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Pokémon vs. Dragon Ball! Creation meets Destruction as their godly heralds meet in a truly cataclysmic duel.


Wiz: There are few things more closely connected yet fundamentally different than the concepts of destruction and creation. So the same must be said for the gods that govern them.

Boomstick: Like Arceus, the Alpha Pokémon and the universe's creator.

Wiz: And Beerus, the Universe 7 Destroyer God.

Boomstick: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick.

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor and skills to find out who would win a Death Battle.


Wiz: The Pokémon universe is wild. There's no avoiding that fact, with Pokémon of all shapes, sizes and natures existing.

Boomstick: And nearly all of them are considered the equivalent of completely normal animals. Whilst there are some which are rightfully regarded as legendary creatures, there are some that are considered outright gods.

Wiz: These godly-Pokémon are responsible for both the workings and the creation of the universe that Pokémon is set in. And each one of them originated from the actions of a single being. Arceus, the Alpha Pokémon. Named that for the fact it was the first thing to ever exist.

  • Background
    • AKA Alpha Pokémon, The Original One, The Original Spirit
    • Height: 10'6
    • Creator of the Universe
    • Father of the Creation and Lake Trio
    • Type: Normal
    • Index Number: 493
    • Avatar for the Original Spirit

Boomstick: Well, technically it was its egg that first existed but he came along soon enough. So where did its egg come from?

Wiz: Those are the questions that are rarely answered concretely. What we do know about Arceus is that it reached out with 1000 arms and shaped the universe.

Boomstick: Wait, now it has arms? Arceus is clearly a llama. They don't have arms.

Wiz: You have a problem with llamas?

Boomstick: What? No way. If you ask me, a llama is the perfect form for a god to take. If you ain't talking money, then they don't wanna talk.

Wiz: You know, that probably best explains the amount of info around Arceus. Being so far removed from the realms of its creation, it's a small wonder why it's much a mysterious being. Mysterious, and very powerful.

Boomstick: It has a whole load of abilities and techniques that it can use in battle against any trainer or Pokémon brave or foolish enough to try and seek it out.

  • Techniques
    • Abilities
      • Multitype
      • Omnipotent
      • Spatial Warp
    • Moves
      • Judgment
      • Flamethrower
      • Blizzard
      • Twister
      • Time Stop
      • Extreme Speed
      • Gravity
      • Refresh
      • Perish Song
      • Earth Power
      • Recover
      • Future Sight
      • Cosmic Power
      • Punishment
      • Hyper Voice
      • Natural Gift
      • Seismic Toss
      • Hyper Beam
      • Outrage
      • Shadow Claw

Wiz: Arceus has the abilities of Omnipotent, which enables it to heal minor wounds, strike non-physical targets, see the future and remove any resistances its opponents have, and Spatial Warp, which involves erasing nearly anything from time and space. All fairly effective on their own and then there's the frankly wide list of Moves.

Boomstick: Its signature technique is pretty much Judgment, the initiating of a rain of devastating projectiles that can ravage the landscape and anyone caught in it.

Wiz: Moves like Blizzard, Twister, Flamethrower and Earth Power make use of the elements. Gravity and Seismic Toss manipulate the gravity around a target. To increase its own power even higher, Cosmic Power boosts defenses, Punishment is an attack that gets stronger the more a target boosts themselves up and Extreme Speed enables a fast strike that is virtually impossible to avoid.

Boomstick: Hyper Beam is a concentrated blast of energy, Future Sight is a psychic attack that ignores defenses, Shadow Claw is a slash of darkness, Outrage makes him go battle mad and he can straight up Stop Time!

Wiz: On the more passive side, Recover lets Arceus heal most wounds and Refresh removes any status afflictions.

Boomstick: Whilst it may seem weird that a god-level being can be affected by things like Burns and Poisons, that's because Arceus is actually a Normal type Pokémon. Can you believe it?

Wiz: Not many people might and that is because it can actually become any number of Types, thanks to the Multitype ability. By drawing on the properties of the plates it holds, Arceus can change its nature and render itself immune to attacks of a certain Pokémon type.

