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The three of us have made our mistakes, but you are EVIL. And I'm gonna stop you, right here, right now!
~ Anne vs Andrias

Finger Lickin GONE!!
~ Anne, after the Wartwoodians scare away the Chicka-lisk

Spranne against the world!
~ Anne and Sprig

~ Anne, "Return to Wartwood"

Eat your vegetables!
~ Anne, after defeating Veggierobo

Anne Boonchuy is the main protagonist of the 2019 Disney TV animated series "Amphibia", the big cartoon underdog!

This Heart of Wartwood may come off as brash, headstrong, impatient, and occasionally a bit dim to the average onlooker, but she has a heart of gold, and she's willing to help anyone, even those she was fighting with. Out of the Earth Trio, she seems to have the most fun and always turns a bad thing into a good one.

She holds the Heart Gem for a reason

Note: Chock full of True Colors spoilers! Go watch!

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Death Battle Info


Enter the immersive world of Amphibia!

When a young teenage girl steals a mysterious music box for her friends, instead of spending her birthday party with her family, she gets dragged into a world of frogs, toads, newts and salamanders. Everything there that doesn't speak English tries to kill her, but at least she finds real friends for the first time.

  • Born: 13 years before the events of Amphibia (presumably 2006)
  • Height: Not specified
  • Weight: Not specified
  • Residence: Thailand (former), California, USA (former); Amphibia (current)
  • Species: Human
  • Interests: Cats, Thai food, her phone, helping the Plantars, the Calamity Box
  • Reads manga, likely Naruto: "a gun that shoots kunai?"
  • Aliases: Monster, Tall Gangly Creature, The Boon (by some fans), The Breakup Master, Destroyer of Worlds
  • Defeated Sasha in a duel, who later got kicked into a rock, cracked it and got up minorly injured
  • Has a cat named Domino
  • Enjoys making abysmal puns of her first name (f-Anne, Spranne, Anne-olly etc)

TL;DR Stats

  • Destructive Power: (at 15-25% power) >5 Kilotons of TNT for obliterating the robots in the blast against Andrias (Large Building to City Block Level)
  • Physical Strength: 5,250,000 Joules; 5.3 MJ (0.001 Tons of TNT from flinging a f***ing missile)
    • Greater than Frobo's, who held back King Andrias, lifted Joe Sparrow+the entire main cast and lifted a stone door
  • Durability: Around 500 Tons of TNT
  • Movement Speed: Mach 19, Roughly 24,000 kph (Calamity), 50 kph (Base)
  • Reaction Speed: Near Light Speed

Feats and Abilities

  • Keeps pace with dangerous toad barbarians like Bog, Fens and Mire
  • Did this and this in the same episode
  • Summoned a draconic chicken beast that fires petrification lasers out of its eyes for the sole reason of burning fake presents (long story)
  • Beat up ancient ghost-like creatures from the King's basement/tomb using mirrors
  • Kicked an entire bucket of termites
  • Master of Hunting...The Plantar Way!
  • Survived the Plantar Dungeon
  • Disarmed an armed train conductor
  • Survived the Ruins of Despair
  • Extremely proficient with a tennis racket; can take on stronger enemies with the unusual string disarmament move and handle stab (on Veggie-Robo)
  • Outsmarted an extremely skilled sword-wielding thief using his own techniques against him
  • Defeated Sasha (twice), King Andrias, Giant Mantis, Veggierobo, Tritonio, Priscilla and Pearl, the Curator, Shadow Fish, Sugar and Billy Ray, Basement Lampreys, Screen Fiend, Valeriana etc
  • Defeated the Scorpleo with her Nature Dance
  • Makes friends very easily
  • Survived Amphibia for 6 months

Base Form!


(Destructive, Striking etc)

  • Defeats building sized murderous creatures every other Tuesday
  • Defeated a live kraken with another person's help
  • Knocked herself out with her own punch
  • Sliced cleanly and directly through several vegetable monsters
  • Jammed both of her weapons into Veggierobo's eyes
  • Able to knock Priscilla, a rather large newt, back several meters with a shopping cart (she had a small running start)
  • Batted flying scorpions off the screen with a single swing of her tennis racket
    • In the Amphibia Theme Song Takeover short, she was able to take out weaker opponents with one swing of her tennis racket

