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Now, you weak-hearted fools, witness real power!
~ Ansem

Ansem, also referred to as the "Seeker of Darkness", is an incarnation of Master Xehanort from the Kingdom Hearts video game series.

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With Xemnas


Terra-Xehanort, Master Xehanort residing in the stolen body of the Keyblade user Terra at the time, split his essence in two on the day Radiant Garden fell into darkness. Xehanort's heart became a heartless devoid of form for almost ten years until he deceived Riku in opening his heart to the darkness. This allowed the Heartless, using the name "Ansem" which his original self used to act behind the real Ansem's back, to enter Riku's body and turn him into an incarnation of Xehanort. However, along with Sora defeating him after nearly obtaining Kingdom Hearts, Ansem found Riku's will too strong to control and was metaphysically subdued while the youth use his power for his agenda of redemption. But when Riku was exposed to the heart energy explosion that seemingly killed Ansem, it freed Xehanort's Heartless as it eventually his fallen Nobody counterpart Xemnas to resume their original form while alternate versions of themselves were summoned as members of the true Organization XIII.

Death Battle Info


  • In his incorporeal state, he traveled back in time to contact Young Xehanort to have him carry out his future self's plan to gather all of Xehanort's incarnations under him.


  • Underestimated the power of Kingdom Hearts.
  • Underestimated Riku, who subdued him in their first battle and then defeated him.