  • Plates
    • Draco Plate
    • Dread Plate
    • Earth Plate
    • Fist Plate
    • Flame Plate
    • Icicle Plate
    • Insect Plate
    • Iron Plate
    • Meadow Plate
    • Mind Plate
    • Pixie Plate
    • Sky Plate
    • Splash Plate
    • Spooky Plate
    • Stone Plate
    • Toxic Plate
    • Zap Plate

Boomstick: Okay, deep breathe, because I'm going to rattle them all off at once. He can become immune to; fire, ice, psychic, water, dragon, fighting, steel, poison, lightning, ghost, earth, ground, fairy, insect, air, grass and dark-type moves. Ah-ha...of god. That was a lot to go through.

Wiz: I'm amazed you stayed conscious, even after listing off Arceus' techniques.

Boomstick: So am I. It has more techniques than most other Pokémon. Like its creations, Dialga, Palkia, Giratina and the Lake Trio. Guess that makes them the angels to Arceus' god.

Wiz: Speaking of which, whilst Arceus is known as the creator of the Pokémon universe, it was actually its children that shaped the fundamental laws throughout it. However, this does not mean that Arceus is completely removed from them. On the contrary, it's even said that his children, Dalgia and Palkia especially, are all extensions of itself.

  • Feats
    • Shook two universes just by moving
    • Created the Pokémon universe
    • Its consciousness is said to be across all time and space
    • Launched a one-Pokémon attack to destroy the world
    • Repaired a time distortion that Dialga couldn't
    • Recreated a Creation Trio member
    • Defeated Dialga, Palkia and Giratina

Boomstick: And they're the ones in charge of keeping time and space throughout not just the Pokémon universe, but the entire Pokémon multiverse! With just their breathing and heartbeat.

Wiz: As each Pokémon game is considered a separate universe, check out a video by the Game Theorists for a full explanation, then that means that those Pokémon gods, or angels as Boomstick claims, are connected to over a million different universes. And yet that number is said to be easily higher.

Boomstick: Arceus isn't above showing itself as superior to its children either. Not only has he bested all three in battle, including Giratina who represents an entire anti-dimension, but when a Time Tower created a time distortion, not even Palkia could fix it. But Arceus could. Makes sense considering the whole "extensions of his being" gimmick.

Wiz: It is pretty bizarre, but what's even more so is that the Arceus we all see isn't Arceus at all.

Boomstick: Wait, so it's pulling a Darkseid?

Wiz: Pretty much. The being known as Arceus is the avatar of the Original Spirit, which it uses to interact with the various worlds. If it didn't, I'm not sure what would happen. Could be fine, could be a reality destroying fallout, who knows.

Boomstick: So Arceus is insane, even amongst other Pokémon. Although, if it doesn't have a plate active to defend against Type-attacks, it's no less vulnerable. Plus, having a physical form means that, whilst embarrassing and nowhere near an indicator of its full might, that a trainer may end up snagging it as a Pokémon for themselves. But at least the Original Spirit always seems capable of making a new Avatar.

Wiz: From every Pokémon, from Magikarp to Mewtwo, none are as quite literally legendary as the Alpha Pokémon.


Wiz: The universe of Universe 7 is filled to the near brim with all sorts of powerful beings. And the crazy thing is, most of them are completely mortal.

Boomstick: But wherever there are mortals, there are gods and as per the rules of mythology, they are way more powerful. And we aren't talking about the Kais or the Supreme Kais. No, we're talking a God of Destruction.

Wiz: Specifically, the God of Destruction for Universe 7, Beerus.

  • Background
    • Age: 200 million years
    • Height: 5'7
    • Occupation: God of Destruction
    • Twin brother of Champa
    • Likes: fighting, sleeping, eating
    • Originally known as Bills
    • Based on Dragon Ball creator's pet cat

Boomstick: Aw, look at the cute little kitty cat! How can something like that be a vicious destroyer of worlds?

Wiz: Well...he is a cat.

Boomstick: Oh yeah.

Wiz: And as a matter of fact, Beerus is based on Akira Toriyama's own cat. And that actually makes a lot of sense since the one to take care of Beerus, Whis, is actually a lot more powerful than him. Similar to how cat owners are technically superior to their cats yet still basically serve them.

Boomstick: Art truly does imitate life. Anyways, it was Beerus' job as a destroyer God to destroy old planets to make way for the new ones. Not sure how it works but in the world of Dragon Ball, most things do revolve about how many planets one can destroy. And boy oh boy, does Beerus have the power to blow things up.

