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Arceus vs. Chakravartin
Season 4, Episode 12
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Air date December 4th, 2015
Written by Ahomeschoolingroudon
Directed by Ahomeschoolingroudon
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Arceus vs. Chakravartin is a What-If? episode of Death Battle.


Pokémon vs Asura's Wrath! It's a battle between two hinduism-based gods of their universes clash. Hold onto your seat.


Wiz: While most Hindu Gods aren't referred to as the 'Supreme Gods' per se, these two however, due to them creating their universes. They might as well be the Supreme God

Boomstick: Arceus, the creator of the Pokémon universe

Wiz: And Chakravartin, the Spinner of the Mantra

Boomstick: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick.

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor and skills to find out who would win, a Death Battle!


Wiz: The Pokémon universe has a plethora of powerful titans, whether it’s the Temporal Pokémon Dialga, or the Renegade Pokémon Giratina. But they all have something in common, they were all created by the god of the Pokémon universe, Arceus.

Boomstick: And as the mythology puts it, not even kidding here I swear, he shaped and put together the universe with his 1,000 hands. Think about that for a moment.

Wiz: Standing on 10’6” and weighing in at 705.5 lbs, Arceus is the strongest Pokémon known-

Boomstick: Except, you know, Mega Mewtwo, Primal Groudon, Primal Kyogre and the overpowered as fuck Mega Rayquaza- Wiz: Okay seriously, without the gameplay stats Arceus is the strongest Pokémon. 

Boomstick: Damn, well who cares about that. Because I have the match breaking Mega Rayquaza at my disposal!

Wiz: Ugh, Arceus has abilities the likes of Reality Warping and Telepathy, but what makes Pokémon stand out is there moveset. And Arceus has quite the move pool of his own

Boomstick: Even while ignoring his huge as hell amount of techniques with TMs, he still has Cosmic Power, which Arceus absorbs mystical powers from space to raise his defenses. 

Wiz: And there is the move Punishment, which does more damage the more the foe has raised it’s stats. Albeit in a battle like this, this move is as good as useless. And with Seismic Toss, Arceus throws the target using the power of gravity. No, really

Boomstick: And Gravity causes all airborne foes get drawn back down to the ground, negating levitation. Which allows for the foe to be wide open for this next attack, Earth Power! Which causes the ground underneath the foe to get screwed up due to the power of the user

Wiz: And with Hyper Voice, Arceus lets out a horribly echoing shout so painful, it ends up damaging the foe and it’s eardrums.

Boomstick: Basically Generation I and Generation II’s Screech which is actually harmful to Pokémon this time.

Wiz: And for speed purposes, Arceus charges directly at the foe going at blinding speeds by using the move, Extreme Speeds. What else did you expect. But when using this attack Arceus will always strike first in battle

Boomstick: And if Arceus were to get inflicted with any status effects, Refresh will be able to fix that. As well as Recover

Wiz: Then there’s Arceus’ most useful techniques, such as Future Sight, where nothing happens, except that Arceus is heightening his inner power. After two turns, a hunk of psychic energy gets launched at the target.

Boomstick: Hyper Beam is where Arceus launches a powerful beam-pfft, innuendos are everywhere nowadays. Anyway, this overpowered Generation I move however does need to be recharged after it’s fired. Which is, again an innuendo. This attack should’ve been given to Luvdisc or Combusken-

Wiz: Boomstick, we get it by now. Perish Song causes those to hear it, even the user to faint within three turns once it hears the song played unless they switch out, and then lastly there’s Arceus’ signature move. Judgement, which is countless shots of light used to kill evil beings.

Boomstick: Also, this is in combination with Multitype, Arceus’ ability. Where whatever plate Arceus is in possession of at that time, Judgement will become that type. So say Arceus has a Fighting-Type Plate, Arceus will use a Fighting-Type Judgement move. For fuck sakes Wiz, this is your thing.