Physical Strength

  • Able to work against G-Forces that basically rendered the weakened amphibians in the room and Marcy to be completely immobile and incapacitated on the floor
    • Note: The average human body can only withstand 9 G's before very bad things happen
    • There are two ways to interpret this:
      • Literal calculations: 2912 Pascals (calcs by DukeCerberus)
      • Anne mentions that it feels like her legs are about to explode. Taken literally, Anne walked around while withstanding 900 psi or greater, since that's the max force that human legs can withstand
  • Held back a steel hammer from a resisting opponent with a tennis racket and sword, while mildly injured
  • Headbutted three toad soldiers a few feet away
  • Somewhat compares to Sasha in strength, who lifted a massive warhammer over her head and tossed it asunder like a sack of potatoes.
    • Note: The warhammer was heavy/dense enough to bury itself in the beast's hide. The hide was entirely resistant to Sasha's sword as her attacks only garnered the worm's attention.
  • Wrangled a rhinoceros sized mudskipper in the middle of an inferno
  • Sliced several robots in half like margarine, without noticeable struggle
  • Somehow managed to hang onto Bessie while the Plantars were riding up a cliff at a 90 degree angle
  • Often proven to be a bit stronger than Sprig who kicked back an rhinoceros sized pumpkin monster back into its cage
    • Betrayal...the most powerful weapon of all... (makes sense in context)
  • Able to roll a full barrel almost twice her size
  • Able to swing a ton-weighing hammer to defeat a magma worm
  • Defeated several toads that can smash through wooden walls with ease
  • Held open the massive jaws of a giant weasel with a frozen bone
    • The BFQ of a normal sized least weasel is 164.
  • Lifted a trash bag 4 times her size over her head
  • Tore off a (hollow) metal component of a conveyor belt with her bare hands


  • Survived being directly beside a factory when it exploded, obliterating the factory entirely, but leaving Anne, Sprig and Hop-Pop with only mild singe marks
    • To give an idea of how much Anne and her family survived, they were around a few feet/meters away from the Ruins of Despair when the entire thing was reduced to rubble. A similar sized area of the Chernobyl Power Plant was obliterated with reportedly around 300 tons to 2-4 megatons (sources vary). Note that this is guesstimation because finding an exact number is incredibly difficult to calculate.
    • Lowballing is 300 tons of TNT, highballing is 4 megatons (calcs imperfect so use the average)
  • Survived a point blank Blue Shell explosion to the face
  • Both her and Sprig survived a fall from hundreds and thousands of kilometres into the air after being flung into the horizon by a cattail
  • Got electrocuted by hundreds of zapipedes and survived
  • Got clocked by several crystals to the face
  • Able to hold her breath for a substantial amount of time
  • Survived being flung into a bale of hay by a robot with the ability to lift an entire restaurant.
    • It's unclear whether or not Frobo was using his full power, but considering he lifted an entire building into the stratosphere to show off to Polly, and when he was attacking Anne and Sprig, he was in full kill mode, it's possible he was using more power than before based purely on logic. Using estimated calculations, that should be around 58,839,900,000 Newton-metres (14.06 tons of TNT) that Anne and Sprig might have tanked!
      • Side note: This is a logical estimate so it may vary around this number.
  • Took a cudgel swing to the bare arm and got back up
  • Survived gulping down Hop Pop's "beverage" which later had HEAVY hallucinogenic effects on her
  • Ate through the acidic belly of a monstrous tomato plant
  • Slammed her head into a tree about four times, rhythmically, without holding back, completely unfazed
  • Tanked a massage meant specifically for frogs, that should have torn her muscles and broken a few bones. She got up seconds later to look for Polly.
    • At this point, this girl is pretty much unbreakable
  • Survived an encounter with an evil octopus (Return to Wartwood)
  • Survived in the middle of a house sized explosion of electricity completely unharmed
  • Got shocked with tasers several times and only came out of it with frizzed hair
  • Fought effectively on top of lava like chocolate, and in massive magma caverns, which may have been around an estimate of 900 degrees Celsius, and possibly more
  • Fought effectively while in the midst of a battleground as high as the Amphibian auroras
    • Auroras can appear as high as 1000 km above sea level, and humans start to suffer from lack of oxygen at around 6000 meters
  • Also braved the Amphibian arctic without a coat