Wiz: This is because unlike other Dragon Ball characters, Beerus has himself Godly Ki, which a source of truly astonishing power. With it, he has all sorts of ways to attack.

  • Abilities and Techniques
    • God of Destruction's Wrath
    • Sphere of Destruction
    • Wrath of the God of Destruction
    • Cataclysmic Orb
    • Cloning
    • Energy neutralization
    • Pressure point combat
    • Autonomous Ultra Instinct
    • Destruction Aura
    • Energy of Destruction
    • Hakai

Boomstick: His tiny little Ki Blasts alone are powerful enough to reduce a planet to powder so you just know that an entire barrage of them are going to wreck utter havoc. That's the purpose of God of Destruction's Wrath.

Wiz: Not to be confused with the Wrath of the God of Destruction, a powerful beam of energy. It's usually used in conjunction with Beerus' main planet-destroying attack, the Sphere of Destruction, giving an already might attack a little extra push. What's more, he can conjure up the Sphere of Destruction practically instantly.

Boomstick: And then there's the Cataclysmic Orb, a bouncy ball of explosive energy he can literally kick into his opponents. And whenever someone directs an attack at him, he can deal with it thanks to his Energy Nullification. With most attacks in Dragon Ball being energy-based, practically any fighter is in a lot of trouble when he uses that.

Wiz: They're in an equal amount of trouble when Beerus uses a cloning technique to generate numerous copies of himself to assist in his attacks and misdirect his opponents.

Boomstick: And unlike most Dragon Ball foes, he's not someone to rely totally on his raw power. He's been tutored in martial arts by that Whis guy, learning pressure point combat and the bare minimum of Ultra Instinct.

Wiz: Ultra Instinct basically enables anyone using it to automatically dodge enemy attacks without the need for conscious thought. Whilst Beerus has yet to totally master it, he can use the Autonomous version as a purely defensive style, letting him dodge attacks from even fellow gods. Speaking of which, Gods of Destruction like Beerus not only harness martial arts or godly Ki, but also Destruction Energy. It is the means by which Destruction Gods remove the planets in their jurisdiction from existence.

Boomstick: A usual usage can reduce whole worlds to literal dust and when he wants to focus on an individual in particular, he uses both an ominous chorus and Hakai, erasing both body and soul. Exactly with what happens to me when listening to that sad mournful classical music.

Wiz: Wait, is your soul "erased" by the music or by the Hakai?

Boomstick: Eh, either one is effective. And the thing with being a powerful god is that Beerus got really board. Not to uncommon with cats but Beerus decided to try and alleviate his boredom by seeking out a unique challenge; the prophesied Super Saiyan God. Who was of course our beloved Goku.

  • Feats
    • Sent shockwaves through the universe
    • Can fly at 1/4 the speed of Whis
    • Terrifies even Shenron
    • Destroyed half a planet with a tap
    • Dodged attacks from fellow Gods
    • Defeated Super Saiyan God Goku
    • Defeated Vegeta, Gotenks and Zamasu

Wiz: In spite of attaining the power of the Super Saiyan God, Goku, for possibly the first time in a long while, was utterly outclassed compared to Beerus.

Boomstick: It took all he had in order to just match the strikes that Beerus sent his way. Good thing he did as well, because if he hadn't perfectly matched the attacks with his own, the entire universe would have been torn apart.

Wiz: That's not the only instance of Beerus' battles carrying universal-threating outputs. When he and his brother Champa do battle, their clashing energy slowly reduces both their respective universes to dust.

Boomstick: Holy hell! Talk about a catfight. And let's not forget that the Dragon Ball universe is technically a macroverse, being over nine-times bigger than our own. And whilst Beerus usually catches a ride with his attendant Whis to travel throughout it, he is able to cross cosmic distances by himself. Like how the shockwaves from his and Goku clash travelled at 240 quadrillion times the speed of light.

Wiz: To say that Beerus held back in his and Goku's first battle would be a massive understatement. Even after Goku achieved the power of Super Saiyan God in his base form, Saiyan beyond God, and was now able to increase that power with all his previous transformations, Beerus is still undoubtable superior to him.

Boomstick: Super Saiyan 3 alone is able to give Goku 3600 times universal might and his Godly forms are even more powerful than that. So yeah, Beerus' power is pretty much insane.