Wiz: Once all of the plates are in Arceus’ possession, he’s able to negate attacks, making him nearly impossible to kill. However, without all of the plates he’s still vulnerable to the type’s weaknesses

Boomstick: But even without all of the plates, Arceus has fought against the likes of Palkia, Dialga and Giratina so. I think it works out.

Wiz: But even while there isn’t much to be said about Arceus, it’s best not to talk down to the creator of the Pokémon universe.


Wiz: The Mantra, cosmic energies that were produced by emotions made from either souls of the mortals or from prayer. Within this, there is the nicknamed “Spinner of Mantra”, who is the creator of such energy.

Boomstick: Luckily the Spinner of Mantra didn’t just create the Mantra, but created the universe! Or at least in theory the most powerful being in the Universe, along with the occupation of being ruler of the world Naraka 

Wiz: Taking the form as a Golden Spider, Asura would be questioned by Chakravartin about what he was trying to achieve, and what his motives were. Seems harmless right? Except, no, not at all.

Boomstick: Olga, one of the Seven Deities was about to kill off the daughter of Asura, Mithra, until that Golden Spider ended up showing his face, before killing Olga on his own and, literally taking over Mithra’s body with a cocoon of Mantra, that’s, disturbing

Wiz: Using Mithra like his own personal puppet, the Golden Spider ended up taking over her body before making itself appear like the God of Mantra, Chakravartin, because he was Chakravartin.

Boomstick: As the source of the Mantra, Chakravartin has immense strength and durability. Able to be physically capable of performing impressive feats without much effort, and with his Mantra golden in appearance to boot.

Wiz: As having possessed Mithra, he’s been capable of withstanding attacks from Asura, and manifest his Mantra into Energy Beams, Large Energy Orbs, and Energy Barriers. Latter of which for purposes if his insane as hell invulnerability is not enough

Boomstick: But when that isn’t enough, Chakravartin can access his other forms in combat, strap in for this one because it will be quite long.

Wiz: Once sending the Brahmastra crashing down onto Gaea, Chakravartin was able to create a colossal golden statue of himself, known as Golden Chakravartin. This form is always in the lotus meditation position.

Boomstick: But who gives a shit about that, because this thing is colossal in size! And is capable of destroying entire fucking planets! Multiple of them in fact, all because they were in his casual blast’s way. Not to mention it launches damn stars and planets as projectiles!

Wiz: And if necessary, Chakravartin can take foes to his personal pocket dimension known as the Event Horizon. Where he can freely manipulate the reality of said dimension, and create extremely powerful illusions. Even Destructor Asura has difficulty against him

Boomstick: But even if that is not enough planetary destruction to satisfy, there is  Chakravartin’s last form. Creator Chakravartin.

Wiz: In this form, Chakravartin is slightly taller than Asura, and is thinner. But much more sinister in appearance, and as you would expect is his strongest form of all. Even going so far as to destroy all of Asura’s arms with a single finger.

Boomstick: As the Creator, Chakravartin’s Mantra changes color from Golden to Dark Grey, and can manipulate this at his will. Turning it to giant throwing knives, energy waves, and colossal energy balls among other attacks at his disposal.

Wiz: Hell, along with this he can stop time, in order to make direct attacks. And Chakravartin’s movements are like those from an ice skater, and is much more capable of hand-to-hand combat than his other forms. Being able to stand against Asura, until he ended up succumbing to the demigod.

Boomstick: But even so, Chakravartin is still able to constrict Olga of the Seven Deities to death without much effort, and is able to draw the Milky-Way Galaxy into his center.

Wiz: But while Chakravartin is extremely tough, he is also rather arrogant. But even so, he is a god, so it is rather understandable. And even if he dies, the Mantra and all Mantra related creation goes out with him. Which even includes the demigod race, so, even when he lost against Asura it might as well have been a stalemate.

