has to pull his punches massively in order to avoid accidentally decimating Earth. But when the taps are opened, the Man of Steel is no joke.

Wiz: Superman will do what it takes to save the world, no matter what risks lie ahead.

Superman punches Darkseid through a building and onto the street.

Superman: I feel like I live in a world made out of cardboard. Always taking constant care not to break something - to break someone. What we have here is a rare opportunity for me to cut loose and show you just how powerful I really am.



Today was an average day in Metropolis. A clear, sunny sky doused the city as typical traffic for the afternoon was bustling. However, something was in the sky. Something burning. And whatever it was, it was bound to crash into the city. Citizens looked up in the skies as the object became more apparent.

Citizen 1: Look! It's a bird!

Citizen 2: It's a plane!

Citizen 3: It's about to crash!

The citizens began to run in panic as the burning plane gets closer to Metropolis. Arriving on the scene, however, was a blue and red blur flying through the sky towards the burning plane. And the S logo on the front made it clear that Superman had arrived to save Metropolis once again.

Superman: Don't worry, folks! This looks like a job for Superman!

Superman gets underneath the plane and begins to divert it away from the city as the civilians run in panic still. The action then cuts to a Metropolis News Report about Superman's heroics.

News Reporter: Earlier today, Superman rescued Metropolis from certain disaster once again. The Man of Steel was able to prevent a burning plane from falling into the city...

The news reporter's words were getting less and less clear as the news report and the overview of Superman's actions were being watched through a strange portal-like device in a world much unlike Metropolis. Watching it was a golden spider and a warrior, with white hair and glowing white eyes, and a muscular build. This was the demigod of wrath, Asura. The golden spider motioned to Asura as he watched the Man of Tomorrow's heroics.

Golden Spider: This is a hero of another world, Asura. Known as Metropolis. His name is Clark Kent. But the people there refer to him as "The Man of Steel", "The Man of Tomorrow", or simply just "Superman".

Asura listened with intrigue.

Asura: Superman...

Golden Spider: The point is, he is not of this world. He is a foreign creature, who used to be named Kal-El. And he doesn't particularly seem to uphold traditions on the planet he now resides on. Look.

The Golden Spider glows purple and creates a new portal, showing Asura what looks like Regime Superman of Injustice: Gods Among Us, destroying Metropolis. Asura's face turned to that of shock.

Asura: What is this??

Golden Spider: Only a prediction of what is to come, Asura. He is using his superhero identity as a guise to hide his true motive - take over humanity and stamp out anyone who even remotely disagrees.

Asura clenched his fists in mild frustration.

Asura: I will teach him a lesson! A lesson that you cannot control the world!

Golden Spider: Glad to hear.

The Golden Spider glowed purple again as it weaved a Mantra Web around Asura. Asura watched it do so before it crawled off him and onto a nearby post.

Asura: I will use this to send you to Superman's location in his present timeline. You can end this before it begins.

The Golden Spider let off a final purple glow as the Mantra Web began to get brighter and brighter, with its light engulfing Asura. With a small bang, Asura had vanished, now en route to Metropolis.

Metropolis was once again sunny and bustling with the typical traffic, now able to recover from the earlier incident. On top of one of the buildings, a white glow was emerging before Asura arrived. Asura looked at his surroundings, of which were completely foreign to him. But that wasn't his focus - his focus was getting at Superman.

Asura: In a world like this... how am I going to get his attention?

Asura walked to the edge of the building and looked down at the citizens below. Perhaps he could intimidate them into calling for Superman's help? Asura stepped back and then leapt off the building, landing on the street with enough force to leave cracks. Everyone on the street looked at Asura in fear as he stood to his full height, gaining an angry face. The civilians then began to panic, calling for help.

Asura: Perfect. Now to wait for him.

Elsewhere in the city, Superman was stood atop the Daily Planet, observing the city from above. Suddenly, his super-hearing could make out multiple people calling for his help. Superman leapt off the Daily Planet immediately and began to fly towards the source. Asura was slowly chasing the citizens of Metropolis. Police officers were firing guns at them, only for Asura to block them with his chest. Even they were beginning to retreat. Suddenly, Superman arrived on the scene and confronted Asura.

