My name is Master Aqua. Now return my friend's heart or pay the price!
~ Aqua

Aqua is one of the main protagonists in the video game series, Kingdom Hearts.

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Coming to the Land of Departure, Aqua was an apprentice of the Keyblade Master Eraqus who named her Keyblade Master instead of her fellow apprentice Terra. When Terra and Ventus left their world without warning, Aqua is given orders to deal with the sudden appearance of creatures called Unversed in countless worlds and to keep an eye on Terra. Eventually, after their mentor was murdered by his fellow pupil Xehanort, Aqua joined Terra and Ventus to face him in a historic clash that cost the young Keyblade Master her two friends and resulted with her ending up in the Realm of Darkness to constantly fight the Heartless.

Death Battle Info


  • Name: Aqua
  • Height: Unknown
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Best Friend of Ventus and Terra
  • Also known as the Dancing Waters Forming Bonds
  • Successor of Keyblade Master Eraqus
  • Most Balanced Fighter between Terra and Ventus


  • Rainfell
    • Aqua's initial Keyblade
    • Originiates from the Realm of Light
    • Strength: +2
    • Magic: +2
    • Length: Short
    • Critical Rate: 25%
    • Damage: x1.2
    • Can Change Rainfell into Different Keyblades by attaching a different Keychain to it
  • Stormfell
    • An Upgraded Version of Rainfell
    • Strength: +5
    • Magic: +4
    • Length: Medium
    • Crticial Rate: 50%
    • Damage: x1.35
    • Achieved through attaching the Tokken of the Stormfell Keyblade Keychain to Rainfell
    • Enables Aqua to transform Stormfell into a Keyblade Glider and travel between worlds
    • Keyblade Glider enables flight
  • Destiny's Embrace
    • Strength: +3
    • Magic: +3
    • Length: Short
    • Critical Rate: 75%
    • Damage: x1.35
    • Achieved through attaching the Tokken of the Destiny's Embrace Keyblade Keychain to Rainfell
  • Brightcrest
    • Strength: +4
    • Magic: +7
    • Length: Long
    • Crticial Rate: 75%
    • Damage: x1.5
    • Achieved through attaching the Tokken of the Brightcrest Keyblade Keychain to Rainfell
  • Master's Defender
    • Strength: +7
    • Magic: +7
    • Length: Long
    • Critical Rate: Unknown
    • Damage: Unknown
    • Originally wielded by Master Eraqus until he passed it on to Aqua

Deck Command


  • Magic Hour
    • Teleports above an enemy and dives down generating a single pillar of light
    • Can strike Target and Strike Multiple Enemies
    • Has a Maximum Level of 5
    • Fill Aqua's Command Gauge by 10%
  • Barrier Surge
    • Forms a Barrier around the User and rushes forward at an Enemy
    • Deflects Attacks and Projectiles
    • Has a Maximum Level of 3
    • Fill Aqua's Command Gauge by 10%
  • Wishing Edge
    • A Jump Attack that Strikes Three Times
    • Has a Maximum Level of 3
    • Fill Aqua's Command Gauge by 15%
  • Time Splicer
    • Locks everything with the User's Radius in a Time Freeze
    • User teleports from Enemy to Enemy striking them multiple times
    • Has a Maximum Level of 6
    • Fills Aqua's command Gauge by 6%
    • Used by Aqua and Ventus


  • Triple Firaga
    • Fires Three Fireballs at a Targets
    • Fireballs home in on the Target
    • Has a Maximum Level of 4
    • Fill Aqua's Command Gauge by 15%
  • Triple Blizzaga
    • Fires Three Chunks of Ice at a Targets
    • Can Potentially strike Multiple Times
    • Has a Maximum Level of 4
    • Fill Aqua's Command Gauge by 10%
  • Thundaga Shot
    • Fires a Bolt of Lightnign at Enemies
    • Shocks other Nearby Opponents upon connecting
    • Has a Maxmium Level of 4
    • Fill Aqua's Command Gauge by 10%
  • Seeker Mine
  • Munny Magnet
  • Energy Magnet
  • D-Link Magnet
  • Glacier
  • Ice Barrage
  • Firaga Burst
  • Raging Storm



Command Styles


Keyblade Armor


  • Passed the Mark of Mastery Exam becoming a Keyblade Master
  • Is Among the Best Magic Users in the Kingdom Hearts Universe being only Second to Master Xehanort
  • Defeated Dragon Maleficent along side Prince Philip
  • Defeated Hades and the Ice Colossus
  • Defeated Ventus-Vanitas along side Mickey Mouse
  • Defeated Terra-Xehanort
  • Survived in the Realm of Darkness of over 10 years.


  • Aqua's Attack and Magic Deck Command's have a Reload Time before she can use them again
  • Aqua's Shotlocks have a limited time to lock on
  • Aqua's Command Styles can only be used once her Command Gauge has been used
  • Despite their power, Keyblades can be damaged and even broken
  • Keyblade Armor can be damaged to the point of breaking
  • Without a Keyblade, Aqua is unable to utilize her abilities
  • If Aqua succumbs to Darkness, she is unable to return to Normal on her own
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