Chakravartin: You have done well to come this far. Who am I? I am the true God, the embodiment of the wheel of life, the spinner of all Mantra. I hold everything in the palm of my hand. I bestowed the power of Mantra on you, and I unleashed the Gohma upon the world to test you. And you have proved yourself worthy by overcoming these trials. That is why you are here. You may go now, back to the wheel of life. You have exceeded my expectations and are worthy of my praise. Hmm? You wish to remain in this world? You are no longer needed here. But, if you insist.


Hall of Origin

Near Sundown

There were not any trainers to be seen within the Hall of Origin, nor were there any normal Pokémon traveling through it either. It all just seemed way too bleak, empty, there had to have been at least a soul somewhere within it’s walls, right? Indeed there was, as a Legendary Pokémon with a body shaped to that of a Qilin appeared within the Hall, this was not just any Pokémon, this was the first, and the creator of the Universe in it’s first dimension, Arceus.

It seemed as if Arceus was at peace, Sinnoh itself was at peace. There were no Renegade Pokémon reeking havoc and generally being aggressive, there were no other destructive Pokémon destroying Sinnoh from all sides, or hell even the universe itself they were in. It seemed as if Arceus, the trainers, the wild Pokémon, and the Pokémon universe as a whole was at peace.

Keyword, was.

A golden glowing portal gigantic in scale opened up in the outer regions of space, as a humongous figure began levitating out of the portal, as the figure’s shadow began to cover the entire Earth in darkness, let alone the region of Sinnoh. Everybody along with Arceus looked up in horror to see what was making the shadow, it was a god figure just like Arceus, the Spinner of Mantra Chakravartin.

“Just like before, I shall bring an end to this world and bring in a new rebuilt world, just as I have always done” Chakravartin said to himself, as he began to descend towards Earth at an extraordinarily fast rate, which caused the Alpha Pokémon itself to take action, as it blazed through the Hall of Origin, and up to the outer regions of space itself, where the portal was.

Outer Space

“So you must be the god of this world, a defender, everything is just as I intended it to be.” Chakravartin said, as he put all of his arms in a fighting position, as Arceus glared at him with fury, Arceus wanted this world to stay at peace, at least for the remainder of the day. But Arceus knew that a simple glare was completely unable to do the trick against another fellow god.


Arceus let out his intimidating Pokémon cry out at Chakravartin, before it got himself ready to combat this new foe, even if he did not get himself into battle most of the time he was just as determined as Chakravartin was. This would prove to be a destructive battle of Creation and Destruction.


Chakravartin’s eyes began to glow golden, as he was about to make the first strike of the battle with his golden Mantra. But before he could even launch a single strike, Arceus blazed towards him as if he was a blur, not even Chakravartin could track him as he sped closer and closer towards him.

Arceus rammed directly into Chakravartin with Extreme Speed, causing him to slide back slightly, but instead of flinching or even moving away from Arceus, he heaved his staff up in the air before bashing it down beneath Arceus, causing a shockwave to launch him back further away from himself, “I may have overestimated you, I hope you do not disappoint me any further.” Chakravartin retorted, as he fired a golden mantra laser at Arceus.

Arceus stumbled back, getting himself a few meters away from the Mantra’s very creator, Chakravartin then created a wave of golden Mantra which unharmed Arceus but sent him flying backwards. Arceus seemed to have underestimated the Mantra God this time around, as it tried to maintain itself as he knew that his current state was not gonna be enough against Chakravartin.

Chakravartin looked around to see that mystical energy getting out from space and heading right towards Arceus, he soon realized that this was not one of his own attacks and tried to counter this, but once the mystical energies surrounded Arceus, it boosted his defensive capabilities even further than they already were with Cosmic Power.

Chakravartin scoffed at Arceus needing to use the mystical energies to what he thought trying to stand a chance against him, “Very well, show yourself mortal.” he boasted, as he fired a small golden Mantra energy ball at him, which Arceus managed to walk through unharmed. As a giant line of golden Mantra formed in front of Arceus, before it began to travel towards him from underneath the Legendary Pokémon.