Superman: Alright, stranger, what do you think you're doing?

Asura cracked his knuckles.

Asura: I've heard much about you, Superman. About your future intentions. And I am here to end you before your reign of terror begins!!

Asura activates his Vajra form, coating his arms in a metallic substance. Superman looks on, confused.

Superman: ...Reign of terror? That's now how I roll. I'm here to defend the city. I think you've got the wrong id--

All the while, a fake Circle Button prompt with the instruction "Shut Superman up" had appeared in the top left corner. It faded out getting bigger as Asura leapt towards him, intent on punching him into the ground. Superman, however, saw him coming and quickly raised his fists to defend himself, before pushing Asura away and returning the favour with a punch to knock him back. Superman flew after him as Asura tumbled down the road. When Asura gained his footing again, Superman flew back down onto the street in front of him.

Asura: I'll make sure you'll pay!

Superman: You're insane!

Asura and Superman now stand opposite each other on the street, assuming battle poses.


Asura and Superman circle each other, before Asura knocked Superman away with a powerful strike. Superman is sent hurtling down the street before coming to a stop, and is then forced to block a barrage of attacks from an angered Asura. Asura continues to batter the superhero before he gets behind him and kicks him away. Superman grunts as he gets to his feet, seeing that the demigod was leaping towards him at incredible speed. Superman flies towards Asura and lets out an almighty punch, sending a shockwave out and sending Asura through multiple buildings. Superman flew through Metropolis to catch up to him, whom of which had just crashed through the last building in the line. Superman follows up with a string of rapid punches.

Superman: You’re being reckless! Give up!

Superman kicks Asura to the street, which only causes Asura to get back to his feet immediately, still angry. Asura roars in anger as he chases after Superman, who lands and throws another punch at Asura. Asura flinches slightly, but retaliates by landing another punch on Superman, launching him into the sky. The demigod leaps after him and slams Superman with a Mantra blast, launching him into the LexCorp building. Superman slams against the wall, before being able to get off before Asura tries to attack him again. This time, Superman grabs Asura and flies to the top of the tower, before throwing Asura onto the roof. Asura stops for a moment to catch his breath as Superman lands on the roof.

Superman: So… you think you can just cause chaos?

Asura: Shut up, you blue bastard!!

Asura leaps at Superman again and punches him in the chest. Superman hardly moves and then kicks Asura back across the roof. He tumbles and stops just short of falling over the edge. Superman stands at his full height.

Superman: Trust me, I’ve dealt with plenty of people like you. Constantly angry… no listening to  reason at all.

Asura gets angrier and angrier as an aura of Mantra surrounds him.

Superman:  I’m ending this. Right now.

Asura yells out in anger as Superman flies at him and delivers a powerful punch. However, Superman notices that his punch had been blocked by four arms…

…Four arms indeed. For Asura had activated his first major transformation;  his Six-Armed Vajra. Superman looks at him in disbelief.

Superman: What??

Asura then peels away from the Man of Steel, using his six arms to punch Superman ruthlessly and slam him to the roof. Then Asura leapt up into the air, raising all six fists as he reached the peak of his jump.

Asura: Let’s see if you really are the  Man of Steel!

Asura then plummets towards the roof of LexCorp and smashes his fists down on top of Superman, sending him hurtling through the building. In a zoomed out shot, the LexCorp building completely collapses from the force. As the smoke and dust begins to settle, Superman looks up at Asura, who is still in the air.

Superman: Hmm… this might take some work.

Superman then felt a stabbing feeling, as he was brought to his knees. A few feet away, a small crystal of Kryptonite was nearby. Superman groaned as Asura, beginning to reach the ground, prepares to land. He then lands and smashes his fist into the ground upon landing, unknowingly shattering the Kryptonite crystal in the process. Asura looks to his opponent as Superman gets to his feet.

Superman: What…? Why did you help me?

Asura: I am not here to help you, Superman!!

And with these words, the two engaged in combat once more, flying around Metropolis and exchanging blows with no-one taking the clear edge. Eventually, Asura is able to kick Superman away, putting some distance between them. Asura then charges Mantra up in his fists and lets out a barrage of Mantra blasts. Superman uses his vision to spot them coming.

