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Akuma VS Kazuya Mishima
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Season 4
Overall Episode 46
Season Episode 7
Air date February 1st, 2020
Written by Shadow7615
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Street Fighter VS Tekken! Classic icons of the genre, embracing the power within. The beings they truly are will reveal the extent of their strength, there's no holding back now.

Akuma vs. Kazuya Mishima is the 46th episode of DEATH BATTLE! by Shadow7615, featuring Akuma from the Street Fighter series and Kazuya Mishima from the Tekken series in a battle between powerful fighting game bosses with deadly super forms.


Boomstick: Power, it comes in many forms, but perhaps the most badass of them all is Demonic Power.

Wiz: While it may sound dangerous on paper, it has created incredibly powerful fighters, Such as Akuma, Master of the Fist.

Boomstick: And Kazuya Mishima, the Ice-Cold Heir.

Wiz: These combatants have canonically fought before, but for this battle, we will use both as depicted in their original universes.

Boomstick: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick!

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor and skills to find out who would win... a Death Battle.


Wiz: The Ansatsuken fighting style is certainly among the most recognizable fighting styles in the world, even with its bloody origins.

Boomstick: I'll rest my case, it specifically made to murder automatically makes it the best martial art ever.

Wiz: You may already know the most famous user of the style, the wandering warrior, Ryu. While he trained under his master, Gouken, there was another alongside Gouken who learned the Ansatsuken many years ago. His name was Akuma.

Boomstick: At first, Akuma and Gouken trained under their master, Goutetsu in learning the Ansatsuken, but once they learned its violent nature, including the Satsui no Hado, Gouken rejected it, but Akuma embraced it as it was intended. Once Akuma had trained enough, he challenged Goutetsu to a deathmatch, and he won!

Wiz: While Goutetsu approved of his pupil surpassing him, this split the two brothers down different paths, and while Gouken would go on to teach a non-lethal version of the style, Akuma fully committed to it and became an incredible force of nature.

Boomstick: With his skill in the style, Akuma is a master in close-quarter combat. Since he uses the lethal version, he has different versions of the three most well-known moves. The Goshoryuken, the Gohadouken, the Tatsumaki Zankuky-- I'm not gonna say that word. Its the more lethal spinning leg one.

Wiz: But he's far from just a lethal version of Ryu, Akuma has plenty of other techniques he can use, Hyakkishu, better known as the Demon Flip. As well as Ashura Senku, which functions like teleportation, since Akuma can't be attacked in this brief state of gliding.

Boomstick: Akuma has a lot, and I mean, a lot of super moves. You might remember the one where he hits the ground so damn hard that things explode. This move was powerful enough to shatter an entire island! In just one punch!

Wiz: Given its presentation to the player, its difficult to determine just how powerful this punch was, we can make a general scope, which can be anywhere around 308.9 kilotons of TNT to as high as 400 megatons! Given that Ryu, who was close by at the time, was knocked into the water, the feat has to be somewhere in this area.

Boomstick: He must have a vendetta against this kinda stuff because he also split Ayers Rock, you know, that place in the middle of Australia?! This guy definitely lives up to being final boss material.

Wiz: Akuma has a V-Skill called Rakan, which is essentially a parry technique. But no skill up that nonexistent sleeve can match the Shun Goku Satsu. The Raging Demon remains as Akuma's deadliest technique, by attacking the soul directly with the weight of the victim's sins.

Boomstick: Oho man, gotta have three kids that I care about. But if you thought Akuma had used up all of his tricks, he's got more! By letting himself tap into more of the Satsui no Hado, Akuma can enter a transformed state, called "Shin Akuma".

Wiz: While as Shin Akuma, his strength and speed increase, and by this point, he's unleashing his full power. The transformation is so powerful, its been rarely used by Akuma in canon, but we know he accesses the form with ease. For Akuma, its a simple matter of whether or not he deems his opponent worthy of his full power.

Boomstick: Though he almost doesn't need to transform into Shin Akuma, because a lot of greatest feats don't even use it. He's jumped from 4,000 feet below the ocean to the surface in three seconds flat! While destroying a submarine for good measure.

Wiz: That would put Akuma at around three thousand miles per hour. And he's claimed victory against numerous opponents, including Goutetsu, Gouken and Gen. And he's bloodied his hands by successfully killing Bison and Gill, two incredibly powerful boss characters.

Boomstick: And he's constantly battled Ryu. Making the two pretty comparable overall. But while Akuma has his strengths, he does have some distinct downsides. He's so damn committed to the fight, that he has a purely offensive approach.

Wiz: Even then, Akuma tends to go easy on his opponents, often at times keeping the bulk of his power sealed. Due to this mentality, he has battled people he could realistically beat a lot easier if he chose to unleash his full power.

Boomstick: And he will only ever unleash his full power if he can find an opponent who is strong enough that Akuma wants to surpass and kill them, as proof that his strength can surpass the best fighters in the entire world.

Wiz: It's dangerous because Akuma could potentially let his opponent get too powerful that he loses his control over the fight, which is where he doesn't want to be.

Boomstick: Still, considering how tough you'd have to be, that hardly makes Akuma a weakling. All should respect the power of the Master of the Fist.