Arceus stumbled forward but managed to keep itself up, as Chakravartin launched one more attack, which was a golden Mantra orb that was rather large in scale. Chakravartin sent this orb towards Arceus quickly, as it made contact and caused an aura of golden Mantra to engulf Arceus, causing him to fall over to the ground. Chakravartin shook his head at the Pokémon in disgust, but just seconds afterward Arceus got himself right back up without hesitation, as Chakravartin watched in satisfaction as he could continue the trials.

This literal battle of gods for Arceus had only just begun.


Chakravartin in response to this began to fire one golden Mantra beam, after another, after another, firing three total directly at Arceus. All of them ended up missing Chakravartin, as he began to perform another attack. “This world will come to an end!” Chakravartin boasted, as he fired a spread of tiny golden Mantra energy balls, which homed in on Arceus.

But in the end, Chakravartin began to feel what seemed to be the hands of the universe tugging at him, pulling him down it seemed. But this was not exactly that, it was Arceus himself, using the gravity itself to pull him down, using Seismic Toss.


To the residents of Sinnoh, it seemed as if a glowing meteor was heading directly for the region, as they began to panic without second thoughts on the matter and began to flee away from the trajectory the supposed ‘Meteor’ was heading towards, as the Meteor was covered in golden light to them.

But this was not golden light at all, it was Chakravartin who was the meteor, and the light was his golden Mantra surrounding him. He ended up heading towards the Sinnoh region faster, and faster until he ended up getting too close..


A gigantic crater formed where Chakravartin made impact with Sinnoh, as Chakravartin dusted off the dirt that surrounded him with his multiple arms, before walking out of the crater and trying to see if his eyes could tell where Arceus was. Nothing. Not even a trace of his foe, and as such Chakravartin assumed that he had given up. And he was ready for the end of the trial, and the sentencing.

But needless to say it was not gonna be over that quickly, as Arceus began to descend from the vacuum of space, and down towards Earth, more specifically the Sinnoh region. This was what Arceus was dreading the most about this situation, if Chakravartin had to reek havoc, why here? Arceus did not however have time to ponder this, as Chakravartin began launching more golden Mantra energy orbs at the Legendary Pokémon.

Arceus managed to withstand the golden Mantra energy orb onslaught, before making contact with Chakravartin with another one of his attacks, this time it was Punishment. But Arceus was in shock to see that it did next to nothing to Chakravartin, as he scoffed to this attack. “Weak, very, weak.” Chakravartin boasted, before making a swing at Arceus with the blunt end of the staff he was wielding.

Arceus tipped himself away from the swing of the tip of the staff, as it made contact with the ground they were standing on, causing it to crash straight through it and form another crater into the ground. However this one was nowhere near as large as the one Chakravartin created earlier, so Arceus was not as phased as you would expect from that sort of attack.

Arceus then decided to make sure that Chakravartin would not flee from him, at least up into the skies, and as such he began forcing him stationary to the ground and ground only with the move, Gravity. Chakravartin did not care about this however, as long as he could maintain victorious.

Arceus then began to step forward towards Chakravartin, who began to fire more golden Mantra energy blasts, which began to home in at Arceus like the golden Mantra energy balls fired beforehand, but Arceus managed to get himself away from the Mantra blasts, allowing him to whiz past the attack in order to avoid it.

Chakravartin still did not understand that Arceus was still tougher than this, and decided to shrug off Arceus’ speed before noticing that Arceus began to move towards him. Chakravartin used his multiple amount of arms to bash Arceus directly in the head, causing the Legendary Pokémon to stumble backwards.

Arceus had little time to react to see that the close quarters combat strikes were not gonna be all for Chakravartin’s attack, as a large halo of golden Mantra appeared on the ground, and before Arceus could step out of it or even move in the slightest before golden Mantra erupted as if it were the Mantra version of a Volcano, Arceus ended up getting carried upwards by the attack before getting flung back against one of the trees in the Sinnoh region.