Speed And Agility

  • Quick enough to block the Chicka-lisk's laser of petrification with her sword (which is likely a light speed laser since it doesn't explode upon contact)
    • Tl;dr: Anne can likely react at light speed!
    • It might have been perspective, but it even looks like Anne put up her sword after the Chicka-lisk started firing at her.
  • Also reacted to and ducked under Frobo's laser
  • Able to dodge falling stalactites while under heavy G-Forces
  • Able to jump 5 feet in the air
  • Was able to dodge sword swipes from Sasha, who shatters a highly trained and militiarized newt's claws (which chopped down every tree in the establishing shot with a single swipe)
  • Able to dodge and weave around a killer robot's furious attacks (before being knocked into a hay bale)
  • Able to whip and weave around the bull sized beetle, Andromeda, while carrying another frog on her back
  • Outran a crocodile, a giant chicken, several dog-sized weevils, an angry mob (which was pretty much the entire city of Newtopia) and an angry tribe with a goat demon
    • Since the chicken was approximately 15-20 feet tall, it's reasonable to compare it to the Zhuchengtyrannus, which had a speed of around 35-50 kilometres per hour! And Anne and Sprig are far ahead of it!
  • Escaped an avalanche
  • Kept up with Valeriana, who is the keeper of the Calamity Box, knew all of Anne's secrets and has an incredible amount of experience


  • Very Skilled in Muay Thai
  • Consistently able to topple enemies much larger than she is, due to being faster, wittier, or exploiting an easy weakness
  • The only sword fight, or...racket fight, she's lost so far was to Frobo, a literal killing machine
  • Incredible Sword and Racket fighting Prowess
  • Considered worthy enough to pass the trial of the Second Temple
  • Experience with Magical Devices
  • Incredibly resourceful, one of her greatest strengths


  • Mantis Scythe- Can slice cleanly through weaker objects, made from the claw of a mantis
  • Flamethrower
  • Glowing Magic Sword that she got from Tritonio
    • Immune to petrification
  • Tennis Racket that's surprisingly durable for a flimsy school tennis racket. She used it to whack a robot 6 times over the noggin without the neck so much as bending, much less snapping!
    • Resistant to the durability of metal
  • Back-Up Sword

Calamity Box Powers!

  • Wields the powers of the "Heart" Calamity gem, which gives increased bravery, strength and dramatically increased speed and agility
  • Causes Tritonio sword to glow blue
  • Gives the wielder an almost "Spidey-sense" like reaction ability, and the speed to dodge so they don't become a pancake
    • The users of the Calamity Gem magic are often capable of dodging the crushing feet of building sized enemies after they have already begun the motion of bringing down their foot to crush said users.


  • Can activate at will
  • Blitzed King Andrias and knocked him off balance with a punch
  • Gives her the power of flight, allowing her to literally move faster than the eye can see
  • Allows her to dodge lasers point blank
  • Gives her lightning powers
  • Spawns lasers to incinerate robots and knock Andrias to the ground
  • Moved from the floor to the ceiling without anyone in the room noticing (Andrias was about to punch her and when he lifted his fist, she was on the ceiling instead of the ground)
  • Able to obliterate and fling launched missiles!


  • Faints as soon as her Calamity Form expires
  • Susceptible to ranged attacks in base form, due to being more of a close range brawler herself
  • A little brash and headstrong sometimes, not a tactician and runs into battle when her friends are in danger
  • A bit impatient, left the Temple before her stone was 100% charged, although it did save her in the finale
  • May be bested by an opponent with a lot of raw destructive power, although due to her high durability, explosions are unlikely to kill her so easily
  • Almost never enters a fight with an actual plan

Sprig, running away from Hop Pop: Wait so this was your plan? Anne, you've done it again!

(On a separate occasion...)

Sprig: So what if this fails

Anne: It wont!


  • Despite being cartoonistically durable, she is still a human teenager, and is still vulnerable to powerful physical attacks
  • Defeated by Frobo


  • Surprisingly powerful for a 13 year old girl with a tennis racket, a sword and farming tools
  • One of the most powerful human Disney protagonists so really.
  • Wakes up with leaves in her hair every morning, and was unaware of this for months
  • Based partially off of the creator, Matt Braly's, grandmother
  • Spent the entirety of the first season not showering, since the Plantar home doesn't have a shower
    • Luckily, she's been to Toad Tower and Newtopia, so she's had plenty an opportunity to freshen up
  • It's unclear whether her cartoonish durability is due to her being...a cartoon character, or if it has something to do with the blue Calamity Gem
  • The show's Calamity Gems are based off of the Chaos Emeralds from Sonic the Hedgehog and the Triforce from The Legend of Zelda
  • One of her mentors in Amphibia, Valeriana, is voiced by Sussane Blakeslee, who you may recognize as Wanda from The Fairly OddParents!
  • Her school uniform technically doesn't meet common school uniform guidelines, since her fingers go below the bottom of the uniform.
  • Only had less than 15% of her Calamity powers before she went Super Calamity
  • Her final form is internally called Super Anne, but Super Calamity is cooler C'MOOOOON
  • Her show is pure comedy
    • Has a friendly rivalry with the Owl House fandom