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Alex vs Boog is an off-season What If? Death Battle by TheVoidofDrawings, featuring Alex the Lion from the Madagascar series, and Boog from the Open Season series in a fight between two large, lovable top-of-the-food-chain protagonists.



Andy: Alex, the worldwide circus-performing lion and former "King Of New York"...

Chris: ...and Boog, the self-proclaimed "mighty grizzly" and protector of Timberline's National Forest.

Marceline: You know those annoying animated animal movies that irritate your soul? And the other ones that are rip-offs with barely any effort put into them? Well, we're put in these scenarios. So who would win? The original, or the homage? We're only doing the movies and shorts, by the way.

Sharen: I'm Sharen, and these are my pals: Andy, Chris and Marceline! It's our job to do the research to find out which one of these big ol' heroes would win...



Alex The Lion Dances Into DEATH BATTLE!

Andy: There's a lot of Dreamworks movies that left large marks on the animation industry, such as Shrek and Kung Fu Panda. Though overtime, we found that there was one formerly popular: Madagascar.

Chris: Yeah, it's trilogy was confusing, and I liked the first movie more than the others. None of you guys will convince me, even if you show me the Penguins mo- ...I liked that one, but I still love the first.

Sharen: ...I thought they all were great!

Chris: Shut the fuck up, Sharen.

Sharen: Aw, okay...

Chris: Back on topic, Alex-

Marceline: He was originally named Alakay, dumbass.

Chris: ...ALAKAY was born to a loving mother and father, having a good childhood so far, lucky guy. One day, his father, Zuba, was teaching him how to hunt and kept on having to stop him from dancing so he could defend himself. It didn't work out, and while the alpha lion got in a brawl with the local bastard, Makunga, the little cub ran off whilst chasing a rope.

Marceline: As soon as big dad won the fight and acknowledged that he vanished, we cut to when he encountered hunters... er, poachers, whatever the hell you want to call them. Anyway, they faced him with guns as soon as he arrived, and I thought he was going to die while I happily narfed on my popcorn. Sadly, they stored his ass in a damn crate. Mother fucker, I wanted his annoying ass to DI-

Sharen: Once the daddy saw the hunters on the run with his baby, he rushed to the rescue and got SO close to freeing him... until his ear got shot. I-It was bleeding- (Sniff) -a-and he fell... I thought he died and the b-b-baby fell out and got loooossssst...

(Suddenly, Sharen started to cry like a baby, literally. In shock, Marceline got her some tissues and comforted her.)

Marceline: O-Oh shit! There, there... it's alright...

(While Marceline and Sharen went to a room to take a breather, Andy and Chris decided to continue.)

Andy: ...That took an unexpected turn. Oh well, while they collect themselves, let us continue Alex's origin, shall we?

Chris: Aight. So moving on, Alex floated across the sea from Africa to New York- wait a goddamn minute. How the hell did he not die on the way to the Big Apple? I mean, it's pretty far.

Andy: Well, as much as I'd love to get into the math of it, it's, well... undefinable logic. Moving on, Alex soon arrived at New York, getting onto the newspaper and being taken into the Central Park Zoo, of which he would soon love as his home.

Chris: Naturally, his dancing dream encouraged him to tango into popularity as the crowd cheered him on. After all this recognition for doing what he loves, the little guy grew to the place and became the center of attention. That my friends, is how he became the 'King of New York'.... I'm gonna grab a soda.

Andy: A soda?

Chris: Yeah, it's technically kid-grade beer that adults drink to censor themselves.

Andy: ...Man, this is all fucking my mind right now.

Chris: You get used to it. Alex had all the fame in the world, at least until his best friend Marty ran off because he wanted to be in the wild. Off to stop him, Alex, alongside the neurotic Melman and sassy Gloria, reach their zebra compadre before it's too late, at the cost of being circled by the fuzz. Naturally, they were 'tranc'd', trapped in crates and being transported to Africa on a boat.

Andy: Alongside other animals from the Central Park Zoo.

Chris: Eh, nobody cares about em'.

Andy: As they woke up, their greetings turned into a full-blown argument whilst the Penguins broke out to hijack the ship. After enough cluelessness, they were able to turn the ship around at the expense of the zoo quad's crates falling off, mostly prior to their quarrel. Once Alex came by, daytime emitted as the others arrived.