Both irritated and exhausted by what Chakravartin was consistently putting him through, Arceus decided it was time to have enough. Chakravartin began to fling around a large barrage of golden Mantra energy orbs, as they began to travel towards Arceus quickly and without hesitation. But while they began to travel towards the Legendary Pokémon, Arceus had his own surprise in store, as Chakravartin noticed the ground violently shaking while he was standing on it, as it began to quickly erupt. Yet another one of Arceus’ attacks.

Earth Power.

Chakravartin dropped down to his knees due to this attack, something that he was attempting to refuse to do, but Arceus thought that this would make for an advantage on his end, and began to slowly walk towards the Spinner of the Mantra, as he tried to stumble to his feet.

Chakravartin in anger as he stared at Arceus, began to fire another barrage of golden Mantra orbs, trying to surprise attack Arceus. Arceus at this point however knew Chakravartin’s attacks, or at least most of them as he continued to close in on the now angry god.

Chakravartin scowled at the creator of the Pokémon universe, as he began to drop strategy and repeatedly punch him with his multiple arms. Arceus managed to keep his cool along with his balance during this, before deciding to give one of his previous attacks another shot, as he flung Chakravartin directly down to the ground face first with nothing but the force of gravity, as he used Seismic Toss for the second time.

It seemed as if Chakravartin had actually been beaten this time around, as he struggled to remain back on his feet. Until Arceus quickly realized something, his Gravity move had ran out by now. As such Chakravartin quickly fled off right out of the Sinnoh region.

Outer Space

Arceus chased after Chakravartin into the depths of space, but he could not catch up with him. And as he progressed further and further away from the Sinnoh region, and deeper within space. He noticed something, something he wish he had not ended up seeing. “I shall erase your very existence!” A voice boomed out from space, as Chakravartin was now more than planetary in size, and was completely golden, and remaining in lotus position.

Golden Chakravartin had now joined the clash.


Arceus continued forward deep within the depths of space towards the now Golden Chakravartin, trying to combat this new threat as he continued floating off in the depths of space, with a rainbow-like colored aura surrounding him. Arceus decided to play it safe, as he began restoring his cells with Recover before pressing forward.

Chakravartin grinned at this, as he knew that Arceus was having a difficult time against him. As he put one of his hands in what confused Arceus, sign language’s ‘Okay’ sign, but golden Mantra began appearing from it, before Chakravartin launched a colossal energy beam from the symbol.

Arceus watched in distraught, as the colossal golden Mantra energy blast enveloped the two planets in front of Earth, Mercury and Venus, and just seconds after they were enveloped the two planets closest to the sun were vaporized to nothing but specks of dust, and Arceus quickly realized something he wish was not happening.

The golden Mantra energy blast was heading right towards Earth.

Arceus tried to repel the blast, but he had no idea how to do so without it being suicide, and had no other choice but to let the blast engulf Earth. The home world of most living beings began to get surrounded with golden Mantra, but it did not vaporize right away, but instead it went out with a..


Just like that, Earth was no more, and now Arceus was getting furious at Chakravartin, who just had a disgusting grin on his face. Arceus without strategy blazed towards Chakravartin, before Chakravartin ended up taking one of the planets in the Solar System directly out of orbit. It was the last Inner Planet in the Solar System that remained, Mars.

Chakravartin then ended up pulling the planet right up to him, before flinging it towards Arceus as if it were to be a measly baseball, Arceus ended up launching himself out of the way, before Chakravartin took hold of another what seemed to be a projectile, but this was no projectile to just about everybody else.

This so called ‘projectile’ was the Sun, and again it forced Arceus to be extra cautious. But instead the Sun was nothing more than a projectile for Chakravartin, as he ended up creating a gigantic portal to what seemed to be an entirely different dimension right in front of Arceus, the Legendary Pokémon could not fight against it as it sucked Arceus right into the new dimension

Event Horizon

Arceus was confused at this new dimension, as Chakravartin appeared right in front of him. And as such the two gods continued forward with their clash, as Arceus began unexpectedly screeching on the top of the Alpha Pokémon’s lungs, which was so loud and so irritating that it began to cause pain to Chakravartin.