Superman: Ah ha…

Superman flies towards Asura, using his super speed to dodge the incoming Mantra blasts. Superman then grabs a parked car from the side of the street and smashes  it down on top of the demigod. Superman then flies back.

Superman: Perhaps you weren’t as strong as you looked.

Superman had spoken too soon, as an angry cry from Asura followed by Mantra and the car exploding quickly brought Asura back into battle.

Asura: I will show you my worth!

Asura then fires multiple Lock-On Mantra blasts at Superman, who uses his Heat Vision to destroy them. He flies past the demigod again, firing another blast of Heat Vision at Asura. He then rips out a street lamp and uses it like a golf club to knock Asura back through the city. Mid-flight, Asura notices that Superman had thrown the street lamp at him, and in a slow-motion shot, punches the street lamp away, knocking it into another building. Asura lands back on the street, and the two heroes charge at each other at high speed, clashing in a ball of smoke. Asura and Superman are in a struggle.

Superman: You should… give up!

Asura: I will only give up when you die!!

Eventually Superman is able to lift Asura off the floor, throwing him back across the road. Superman flies above him as Asura charges up more Mantra and unleashing it in one large blast towards th e Man of Tomorrow. Superman’s speed is able to avoid the attack. Superman then flies back down, stomping Asura into the street before picking him up and throwing him in the air. He then flies up and gives Asura yet another powerful punch – powerful enough to create another shockwave. This time, Asura is launched further away at a faster pace, now going far away from Metropolis. Superman flies off in pursuit.

The fight has now moved to a dusty mountain range. Superman, thanks to his super speed, is somehow able to get there before Asura had landed. Further back, Asura spots Superman in the plains.

Asura: Interesting… he got here before I did…

Cue DBZ Ultimate Tenkaichi - Power Evolution

Asura dives through the sky, intent on meeting the superhero head-on. Superman spots him coming and flies into the air, punching him back. Asura tumbles across the dirt before being able to land on his feet, skidding across the dirt before coming to a halt. The two heroes stared at each other, still assuming their battle poses. Asura clenches his fists before letting out a furious roar. Superman looks on, unimpressed.

Superman: You should calm down.

Asura: I will only calm down once you die, you bastard!!

With these words, the two heroes race to each other and meet with almighty punches, causing a massive explosion. The action cuts to Asura and Superman throwing multiple punches at each other in rapid succession, with neither side seeming to be succeeding. Asura then performs a Burst Attack on Superman, uppercutting him in the stomach and sending the Man of Tomorrow flying into the air. Asura then leaps up himself and grabs the hero by the cape as he falls, twirling around and throwing him across the floor. Asura lands as Superman gets to his feet and flies to land a hit on Asura. However, Asura unleashes his Unlimited Mode just before Superman could strike the hit, rendering his punch damage-less.

Asura: Too slow!

Superman notices that Asura’s arms are darker than before, and decides to retreat. He picks up a large boulder and tosses it at Asura, whom of which was charging towards him. He leapt to the large rock and and punched it, completely shattering it, before continuing to pursue Superman. He blasts Mantra blasts at him, causing Superman to dodge with his super speed. Superman launches himself at the demigod and launches a flurry of powerful punches, most of which don’t seem to phase Asura that much. Superman lets off a powerful punch to Asura’s face. Again, Asura doesn’t appear to be phased much. He grabs Superman before using three of his six arms to throw Superman into the air, before using four to punch the superhero into the distance, causing him to slam into a nearby mountain and shattering it completely. Superman emerges from the rubble virtually unscathed.

Superman: You sure are persistent.

Asura: And you are irritating!

Superman picks up a building-sized chunk of the shattered mountain and launches it at Asura, who leaps onto it and begins to run across it. Superman flies above the piece and fires his Heat Vision at Asura, who counters with multiple Mantra attacks while dodging. Once he reaches the end of the mountain chunk, he leaps up to meet Superman in the air, only for Superman to slam both of his fists down onto Asura’s head, launching him towards the ground. However, Asura is able to stop himself before he crashes into the ground, landing on his feet. Superman lands back on the ground similarly. Both stare each other down.

Asura: You just don’t get it!

Superman: You’re right, I don’t.

