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"Welcome to my parlor," said the spider to the Flymon.
~ Arukenimon

Arukenimon is a character from the anime television series, Digimon Adventure 02.

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Arukenimon is a Dark Animal Digimon created by Yukio Oikawa by digitizing his DNA into a Dokugumon data. Originally, Arukenimon was an observer of the activities of Ken Ichijouji during his Digimon Emperor episode to alter the barriers of the Digital World for her creator to enter. But his renouncement forces her to take matters in her hands, with Mummymon supporting her.

Death Battle Info

Arukenimon is an extremely cunning and intelligent Digimon, able to assume human form.

Human Form

In her human form, she is able to lower her opponents' guard before assuming her Digimon form and uses strands of her hair to turn Control Spires into artificial Digimon. The strength of the artificial Digimon depends on the number of Control Spires it is created from. Arukenimon also possesses a flute that allows her to control bug-type creatures so they fight for her.

Digimon Form

In her Digimon form, Arukenimon resembles a drider with a grin on her face.

  • Spider Thread: Shoots out razor-sharp wires sharp enough to chop up an opponent.
  • Acid Mist: Spews a greenish cloud from her mouth.


  • Created BlackWarGreymon, though she could not control him to his complex makeup giving him free will.


  • She has a extremely short temper and can hold a deep-seeded grudge.
  • Suffered a humiliating defeat against the DigiDestined when she first fights them: Getting bug sprayed in the face and then electrocuted.