Chakravartin gritted his teeth as he tried to cover where his ears would be with two of his many different hands, but even covering his ears proved to be next to useless against this strange attack. As Chakravartin felt that his head was beginning to crack open, as Chakravartin began to twitch violently, due to the effects of Arceus’ new attack Hyper Voice.

However Arceus realized something, the entirety of Chakravartin then began to show cracks all around him, and suspiciously cracks around the vicinity of the Event Horizon, nearby where Chakravartin is. Eventually Chakravartin ended up shattering into pieces, but the pieces seemed two dimensional rather than one dimensional, and that was when Arceus realized.

This was not the real Chakravartin, more just a mere illusion.

The real Chakravartin ended up appearing right before Arceus’ eyes, and he still had that same grin as before, and thanks to the illusion he was unharmed by Arceus’ Hyper Voice.

Chakravartin then ended up trying to warp the reality all throughout the Event Horizon to try and gain an advantage against Arceus, but in front of Arceus’ face was a charging blast just waiting to get launched.

Without hesitation, Arceus fired a gigantic blast at Chakravartin’s face, the gigantic blast in question was none other than Generation I’s personal sin of a move, Hyper Beam. Chakravartin was struck by the Hyper Beam, and for real this time cracks began to show on his head, as Chakravartin struggled to maintain himself, all it did was delay the inevitable as the Event Horizon began to dissipate.

Outer Space

Both Arceus and Chakravartin were now back in the outer regions of Space, as Chakravartin was now out of his Golden form and back to his base Golden Spider form, which angered the Spinner of the Mantra, as he swung his staff down in anger and erupted golden Mantra all around him.

“You are a fool!” Chakravartin boasted, before surrounding the region within space they were in with a dark grey scenery, as a new form of Chakravartin began lightly descending downward, with this one shorter, but much more sinister in appearance, and getting surrounded with Mantra turning from golden to dark grey.

Creator Chakravartin was now taking part in the fight.


“The reckoning has come, you shall not defy me!” Creator Chakravarin boasted, as he began skating towards Arceus before impaling the Alpha Pokémon in the chest with his two arms while Arceus was recharging from Hyper Beam. Arceus cried out in agony, before Chakravartin punted Arceus up in the air.

Chakravartin then leapt up into the air as well, before he began to rapidly spin as he descended downward towards Arceus, before he impacted the Legendary Pokémon, as dark grey Mantra surged once he struck. Arceus crashed directly down to the ground of the new unknown scenery, before Chakravartin kicked Arceus right in the groin, before erupting dark grey Mantra all around both himself and the Legendary Pokémon.

“You are not worthy!” Chakravartin boasted, as he began launching waves of dark grey Mantra at Arceus, but the Alpha Pokémon managed to recharge just in time to avoid the attack. But Chakravartin ended up grabbing Arceus by the leg, and tossing him down deep into the ground, as Chakravartin gracefully moved away from him. Arceus tried to pull himself back out of the small pit created by Chakravartin.

But, just like that Arceus could not move, react, or even do anything at all in that moment, Chakravartin had ended up freezing time. Chakravartin then sped towards Arceus before unleashing a point blank wave of dark grey Mantra right at his face, Chakravartin then began to laugh as time unfroze after Arceus impacted the wave of dark grey Mantra, and fell over.

“It is time to end, the suffering of this world that has been seen!” Chakravartin exclaimed, as oversized dark grey Mantra knives appeared all around the Creator, as he closed his eyes as he expected blood to shed before firing them all at Arceus.

A few seconds passed, as Chakravartin ended up opening his eyes to expect Arceus laying limp on the ground lifeless with blood splattered all around the area created by himself, but Chakravartin flinched at what he saw. And shook his head at first expecting it to be an illusion, but this was no illusion.