The two then let out a battle cry as they both charge at each other. They both clash with punches before Asura and Superman lock their hands together. Both begin to struggle before Asura covers himself in an aura of Mantra.

Asura: Raaaaaaaaargh!!

A combination of Asura using his Mantra and Superman’s flight launches them far into the sky. The next shot is of Asura and Superman leaving the Earth’s atmosphere and heading into space, before Asura punches Superman towards the moon. Asura uses his Mantra to pursue as the Man of Steel lands harshly onto the Moon’s surface. Asura quickly lands soon afterwards, and begins to channel more Mantra. He then lets out a roar as he transforms yet again. This time, however, his additional arms have disappeared, making way for Asura’s new bulkier, armoured arms. He had gone from his Six-Armed Vajra to his Mantra form. Superman looks on yet again.

Superman (thinking): Not another one…

Asura instantly charges at Superman, aiming for a punch. The punch connects, and Superman is launched across the moon’s surface, slamming into a crater. Asura pursues as Superman gets to his feet. Superman aims to get a punch in on Asura's head, and connects, similarly sending Asura tumbling across the moon's surface before slamming into another crater. Superman gives chase but is met by a Mantra blast from the demigod, knocking him back. Thinking quickly as Asura closes in, Superman unleashes a torrent of his ice breath onto Asura. Although it succeeds in slowing him down, it does not succeed in stopping him completely, and as such is still caught by a powerful punch to the face. Asura kicks Superman down to the ground before unleashing another Burst Attack. This time, Asura charges up immense Mantra before leaping up and charging his fists. He suddenly fires himself towards the caped superhero and punches Superman with the might of both fists at full force, pummeling Superman through the moon and completely obliterating it.

Back on Earth, the people of Metropolis were beginning to panic upon seeing the moon being destroyed before their own eyes. Cutting back to the fight, Superman comes to following Asura's attack, and picks up a chunk of the moon that was near him, throwing it at Asura. Asura grabs it and breaks it over his knee before throwing both of them at the Man of Steel. He quickly destroys them with blasts of Heat Vision before flying to Asura and punching him. Asura fires Lock-On Mantra Blasts at Asura, who blocks all of them with his arms. Asura is punched onto a larger piece of the now-destroyed moon by Superman, before using his super speed to get around him and grab a piece of the moon near its core, throwing it at Asura. Asura notices it coming and leaps over it, before jumping off of various fragments of the moon and running towards Superman, whom of which blasts more Heat Vision his way. Asura skids across the shattered surface, avoiding the rays of Heat Vision, before leaping at Superman and kicking him away with considerable force.

Superman, now becoming angrier that Asura was endangering Earth, grabbed Asura and fired a large beam of Heat Vision point-blank, of which lasted a few seconds. When he dissipated the beam, however, Asura was still alive in front of him, with only slight burns on his face more than anything else. Superman angrily decided to grab Asura again and fly back to Earth, with the intent on slamming Asura into the ground. They were now beginning to re-enter Earth’s atmosphere as an aura of flame began to engulf the two. Superman sped up and began to make for the ground, heading back to the same mountain region they were in before. Superman suddenly pulls down with a burst of speed and slams Asura through the ground, creating a massive impact. Superman drives Asura further and further down into the ground before kicking him with force, sending him even further down towards the Earth’s core. Superman flies out of the hole and back to the surface.

Superman: Well… that’s that taken care of.

He begins to fly away, but his super-hearing allows him to hear rumbling from behind him. He turns as the earth around him begins to rumble. In a matter of seconds, Asura emerged from the hole he and Superman had created. He wasn’t even fazed, from the looks of him – he was only more pissed off.

Asura: Not even close!!

Asura dashes at Superman yet again and uses one of his arms to punch Superman into the air. He then runs up a nearby mountain and leaps off at the peak in an attempt to catch Superman with another punch, but Superman flies away before the punch can connect, leaving Asura to fall back to the ground, skidding slightly until he stops. Superman then dashes behind Asura and grabs him, throwing him off into the distance before he flies off after him.

