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That, is why... I pray to no one! Nor will I be prayed to! And above all else... I will never forgive you... for making MY DAUGHTER CRY!
~ Asura

Asura is the main protagonist of Capcom's video game, Asura's Wrath.

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Battle Record

  • Wins: 5
  • Losses: 6
  • Draws: 0

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12,000 years prior to the beginning of the game, living a somewhat happy life with his wife Durga and his daughter Mithra, Asura was trained by Augus to aid in the war against the Gohma as one of Shinkoku's Eight Guardian Generals. However, Asura learned that his fellow generals, Deus, Sergei, Wyzen, and Kalrow plot to manipulate the human population's faith to the point of sacrificing themselves to provide them with enough Mantra to wipe out the Gohma. While Asura knew the Gohma must be destroyed, he saw Deus's plan to be as great a threat and refused to take part in it, especially as Mithra was made high priestess. In the aftermath of a battle against the Gohma and Vlitra, Asura was framed for the death of Emperor Strada with Deus becoming his the new emperor. His wife killed during his capture, Asura was stripped of his godhood and banished to the hellish realm of Naraka. After 12,000 years had passed, Asura is brought back to life by a mysterious golden spider and swore revenge against the deities that betrayed him and robbed him of his family.

Death Battle Info

  • Height: At least 2 m (6.5 ft)
  • Weight: Over 400 lbs
  • Other Titles: The Destructor
  • Age: 12,000+ years
  • Race: Demigod


  • Can jump into orbit
    • Can't fly
  • Top Running Speed: More than 100 mph
  • Highly-trained in Martial Arts
    • Possibly Kalaripayattu
    • Trained by Augus

Superhuman Strength

  • Grows in proportion to his rage
  • Defeated Gongen Wyzen in just his second state
    • Wyzen was the size of a planet in his Gongen form
  • Overpowered mountain-sized Gohma and demigods

Mantra of Wrath

  • Asura's power source
    • Fiery orange in color
    • Amplifies already-impressive strength
  • Energy blasts
    • Punch-based
    • One blast destroyed a battleship
    • Lock-on blasts stronger than standard blasts
  • Incredibly destructive


Vajra Asura

  • Gains two extra pairs of arms
  • Power increases substantially

Berserker Asura

  • Turns into a feral beast w/ 4 blazing mantra arms on back
  • Rivaled the Brahmastra in destructive power
  • Can burn out

Mantra Asura

  • Achieved by bathing in the mantra of Wrath
  • Combines several powerful arms into two bulky ones
  • Used to defeat Viltra and exterminate the Gohma

Asura the Destructor

  • Asura's ultimate form
  • Larger than the Earth itself
  • Punched a hole in a galaxy-sized idol
  • Capable of wiping out planets, stars, and more
  • Can attain much smaller (human) form with six "Mantra Asura" arms


  • Wiped out Vlitra almost single-handedly
  • Came back from the dead multiple times
  • Forced Augus to draw his sword
    • Only Deus previously did that
  • Annihilated entire armies and fleets of ships
  • Wiped out Chakravatin the creator
  • Reincarnated millions of years after "Asura's Wrath"
  • Fought Street Fighter's Ryu and Akuma. (Non-canon)
  • Punched away stars.
  • Held up Gongen Wyzen's finger and managed to destroy it.
  • Survived being impaled by Augus's sword (which pierced the planet).
  • In the fight with Oni, they destroyed the moon and caused a massive explosion.
  • He & Yasha both fought evenly with Deus.
  • He & Yasha both defeated the Viltra Core.
  • When he killed Charkavartin, he destroyed the mini dimension.
  • Shown that when he gets madder, his physical strength increases.
  • Killed a Gohma was the size of an mountain.
  • Able to survive being crushed and managed to beat Vajra Wyzen by punching him to space.
  • Defeated Gohma, Viltra Core, Yasha, Deus, Augus, Sergei & Charkavartin.


  • Not a strategist
    • Fights first, asks questions later
  • Little self-preservation policies
    • Shattered arms most common injury received
  • Mantra of Wrath can tear apart his body