Extremely bright lights of differing colors surrounded Chakravartin’s point of view, as he tried to look on to see what was causing this. What he saw was beyond what he expected, it was none other than Arceus standing up and seemingly unaffected by the oversized dark grey Mantra knife ambush.

“What!?” Chakravartin cried out, as he tried to make sense of the situation, before a multitude of Pokémon plates with each one representing all of the types began to orbit around Arceus, before they were all in Arceus’ possession, making Arceus complete, and ready for battle.

“Impossible..!” Chakravartin declared, before he found himself struck with a sudden strike, with a hunk of psychic energy impacting the Creator, sending him flying backwards. It turned out that Arceus had used Future Sight whilst Chakravartin was gaining the advantages.

Chakravartin then began to get himself back to his feet, shaking off the pain he was feeling due to Future Sight, and he saw Arceus just standing there, glaring at him. Chakravartin shouted in rage, before he put his hand in the air and began creating one more attack. A colossal in size dark grey Mantra orb formed in Chakravartin’s hand, before he tossed it at Arceus.

But Arceus knew better than to take this, and he began to negate the damage that the colossal dark grey Mantra orb would end up doing before it impacted the Alpha Pokémon. Chakravartin was completely shocked and furious to see that Arceus did not even do so much as flinch to this attack, as Chakravartin stomped his foot down.

“How can he, be so, powerful!?” Chakravartin furiously asked, before he began skating towards Arceus before lifting him up in the air by the leg, and tossing him down to the ground. Just seconds afterwards, Arceus casually got back up to his feet. Which he was ready to finish off the fight, as he thought this was dragging on by now.

“JUDGEMENT!!” Arceus boomed, with his voice echoing in the arena they were in, before an abundance of light was formed and fired directly towards Chakravartin. “I, am, the only god!!” Chakravartin called out, before he was struck by Judgement, and due to him being the cause of all of the terrible events in the universe, it caused humongous pain for the Creator, before it ended up vaporizing him in a burst of dark grey Mantra, with nothing left but smoke


The dark grey surroundings they were in began to dissipate along with Chakravartin, the Creator. As Arceus just looked on with great distress that Chakravartin caused the amount of destruction he did, and along with this the demigods getting erased along with Chakravartin, as well as the Mantra.

Arceus just shook his head before he went off to go back to the Hall of Origin, as he continued to puzzle how to bring back all that was lost in the spectacle battle of God VS God.


Boomstick: Well, that’s one way to go with a God VS God match up!

Wiz: Both Arceus and Chakravartin were insanely powerful, making this less of a battle of strength and more of a battle of experience as well as who could destroy the other, in which Arceus takes both categories.

Boomstick: Sure, Chakravartin fought Asura, who literally has no limit to his strength, but he also died against Asura. Arceus, however, has taken on foes like Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina and proved to be victorious.

Wiz: And on top of this, Arceus was capable of negating attacks with the help of his plates once they were all assembled making it so that Chakravartin just couldn’t kill him off in the end, and while Chakravartin is mostly invulnerable, he is not invincible. He is still susceptible to attacks from great powerhouses, like Arceus.

Boomstick: And the real nail in the coffin, is that the move Judgement, well, it mostly does harm to those that have performed evil acts in life. Chakravartin? He has reset entire worlds, and has been basically described as the cause for everything negative throughout the Asura's Wrath universe.

Wiz: All of that, plus with Judgement pretty much being a guaranteed kill, meant that Chakravartin could only delay the inevitable.

Boomstick: Looks like the verdict between Arceus and Chakravartin’s has now been judged.

Wiz: The winner is Arceus.

Next Time! (Ahomeschoolingroudon)

It's a duel that has shifted from Creator VS Destructor to pure Destructor VS Destructor! In a duel between planet eating villains of their series, which true powerhouse will prove victorious in a battle of Cosmic Gods?