Wiz: It still has its limits however. In fact, if someone is able to match the amount of destruction energy he sends at them, then they can resist being erased. Also, befitting for a cat, Beerus is incredibly lazy.

Boomstick: You can count on one hand the things that get him to shift and actually put some effort in, and for a long time, it was just food and fighting.

Wiz: But his time interacting with the people of Earth ended up having an effect on him, one that pushed him to take his role as God of Destruction seriously again in order to preserve balance throughout Universe 7. Although its people will still need to be weary, for bringing the ire of Beerus the Destroyer upon them is a one way ticket to utter annihilation.


Wiz: Alright the combatants are set and we've run the data through all possibilities.

Boomstick: It's time for a Death Battle!

The Battle[]

Setting: Meadow

Beerus held up a berry to the sky, looking at it shine in the sun before popping it in the mouth. He chewed for a while before swallowing, closing his eyes in contemplation.

Beerus: Hmmm...nah.

He tapped the ground with his foot and the entire planet promptly exploded, leaving the Destroyer God in the expanse of space, unphased at destroying a whole world.

Beerus: Guess I don't like berries then.

He turned to leave until a portal suddenly appeared behind him. Out of it came Arceus, who looked upon the floating rubble of the world.

Arceus: You have destroyed a place I created. For that, you shall face Judgment.

Beerus: Hmm...the grievances of lesser gods are of hardly any concern to myself. But for the sake of forgetting the taste of that berry, I'll play along.

He turned around, keeping his hands behind his back as Arceus charged up an attack. With a roar, it unleashed Judgment, sending fiery shots raining down towards Beerus.


The Destroyer rolled his eyes and fly forwards, dodging around the projectiles and closing the distance between him and Arceus. Before the latter could react, Beerus lifted his hand and flicked him between the eyes, sending it spinning back through space before it was able to right itself.

Arceus: Insolent creature...!

Beerus interrupted him by firing a Wrath of the God of Destruction Beam straight at him, the Pokemon countering with a Hyper Beam. The two opposing beams clashed together, resulting in a pseudo-fiery blast that tore through the void of space. Arceus' beam however didn't cancel out and it continued on towards Beerus, who lifted his palm up to catch the beam and nullify the energy until Arceus took the initiative to cancel the attack himself. The Destroyer looked down at his slightly steaming palm.

Beerus: Hmm...interesting.

He smirked as a purple aura came into existence around himself and Arceus intensified its glower as golden energy leaked about itself. In the next instance, with Beerus using a faster-than-eyesight movement forwards and Arceus using Extreme Speed, they two collided with each other, sending out a shockwave that not only atomized the surrounding rubble but also shifted the uninhabited planets. Beerus pushed against Arceus' front as the latter used this to push back itself, the struggle being broken by Beerus lifting his legs up and kicking Arceus with both of them. As he thus sailed back from his own action, Beerus sent out shots of Ki towards Arceus. The shots bombarded Arceus and Beerus stopped spinning to manually fire them at the Pokemon himself, obscuring it from view with smoke. Beerus smirked at his handiwork but it faded when the smoke cleared and Arceus was revealed to be virtually unscathed. With a gleam of its eye, it unleash a torrent of flame at Beerus, who was forced to fly around to avoid getting singed. He attempted to charge straight at Arceus, pulling his fist back in preparation, but strong freezing winds suddenly emanated from Arceus, spinning the Destroyer around and completely aborting his attack. The winds eventually chucked Beerus back out into motionless space and he quickly reordered himself. Growling in anger, Beerus summoned to hand a Cataclysmic Orb and kicked it straight towards Arceus like a football. It struck directly against the Pokemon's head, pushing it back several meters before it exploded. This time, there was an effect, and Beerus was all too happy to try and recreate it by sending three new Cataclysmic Orbs his foe's way. Before they could land however, Arceus swiped its head and utilized Shadow Claw to not only cut the orbs apart but to also slash Beerus. As a result, the halved orbs veered away to blow up several planets whilst one behind Beerus was also slashed in half, yet the God only received extremely light marks that he grinned-and-bared. Still getting vexed however, Beerus engulfed his hand in Destruction Energy and went after Arceus, who dodged from his slashes.

As one glanced by its eyes, Arceus watched Beerus with interest.

Arceus: So this is one who uses their skills and fists? Interesting.