Chris: Blah, blah, blah, after they met, they found themselves in Madagascar, saw lemurs, chased off Foosas, became one with the crowd, and by that, I mean lemurs, Alex turned Rated R and was about to eat Marty until he isolated himself from everyone else, the four chased off the Foosas AGAIN, happy ending, yada, yada, yada. Can we get onto the stats now?

Andy: Well Chris, first let me lay out his accomplishments over the years. Alex chased off the Foosas, as you already explained, saved Africa from a drout, learned a lot about Valentine's Day, saved Christmas and defeated enemies such as Nana, Makunga and Chantel DuBois.

(After a while, Marceline and Sharen returned.)

Chris: Back so soon, lovebirds?

Marceline: Shut the hell up before I hang you with your own organs.

Sharen: We're back! Yay! ...Did we miss anything?

Chris: Nothing much.

Andy: Now that everyone is here, let's move onto Alex's physicals. He can do more than dance, believe me. In fact, Alex surpasses what a lion can do TENFOLD.



Boog the Bear Is Open For The Season In DEATH BATTLE!

Andy: Sony, a popular company in which gives-

Chris: 2 words, nerd: Shitty. Movies. In it's glory days, their content was much better than the fuckfests of films they give us now, but then I ask myself... what 'glory days'?

Marceline: You didn't even watch EVERY MOVIE they did, dipshit.

Chris: I don't need to. I already know.




Andy: Alright, we've done our research and calculated the data throughout all possibilities.

Chris: Yeah, let's end this debate once and for all. Everyone ready?

Marceline: Yeah, whatever, just turn on the damn fight.

Sharen: It's time for a DEATH BATTLE!!!

Death Battle



  • The connections between Alex and Boog are listed below:
    • Both are big, brown and beastly protagonists from early 2000s movies that are rather friendly for their vicious, undefeatable species. They are very calm, ongoing and good-hearted, being a protector (or formerly in Alex's case) of a large area full of domesticated animals (Madagascar and Timberline National Forest) that they were shipped to thanks to their troublemaking partner (Marty and Elliot).
    • They're anthropomorphic animals that are rather quick-witted for their species, having more human-like common sense than the rest of their fellow animal friends that mostly originates from their lives in the city.
    • The two have creative names that they have been given, and lived up to (the "King of New York" for Alex, and the "Mighty Grizzly" for Boog).
    • They have comfortable items from their childhoods that they cherish like nothing else (Foofie for Alex, and Dinkleman for Boog).
    • Both used to have an obsession with a sort of food that's natural for them to eat (Steak for Alex, and Fishy Crackers for Boog).
    • Despite their calm natures, they are prone to having their true animal forms kick in (Alex only has it when he's hungry, though both of them can also have it take over when their friends get hurt).
      • Fun Fact: These dark sides of theirs have originated from the first movies, and the first movies only.
    • They always have their loyal sidekicks by their sides, of which are short, skinny and very free-spirited, often being so enthusiastic that they sometimes drag their brown best friends into trouble (Marty and Elliot).
    • Even if they don't look like they would be, they're skilled in combat and have amazing physicals, even being able to easily pick up their own best friends in their first films (Alex lifted Marty, Melman and Gloria above him with ease, while Boog easily held Elliot in his hand).
    • Their pasts have similar histories, in which they have been found by loving humans to be taken in and preform for the people, only to grow up with said talent.
      • To follow up with this, they have done this for a while now, until they got in trouble with a scrawny, mischievous animal (Marty and Elliot: the third installation), in which they had to be shipped to the wild and learn how to be a wild animal again, until they had to fight off a large force of fierce enemies (the fooza for Alex, and hunters for Boog) and keep on protecting their locations.
    • Their franchises have very, very similar trilogies, in which it starts with their origin listed above, a sequel where they go to different locations to learn about one's past (Alex had to look back at his, while this sequel for Open Season focused more on Mr. Weenie), third movies in which they went to a Russian travelling circus and extra fourth movies that had a different take on it (the fourth movie in it focused on The Penguins, while Boog had to conquer his fears). Nowadays, they aren't talked about much.