Asura tumbles across the ground before regaining his footing and sliding to a halt, just short of an abyss. Superman flies up to the scene and charges up a torrent of super breath, attempting to blow Asura off of the edge. Asura runs towards Superman, in an attempt to run against the breath’s speed, but Superman pushes harder, and soon Asura running to him was only slowing down the time it would take for him to go over. Asura decided to go into his Unlimited mode again, and pushes onward. This time, he’s able to overcome the breath, and manages to land a punch on Superman, ceasing the torrent from the super breath. Superman charges up at punch and lands it on Asura’s face. However, Asura’s only retaliation was a slight budging followed by another punch of his own, pushing Superman further away. He then charges towards Superman, ready to unleash another Burst attack. He unleashes five heavy punches on the Man of Steel before charging up a sixth, and slamming it into Superman’s chest. After a brief moment, Asura blasted Mantra out of his fist, blasting Superman away. Superman tumbled across the ground as Asura watched, exiting his Unlimited mode. Superman wearily gets to his feet.

Superman: He’s pushing me to my limits… I’ll have to lure him up there again.

Superman then flies up to reach space, attempting to gain solar energy from the sun. Asura watches before giving chase, running up to where Superman was.

Asura: I will not accept fleeing!

Asura uses his Mantra to blast himself upwards, pursuing Superman. In space, Superman has left the Earth’s atmosphere, soon followed by Asura, who begins to charge up more Mantra.

Asura: Feel… my… WRATH!!

Asura fires an immense blast of Mantra at Superman. Superman, whom of which had now gained a lot more energy now that he was in clear line of the sun, turned around and fired an extremely strong beam of Heat Vision from his eyes to counteract the Mantra. After a few seconds of a power struggle, the Heat Vision was able to dissipate the Mantra, the beam beginning to surge towards Asura. Asura put his bulky arms out to take the brunt of the Heat Vision. Superman makes the beam stronger and larger with each passing moment, determined to wipe the threat out. Asura, in his resistance, looks back at Earth before grimacing. Suddenly, he pushed himself away from the Heat Vision and let out a roar, his chest opening to reveal his Mantra Reactor. He allows himself to take the full force of the Mantra-infused Heat Vision head-on. Unknown to Superman, the beam was making Asura change once more, allowing him access to his ace in the hole. It was only when an extremely bright light shone out from Earth that Superman decided to cease the Heat Vision. He looks up to find… something monstrous in scale.

It was larger than Earth, pretty much blue in appearance, almost metallic-like. It had a halo behind it, of some kind, and it had six metallic-looking arms. It was Asura. Asura the Destructor. Asura looked down at Superman in his latest state, before looking back at Earth, then back to the superhero.

Asura: Now you see! THIS IS THE END FOR YOU!!

Asura the Destructor began to leave Earth behind and punch Superman away, knocking him ridiculously far away towards Mars. Superman decided to fire another large blast of Heat Vision at the now enlarged Asura and upped its power to its limit. However, as Asura approached closer and closer, it became apparent to the Man of Tomorrow that it didn’t seem to be doing anything else other than being an inconvenience, and decided to get out of the way when Asura attempted to punch him again. Asura, in a fit of rage, grabbed Mars with both of his hands, and lobbed the planet at Superman, who was forced to use his Heat Vision again to completely incinerate the red planet. Superman tries to reach the sun again, but Asura cuts him off, grabbing him and throwing him away, further off into the solar system.

Superman found himself near Jupiter, with Asura approaching rapidly. He used his speed to get out of the way as Asura let off yet another mighty punch, shattering Jupiter. Superman watched in horror and decided to fight back, flying to one of the moons and pushing it towards Asura with force. The moon hit Asura and shattered, yet it didn’t seem to faze him that much. The demigod grabbed Superman again and threw him further away towards Saturn. Superman dodged Asura again as the Destructor grabbed Saturn’s rings, pulling them out from around the planet and held them like a razor-sharp chakram. He swung the rings in an attempt to slice Superman in half, but misses his mark, slicing Saturn in half instead. Superman then vibrates his fist and punches the rings, breaking them and leaving them useless to the Destructor.

Asura throws the ring fragments away and grabs Superman, this time flying through space himself and finding Uranus, slamming Superman into it with incredible force. Part of the planet breaks away as Superman is just able to escape. He then flies away from the planet, once again attempting to attack Asura the Destructor yet again, this time firing the blast of powered-up Heat Vision into Asura’s face. Asura counters this by picking the partially-destroyed Uranus up and lobbing it at Superman. This time, Superman dodges it, leaving Uranus to slam into Neptune, shattering both planets.

