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The high and mighty Colonel [Steve] Trevor! A dove in a nest of hawks! A man ruled by none but his own conscience. All that will soon change, Colonel! For tonight, I shall break your accursed will! Tonight, you shall do the bidding of Ares, God of War!
~ Ares - Wonder Woman Vol. 2 #2 (March, 1987)

My children are nothing more than squabbling vermin who would poison their father with treachery and venom. These little gods are contemptible, ungrateful fools. They are failures, and they are unworthy of the faith they have taken from you.
~ Ares - Wonder Woman Vol. 2 #167 (April, 2001)

I'd love it if you would sign it for me. Something like 'to my archenemy, may you burn forever in Hades.'
~ Ares to Wonder Woman - Wonder Woman Vol. 2 #199 (December, 2003)

Now let the natural state of mistrust and betrayal run through the soul of every man until I may walk across the Earth on the backs of five billion corpses!
~ Ares - Wonder Woman (March, 2009)

Behold the god of war!
~ Ares - Injustice: Gods Among Us (April, 2013)

I am who you made me, father. But my memory is as long as my nature is vindictive. I will repay you for what you did to me, father. You denied me my glory, yet turned me into a war-monger. And now I have pulled the strings of man, god and alien. I have created a war and brought olympus along willingly. And if Superman does not have the mettle to collect this debt for me, I know someone else who does!
~ Ares - Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Four #16 (August, 2015)

I'm not your enemy, Diana. I am the only one who truly knows you... and who truly knows them as you now do. They have always been and always will be weak, cruel, selfish, and capable of the greatest horrors.
~ Ares - Wonder Woman (May, 2017)

Ares is the Greek God of War from DC Comics.

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Ares is the son Zeus & Hera, who never felt content living amongst his fellow gods. He decided to create his own personal realm called the Areopagus, prompting Aphrodite to come into conflict against him. In modern times, Ares would gain a more prominent enemy in the form of Wonder Woman, becoming one of her most formidable foes.

Death Battle Info

  • Aliases: Mars (Pre-Crisis only)
  • Gender: Male
  • Affiliations: Gods of Olympus
  • Occupation: God of war & conflict
  • Height: 6'10" (Variable)
  • Weight: 359 lbs (163 kg) (Variable)

Powers & Abilities

Ares is an immortal god with superhuman strength, teleportation, and disguise, along with an indestructible armor, and a mastery of sword fighting. As his mere presence invokes hate and fear in his surroundings, Ares can manipulate humans on a strategic scale by encouraging them to act on their base desires. He also has indestructible armor, and a mastery of sword fighting. Ares can also become stronger from violent emotions.


  • As a war god, Ares indirectly killed millions through the wars he caused.
  • Manipulated the events that caused World War I, Ares posed as an advocate member of the British War Council while using the German General Ludendorff to create an extremely deadly gas that he intended for human omnicide. (DC Extended Universe)


  • Overconfidence and arrogance.
  • Can be weakened by non-violent emotions like love and compassion.