Arceus activated its Time Stop, giving it the window to move a manageable distance away from Beerus, who spun around in confusion when his swipe hit empty air. He reorganized himself, looked around manically and saw Arceus preparing his first attack, Judgment. Only this time, he was doing so with the Mind Plate. The shots rained down on Beerus faster than he could react and he could have swore that they somehow hurt more than they would usually have. The Destroyer gritted his teeth and crossed his arms in front of his face but the intensity and factor of the Judgment pushed him down through space and towards a planet. Beerus crashed into its surface as the continuous shots from Judgment reduced it to a rocky volcanic terrain. Once the attack had subsided, Beerus zoomed out the hole that had been made to continue glaring at Arceus, who floated down before him.

Beerus: Blasted thing! Let's see if you can handle this.

He concentrated and generated copies of himself to surround Arceus from all side. The Pokemon remained calm though and activated Future Sight. When nothing happened, the Beerus clones smirked and converged on Arceus, striking it all over its body with powerful kicks and punches. By the time they all pulled back, Arceus was covered with slight bruises and scrapes, and one Beerus interlocked his fingers together to deliver a powerful downwards strike to Arceus' head. But before it could make contact, Future Sight activated and Beerus was beset with a splitting headache. He cursed and yelled, clutching his head as he aborted his attack and Arceus generated an ice storm to dispel the Beerus clones whilst the real one writhed in pain. Just as Future Sight subsided, Beerus was trapped in a downwards well of gravity courtesy of Arceus, which sent him, yelling all the while, smashing through the planet's surface, through its body and all the way to the core. In spite of being surrounded by the burning hot energy, Beerus only allowed himself to get angrier until Destruction Energy was pulsing out from himself. With a roar, he unleashed a vast amount of the energy, which blew apart the planet and sent Arceus zooming back into outer space. With the planet now removed from around himself, Beerus unleashed a barrage of energy shots from his body with a deafening roar. After the first couple of shots had blown up apart him, Arceus activated its Rampage skill and with a bellow, charged at Beerus, colliding him with and sending them both flying through space.

From there, the almost-rabid fighting of the gods as they zipped around the cosmos resulted in the destruction of planets, moons and even stars, littering the black expanse with all manner of explosions.

After the two had smashed through a sun together in their struggle, converting it into a black hole that sucked in the rubble of the various destroyed planets, they pulled away from each other. Arceus pulled off another Judgment attack, sending millions of projectiles Beerus' way. The Destroyer calmly closed his eyes and his body pulsed with the power of Autonomous Ultra Instinct. Snapping his eyes back open, Beerus proceeded to weave and dodged around every single projectile on his way after Arceus. The Pokemon narrowed its eyes and prepared to continue its assault before the aftereffect of Outrage kicked, leaving it confused and wide open for Beerus to punch it across the face. It attempted a counter by swinging its own head out but the God ducked beneath it and punched what passed for its jaw, sending it reeling back through space.

Beerus: You see now? Only a Destroyer God has the instinct for battle.

A barrage of punches and kicks from Beerus sent Arceus falling back down through space and with itself now beneath Beerus, the Destroyer summoned over his head a massive Sphere of Destruction, hurling it at the Alpha Pokemon...

Beerus: And you are no Destroyer.

...before empowering and propelling it forwards with a blast from his finger. As the glow of the Sphere fell over Arceus, the Pokemon bowed its head in what seemed like defeat. Until it straightened up and used Refresh, Cosmic...

Arceus: No. I am far more!

...and Spatial Warp to tear a pathway of nothingness through the Sphere and fly towards Beerus through it, continuing to use Spatial Warp. The power engulfed the off-guard Destroyer and in spite of the pain, he merely gritted his teeth and grinned.

Beerus: Foolish creature!

He threw a haymaker at Arceus and although it collided directly with the Pokemon's face, the activation of the Fist Plate rendered it ineffective. Beerus' composure finally began to wilt and in desperation he yelled out;

Beerus: Hakai!

He directed the power straight at Arceus and the Pokemon began to fade. But then it activated Omnipotence against Beerus and Spatial Warp finally took full effect, reducing Beerus to absolutely nothing as he finally screamed in full pain, leaving Arceus alone and restored in the wrecked cosmos.

Arceus: I believe restoration is in requirement here.

From it, ethereal hands reached out to begin fixing the damage done.



Boomstick: And if that don't scream John 3:16, I don't know what will. Seriously thought, what a battle!

