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Akuma vs Heihachi ! Two Iconic Martial Arts Fighting Game villains finally decide on who is the strongest!


Wiz: Akuma, the Turbo Street Fighting Master of The Fist

Boomstick: And Heihachi the Iron Fisted Mishima of Tekken

Wiz: Fighting Games are known for many baddies but not a lot of them can match these two

Boomstick : He is Wiz and I am Boomstick

Wiz : And it's our job to analysis their weapons, armor, and skills too see who would win a Death Battle!



Wiz:In 1992 Street Fighter 2 Turbo and it birthed one of the greatest Villains and the most famous Super Move ever: AKUMA!

Boomstick: In the fields of Japan , Akuma trained under Goutetsu along his brother Gouken. Here he was taught the ways of Anatsuken with his greatest weapon, Satsui No Hado!

Wiz: Goutetsu obviously banished Akuma from the Dojo due to him using Satsui No Hado. Which translates to Surge Of Murderous Intent

Boomstick: Like any other story this will eventually bite him back as Akuma defeated his master with his mastered Satsui No Hado, basically he killed him. And Gouken was really pissed!

Wiz: 2 brothers will keep duelling over the which type of Anatsuken is superior as well as control over Ryu, the main protagonist of the series. Eventually Akuma seemingly killed Gouken with help of some powerful moves

Boomstick: Like his Gou Hadouken , he can even fire it with a single hand without any lose in damage! I am looking at you Dan.

Wiz:He has such staples like the Goshouruken and Tatsumaki Repyukaku . He can phase through attacks with Ashura Senku and stun opponents with Focus Attack.

Boomstick : He also has a lot of super and hyper combos. Like the Messatsu Gou Hadou which is just a purple kamehameha . He also can punch very hard like to sink an island or explode an asteroid. This attack is apparently called Kongou Kokuretsuzan.

Wiz: But this is nothing compared to the attack that killed Gouken. The Raging Demon. A barrage of lightning fast strikes that annihilate opponent’ soul . This attack can only be survived if you either do not have a would or you disconnect your soul beforehand . The latter is extremely hard due to Akuma outspeeding character like M. Bison who intercepted a laser at Mach two thousand .

Boomstick: He also defeated Gen and Necalli. Akuma is also considered to be stronger than characters that can survive a tornado or an asteroid and Akuma fights them like nothing.

Wiz: Sadly Akuma is a glass canon who cannot take a lot of punishment. However this would change when Akuma transforms.

Boomstick: Like Shin Akuma which is like Ultra Instinct with white hair and master control. It greatly increases the power of his techniques like being able to shooting 2 hadoukens at the same time. But his greatest form has to be the ONI. It can bathe in lava and is a super blue evolution of Akuma. Wait isn’t Ultra Instinct stornger

Wiz: Drago Ball similarities aside Akuma is an incredible fighter. In the end nobody can be the one who is above the heaven.

Akuma slides from the left and performs Raging Demon on M Bison