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Alice XVI
That isn't a technique. That's a disgrace, and you should feel bad for still having it on your skill bar.
~ Alipheese to Luka

Alipheese Fateburn XVI is the 16th Monster Lord and heroine from the Monster Girl Quest eroge game trilogy, and the more traditional looking Monster Girl Quest; Paradox game.

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Alipheese (Referred to as "Alice"), is a monster from the Echidna species. She is the 16th Monster Lord, and also last daughter of the Fateburn family. When she was young, Alice found her mother dead at the hands of four humans. Seeing her dead mother threw her into an enraged state, where she killed two of the said humans with ease and fatally injured the third before stopping and mourning the loss of her mother. Afterwards, she was raised by Tamamo no Mae, a powerful nine tailed kitsune and aide of the previous monster lords, until the time for the next coronation of new Monster Lord were to take place. While Alice was raised by Tamamo, she had other kitsunes bully Alice so her rage would not be kindled against humanity.

When the coronation of the next monster lord took place, it became a five-way battle royale between Alice, and four other powerful monsters. Namely; Alma Elma, the Queen of the Succubi. Tamamo No Mae, the leader of the kitsunes. Erubetie, the Queen Slime, and Granberia, the dragonkin and swordswoman of flame. In their battle royale, Alma Elma left the match early purely on a whim, Tamamo and Erubetie knocked each other out, leaving only Alice and Granberia left for the title. While the struggle was long for Alice, she ultimately came out on top, and bested the skillful Granberia in battle, making Alice the victor and crowned as the 16th Monster Lord. She then appointed her opponents and formed them into her Four Heavenly Knights to keep power in check in her realm. As the Monster Lord, no monster dares revolt against her reign.

After some time, Goddess Ilias, attacks Alice, which resulted of her fateful encounter with Luka, in where she became his traveling companion on his journey towards creating a world where humans and monsters can coexist.

Death battle Info[]


  • Age:21
  • Species: Echidna (x)
  • Current reigning Monster Lord
  • Height/Weight: Unknown/immeasurable Due to form

Alice possesses supernatural strength, immense magical ability, a sharper sense of smell and hearing, the ability to change her body in numerous(and often grotesque) ways, flight, teleportation, and many sexual skills. She can also sense the aura of other monsters, and is capable of inflicting numerous status ailments through her eyes, causing Luka to call her a “walking status ailment machine.”

Aside from having great natural abilities, she's also well versed in many things such as monster swordsmanship, forms of combat, religious matters, poisons and etc... and she also appears to be immune to poisons. She has shown this trait after drinking contaminated water with large amounts of poison from Undine's Spring, and wasn't even affected by its ailments whatsoever afterwards. Alice is also very analytical and adaptable to most situations, allowing her to read her opponent’s abilities and tactics then use that knowledge to turn the tables to her favor.


  • Seriously injured Goddess Ilias in their fight.
  • Killed said Goddess in her final form with the help of Luka, the Four Heavenly Knights, and Fallen Angel Micaela.
  • Can easily crush a steel door in her sealed form while unarmed.
  • Beats and dominates Luka with ease (Game over)


  • Despite being a powerful monster, Alice is terribly afraid of ghosts. She'll froze up, and sometimes faint at the sight of them. Even mentioning them causes her to go into a panic.


  • To Luka, the name “Alice” does not fit her – he thinks it is far too innocent a name for someone like her.
  • Alice was named Alicefeeze for her English name by Torotoro, but was renamed to Alipheese by RogueTranslator, as he thought the spelling sounded weird (stupid).
  • Alice happens to have a verbal tic: “Hora, hora hora!”
  • Alice is referenced in the eroge game; Corruption of Champions. While wandering the desert sometimes, the player will come across a naga with “blue skin” and “a flower in her hair”. She is found cooking a potato over a burning library, shouting “Hora hora!”.
  • She also possesses no cooking skills, and can turn inanimate objects into monsters if she tries to cook.