Superman tries to fly away towards the sun in an attempt to gain more energy. He pushes himself faster and faster, flying up to eight times light speed, only to spot behind him that Asura was in hot pursuit.

Superman (thinking): He’s a monster!

Eventually, Asura catches Superman and throws him at Earth. Superman slams into the ground back in Metropolis, leaving a massive crater in the street and levelling some buildings as Asura looms over him from space. Asura raises his fist and lets out a colossal roar of pure aggression and anger as he punches Superman with considerable force, utterly destroying Earth outright. Superman emerges from the other side of the now-destroyed planet as he tries to catch himself and take a moment to understand what just happened. Asura, seeing Superman in a state of weakness, flew back a little before preparing an almighty punch.

Asura: Time to die, Superman!!

The punch connects head-on, launching Superman directly into the sun as Asura watches. The Destructor sees a massive splash on the sun’s surface and smiles faintly.

Asura: You will no longer deceive anyone. My mission is complete…

Asura turns away and prepares to leave, but he stops as he senses something powerful.

Asura: Odd… I threw him into the sun… yet I still sense his energy?

Asura turns back as he tries to put two and two together about the situation. All the while, Superman is inside the sun, supercharging himself with the solar energy. Eventually, after enough time, it clicks to Asura.

Asura: The sun… he must be using its energy to power himself up!

Just as he says this, he spots a now charged-up Superman emerge from the surface of the sun. He prepares for combat yet again and flies towards Superman, as Superman charges towards Asura the Destructor at incredible speed. Asura blasts enormous Mantra blasts at the superhero, who dodges every one. When he gets close enough to Asura, the demigod attempts another punch. This time, however, Superman counters with a punch of his own, equalling it out.  Asura looked on, not only in fear, but in admiration of Superman’s newly-found power. Superman then grabbed Asura’s finger and hurled him over his shoulder, tossing Asura into Venus and destroying the planet. Superman then flies rapidly to Mercury and punches it, launching it like a missile at the Destructor. Asura raises his arm to protect himself as the rapidly-flying planet smashes into him and breaks.

Asura: His power is immense now… this fight is becoming… interesting…

Asura attempts to blast Superman with Mantra again, but he speeds away before it hits. Superman flies right up to Asura’s face and flies by, punching Asura in the process. He then flies at Asura’s back and kicks him with force, hurtling him into the Sun. Superman follows as Asura finds himself inside the giant star. The heat was a little intense even for him, but that was not his focus. Superman flies inside the sun and punches Asura in the back of the head, knocking him further away still and pushing Asura far out of the other end of the sun. Asura turns back, enraged. He spots Superman fly outside of the sun before he flies back in. Asura charges himself up before flying towards him with all six fists, ready to end the fight once and for all.


Asura charges towards and into the sun with his fists charged with Mantra as Superman charges up the Infinite Mass Punch. Inside the centre of the sun, Asura’s six Mantra-fuelled fists and Superman’s Infinite Mass Punch collide. Rumbling begins to occur inside the sun, and in a zoom-out shot, the sun reaches critical mass and explodes. Asteroids, meteors and the fragments of the destroyed planets blast outward as the two heroes collided. Asura and Superman begin to struggle against the explosion before everything goes white.

Earth had been destroyed. All of the other seven planets in the solar system had been destroyed. Even the sun was destroyed. Of the solar system, there was nothing left. Superman was floating through space, seemingly out for the count. But he comes to, having got enough solar energy stored from the sun.

He began to look around. There was no sign of any of the eight planets, or even the sun. And Asura? He had seemingly vanished. He was about to fly away to goodness knows where when a voice behind him stops him.

???: What the Golden Spider said… was true…

Superman turns around to find Asura behind him. However, he wasn’t in Destructor Form, but barely in his Vajra form. He also looked pretty beaten despite having his arms and the rest of his body practically intact, and survived the combined forces of their strongest attacks and the explosion of the sun.

