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Arthur Rein is a hero celebrity in a series written by The Eldritch Snowcone.

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Background/Personal Stats

  • Age: 43
  • Height: 6'10
  • Status: Alive | Married
  • Background: As a boy, Arthur was obsessed with the tales of King Arthur and the Knights of the Roundtable. Arthur became an actor, but had a difficult time finding work. Eventually, he turned to the bottle, and became an alcoholic. This, ultimately cost him pretty much everything. However, everything changed when Arthur was approached by a strange woman. She offered him a second chance, and he took it. She gave him and item called the Excalibur Alter, which allowed him to transform into an armored state. Arthur took the Alter and quickly became the first major superhero. Shortly after obtaining the Alter, monsters began to appear and cause havoc around the world. Arthur used the Alter to defeat them, completely cementing himself as a superhero in the public eye.


  • When unaltered, Arthur can punch holes in ten inch thick steel walls
    • This would take 639 kilojoules
  • When altered, Arthur can easily create magnitude nine earthquakes
    • This would take 476 megatons of TNT
  • Arthur once lifted a skyscraper
    • The average skyscraper weighs 225000 metric tons
  • Arthur pulverized a 50 mile long and 80 mile wide meteor with one strike
    • This would require 672 Teratons of TNT


  • When unaltered, Arthur can easily travel, fight and react at Mach 3 (1028m/s)
  • When Altered, Arthur can travel at Light Speed (297792458m/s)
  • Arthur avoided a blast of light from half a yard away by jumping to the top of the empire state building
    • Arthur would have had to react at 969 times faster than light


  • While Unaltered, Arthur tanked being slammed into a wall by a car
  • While Altered, Arthur has taken hits from monsters and other Altered warriors who are just as strong as he is
  • Survived the meteor's explosion
  • Laughed off being stepped on by Wrathalos


  • Beat Alcoholism
    • Eight Years Sober
  • Killed Wrathalos, a massive dragon that can crush mountains under his feet
  • Destroyed A Meteor
  • Generated Earth Quakes
  • Became the number one super hero for a decade, before retiring at the age of forty-three
  • Killed dozens of deadly villains
  • Trained Seth Akaisuna to be his successor
  • Killed Agrovane
  • Caused a planet wide earthquake while battling Agrovane


  • His altered form has limited power, and too much damage will revert him to his base form
  • Has no weapons in his base form

FC/OC Stats

Tier: 9-B | At least7-A, High 6-B with Excalibur Overdrive

Mary Sue Score

Mary Sue Score: 17