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I have evolved far beyond what I was when we last met. You do not want to challenge me.
~ A.M.A.Z.O. - Justice League: Unlimited Season 1 Episode 8 - The Return (September, 2004)

Amazo is a robotic supervillain of DC Comics.

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  • Wins: 4
  • Losses: 0
  • Draws: 0

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As A.M.A.Z.O. (DCAU)[]


Amazo is the creation of Professor Anthony Ivo. He utilizes "absorption cell" technology in order to copy (formerly downright, well, absorb) the powers of superhumans. This has made Amazo one of the biggest threats the Justice League ever faced.

Death Battle Info[]

  • Aliases: Timazo
  • Gender: Male
  • Affiliations: formerly Secret Society of Super-Villains


  • Android Physiology:
    • Absorption Cells:
      • Object Duplication (duplicates weapons tied to various superpower sets)
      • Power Negation (formerly)

Superhuman Power Sets Duplicated[]


  • Any flaw Amazo suffers from tends to be brief and counter-measured.
  • Absorbed the "success factor" of the entire Justice League in order to kill the being known as "I." [1]
  • Defeated Hal Jordan, thanks to possessing the willpower of six Leaguers. [2]
  • A copy of the original Amazo made from one of its fragments could copy the chronokinetic abilities of Hourman Matt Tyler's Worlogog, becoming "Timazo." [3]
  • Another incarnation managed to swap species with the Justice League, turning them into robots and Amazo into a human. [4]
  • Timazo basically took over Hourman's life, similar to what SCP-4000 does to people. [5]
  • Timazo is currently locked in an eternal battle with Hourman in the spacetime continuum. [6]
  • In his golden evolved state, A.M.A.Z.O. is among the most powerful beings in the DC Animated Universe.


  • Hal Jordan used his willpower to swap the "success factor" of the League with their "defeat factor" the moment "I" was killed. [7]
  • The Pre-Crisis Amazo was defeated for good when he absorbed the body & mind of drunkard Jake McGregor, and was left catatonic by Martian Manhunter trapping him a "logical dead-end loop." [8]
  • Amazo's second iteration was killed when Resurrection Man used the emotions from the crowd watching the android's fight with the Justice League, and using to create an energy blast that destroyed Amazo. [9]
  • While he initially absorbed the flaws of his opponent, Amazo managed to overcome the borrowed flaws.
  • He was initially held back by Ivo's directives and cannot deviate from them, usually shutting down if his mission has ended. But he gradually overcame that flaw.
  • He can only access his learned abilities one at a time. But he gradually overcame that flaw.
  • Once absorbed the powers of Bizarro, only for his mind to malfunction due to adapting Bizzaro's traits.
  • Was unable to copy Superboy-Prime's powers.
  • Amazo 3764 was claimed by Slaughter Swamp after absorbing Solomon Grundy's power set. [10]




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