Asura: You really are a mighty superhero. Someone of whom I have not seen for a long time in my lifetime…

Asura charges his fists with Mantra once more as he activates his Six-Armed Vajra form.

Asura: But I will not give up until you are defeated!!

Superman glares angrily at Asura, since he was the reason the Earth was destroyed. He threw multiple rapid punches at the demigod, whom of which threw rapid punches of his own. After a few seconds of stalemating, Superman grabbed Asura by two of his six arms and began a power struggle, before ripping them off of Asura’s sides completely, despite Asura’s resistance attempts. He threw the two extra arms away as he fires Heat Vision directly into Asura’s eyes, temporarily blinding him. He uses the opportunity to rip three more arms off of Asura’s right-hand side, leaving Asura with only his real left-hand arm. Superman grabs Asura, looking for a place to throw him to, before spotting a large asteroid and throwing Asura at it, halting it.

Superman flies to Asura as he gets up and just avoids Superman stepping on him. He opens up his Mantra Reactor, preparing to charge more Mantra into it. Superman notices that it must be the reactor that is keeping him going before charging up one of his fists and punching Asura’s chest with all of his remaining might, completely destroying the Mantra Reactor – as well as the asteroid beneath them and part of Asura’s chest - and releasing the Mantra that was stored in there. Asura is still for a few moments before he motions to the Man of Steel.

Asura: Superman… I thought that you were a conqueror… someone who wished to destroy and rule the world… like a selfish god… but perhaps… perhaps I was wrong. But I suppose… it is too late to rebuild. Too late to restart this world…

Superman keeps listening.

Asura: Thank you… for giving me an incredible fight, beyond anything I’ve seen. My wrath… is finally… gone. Durga… I’ll be home… soon.

With these words, Asura’s eyes close and he dies, floating limp in the empty space. Superman watches him as he thinks about what Asura has said.


Superman then floats upward before flying off into the depths of space, leaving Asura’s body to float around endlessly.



Wiz: Indeed. It was a very close match, to the point of practically being equal. But in the end, Asura’s tenacity and rage-fuelled power could only be able to get him so far against Superman’s tactical and solar-powered approach.

Boomstick: Superman’s definitely got a lot of crazy-strong power, like the time he used super-hot static electricity to patch up a frickin’ hole in reality!

Wiz: The problem Asura had was that he did not know of Superman’s connection to the sun, and would not think to remove the sun from the equation or bring Superman to a red star. Even if he figured this out, he’d be running the risk of bringing Superman to another yellow star or even a blue star, which would actually increase Superman’s power.

Boomstick: Asura may be a frickin’ beast when it comes to power – and forms like the Destructor form definitely show it, making himself more than a match for the Man of Steel’s default power – but Superman has proven time and time again he can keep up with the best of the best under insane odds and through his own weaknesses, like the time he was thrown through a red sun while fighting an evil version of himself from Earth-2. And he still beat him!

Wiz: We could throw numbers, feats and equations around all day, but when it comes down to it, numbers alone cannot determine what Asura and Superman are capable of. They are both determined heroes who will do what it takes to do what is right. What separates them, and ultimately what decides the match, is the core of their character. Even as a demigod in Destructor form, Asura is not, nor has he ever been invincible. He has clear limits. And he pushes himself and his abilities past those limits and beyond in order to keep his daughter and the world safe. This is what Asura’s goals are about and what they involve. On the other hand, Superman’s is not a challenge to push his limits, but of someone trying to control their power and break past their insecurities. Once Superman accepted his alien side, he has since ended up at his full potential, which under the power of the sun, is essentially limitless. So what happens when you pit a godly figure with the power to destroy any limits against another who has no such clear limits? Well, only one of them has such limits to give the answer.

Boomstick: The Man of Steel finally put an end to Asura’s Wrath.

Wiz: The winner is Superman.


  • The research for this battle indicates that this is AgentHoxton's closest battle so far.
  • The Golden Spider glowing purple and doing things he wouldn't be able to actually do in Asura's Wrath is a reference to Dragon Ball Xenoverse.
  • The "Shut Superman Up" prompt is a nod to the boss fights in Asura's Wrath, where Asura can be prompted to do the same to the Seven Deities.
  • The episode idea was inspired by Goku vs. Superman, and thus holds some similarities.