Wiz: As is to be expected between two godly forces of nature. Unfortunately for one of those however, in spite of how insanely powerful he was, the other was just much more insanely powerful.

Boomstick: And let me just say, claiming that Arceus should have lost because he got knocked out by a meteor is like saying Beerus lost because he got itchy from a bullet.

Wiz: Well, that's true, but let's discuss the real factors. For starters, Beerus may have been a skilled fighter even when compared to others gods, but unfortunately, Arceus' well of techniques wouldn't run dry so fast.

Boomstick: Arceus had tons more different techniques and abilities, giving him a clear edge in versatility. Like how it could patch itself up, empower himself or use Beerus' own actions against him, and that's not even including its Plates!

Wiz: Several Plates in particular, the Mind, Psychic, Fairy, and Fist ones, would themselves be of great help. After all, Beerus, as a martial artist, could logically be considered effected by the Type-Abilities that work well against Fighting-Type Pokemon, of which Arceus could render itself immune to with the Fist Plate.

Boomstick: Speaking of counters, Beerus may have had a counter for the Spatial Warp thing as Gods of Destruction have resisted being erased themselves but Arceus had a counter for it counter. Omnipotence, one of Arceus' main Abilities, enables it to ignore the Resistances and defensive bonuses of its opponents. So yeah, it'd have no trouble blipping Beerus out of existence.

Wiz: Speed was a bit more difficult to pin down. Whilst Arceus is said to have its consciousness spread across all of time and space, we're a bit unsure if that's exactly quantifiable. After all, no matter where we are or what time it is, we only ever have a certain capability when it comes to actually reacting to stuff. But naturally, what this battle would come down to was raw power, and Arceus had the lead over Beerus by a, and I kid you not, infinite amount.

Boomstick: Here's how it works; there are a ton of findings explaining that the Pokemon multiverse is infinite, such as the cave full of alternate reality portals that itself leads to other alternate reality portals that itself leads to other reality portals.

Wiz: A creator of Pokemon himself once said that Dialga and Palkia where made to be a sense of balance between "Infinite Time and Infinite Space" and as we've said before, both those Pokemon are merely extensions of Arceus itself, which use their bodily movements to stabilize time and space. In other words, Arceus' whole existence and being is tied to this multiverse and thus its power fuels directly into it. Or from it.

Boomstick: Whilst Beerus' power is certainly far beyond 36 thousand times universal destruction, and it is but we're saving that calculation to blow you're minds another time, any quantifiable number compared to an infinite series is always going to come up short. And thanks to that, Arceus had not only the power to outmuscle the Destroyer God, but also resist his Destruction techniques.

Popup: Whilst Jiren the Grey was able to shake a space that is said to be endless, Beerus is far below him in terms of power, and the fact that Jiren would go on to break his limits during his fight with Goku showed that even his power is not strictly limitless. Furthermore, the Xenoverse incarnation of Goku is specifically said to come from an alternate timeline, so a composition is unlikely and the Xenoverse canon is considered non-canon.

Wiz: Whilst Beerus may have gained an increase to his lifespan with Ultra Instinct, it isn't something that lasts forever and Arceus had even more techniques like his Time Stop to work around it.

Boomstick: No matter what we bring up in Beerus' favor, Arceus simply had him trumped with multiversal might and with perfect counters.

Wiz: And if you think about it, there's a clear difference in the capacity for creation and destruction. It's easier to take, say, a vase and smash it to pieces. It takes real mastership and skill to make it in the first place.

Boomstick: It was a total Catastrophe for the Universe 7 destroyer.

Wiz: The winner is Arceus.

Next Time[]

Dark beasts

Made by macabre means

Bendy vs. Hound


  • The connection between Arceus and Beerus is that they are both incredibly powerful animal-like deities who embody different spheres to each other; Arceus is the creator of the Pokémon universe whilst Beerus is a Destroyer God. Both have gone into rampages in the past that threatened the world and have befriended mortals. Both have also sought out orb-like relics for their own uses; Arceus sought the Jewel of Life to reclaim his Plates whilst Beerus wanted the (Super) Dragon Balls for various wishes.
  • This battle would have been in 2D
  • The original music for this battle would have been called 'Alpha and Omega', which refers to Arceus as the Alpha Pokémon and Beerus as a God of Destruction, which "ends" others