Akuma: I am Akuma, and I will teach you the meaning of pain.


Wiz: Since the days of World War II, the Mishima family capitalized on the war and formed an industrial empire, specializing in military resources. Even after the end of the war and Japan's losses, the Mishima family survived, but after the war, their resources turned away from military efforts.

Boomstick: Instead they decided to open a Dojo, and use their time to become incredibly skilled martial artists, and that would carry on for multiple generations. As time went on, the Dojo united the Mishima family with their partners in life. I can't argue with a woman who wants to fight and spend their life with you.

Wiz: As time went on, Heihachi and Kazumi Mishima would become the best of fighters, and lovers, and their offspring, much like them, was destined to become one of the most powerful martial artists in the world, they named their child, Kazuya Mishima.

Boomstick: Just like how I trained with Mama Boomstick, Kazuya trained with his father for years. But things got pretty tough for Kazuya once his mother was found dead, and Heihachi was responsible.

Wiz: This action pushed Kazuya to seek revenge on his father for committing such uxoricide. And Heihachi made Kazuya's life unruly, Kazuya would be beaten within an inch of his life, and once Heihachi had enough, decided to toss his son from a cliff, all to see if he would survive.

Boomstick: Why does it always have to be either your dad doesn't stick around to raise you, or he does stick around but is a complete and utter prick?! Anyway, as an "F you" to his father, Kazuya survived the fall. At five years old! And then once Heihachi announced the First King of Iron Fist Tournament, this was the call.

Wiz: Kazuya entered, and applied his training to the best of his ability, he mastered the Mishima Style Fighting Karate that his grandfather founded all those years ago. Which included various techniques that he learned from Heihachi.

Boomstick: The Flash Punch Combo, a staple across the whole family, the Lightning Screw Uppercut and the family's signature 10-Hit Combo, which gives you an express delivery of attacks you can't escape until you get hit with the Dragon Uppercut.

Wiz: With all this skill, Kazuya won the first King of Iron Fist Tournament, taking the family business for himself. As part of proving his dominance to the world, Kazuya hosted the second King of Iron Fist Tournament. But this time, things wouldn't go so well for Kazuya, Heihachi won the tournament, and Kazuya was dropped into a volcano.

Boomstick: Heck, a lot of people thought he was dead. Tekken 3 even went out of its way to leave Kazuya out, convincing even the players that Kazuya was dead. But surprise, surprise, Kazuya had survived this too. How did he survive? It's all thanks to his late mother, she passed down an incredible power, called the Devil Gene.

Wiz: The Devil Gene is an incredible and dreaded power, and Kazuya spent that time learning to control the Devil Gene's power, which he successfully pulled off, but then destiny threw a wrench Kazuya's way. Somehow his son, Jin Kazama, also had the Devil Gene, leading three generations into a family feud the likes of which none had seen before.

Boomstick: The Devil Gene, when fully harnessed, allows Kazuya to transform into Devil Kazuya, a badass form that grants him flight, as well as increased speed, strength, and durability. One time, Heihachi decided to fire a satellite laser on Kazuya's corporate building. And he survived thanks to tapping into the Devil Gene.

Wiz: Measuring the blast radius and resulting devastation, the laser's firepower appears to equal 3.7 megatons of TNT. And then Kazuya decided to return the favour by shooting his own laser to destroy the satellite, Given that the satellite resided in Geosynchronous orbit, which is 22,370 miles high, and the fact it took Devil Kazuya's laser 6 seconds to reach it. The laser must have moved 13,421,617 mph, or 2% light speed.

Boomstick: Just from the laser that comes off his head! And sure enough, it behaves like a real laser, it moves straight, burns stuff instead of triggering a big kaboom, and so on. And if that wasn't crazy enough, Kazuya learned to unleash even more of the Devil's power, becoming True Devil Kazuya, which was able to subdue Heihachi!

Wiz: Kazuya is certainly attributed to many outstanding feats. He won the first King of Iron Fist Tournament, survived repeated death falls that would've killed normal men, became a publically respected leader of the G Corporation, and bested numerous fighters, including Raven, and his father multiple times.

Boomstick: After an epic final battle, Kazuya finally killed his old man. Making him one of the strongest, and now deadliest men in the world. Heck, moments after that, his laser beam collided with another attack, and it was powerful enough to kick up a volcanic eruption, which at a bare minimum requires 3.9 megatons.

Wiz: But don't mistake Kazuya for being infallible. He's far from it. He's been defeated by his family repeatedly, Heihachi, Lars, Jin. And while his Devil forms are powerful, Kazuya can be worn down to the point that he can forcibly revert back to his base form, which Heihachi at Full Power used to great effect before his death.

Boomstick: Plus his Devil Gene has specific weaknesses, the Kazama bloodline and Archers of Sirius have holy abilities that Devil Gene users are vulnerable to.

Wiz: And Kazuya's durability feats are thanks to the Devil Gene, and not his base form. While Kazuya is not weak by any means, he could only survive these thanks to the Devil Gene. Meaning he may force himself to transform instead of waiting for an opportune moment to become Devil Kazuya.

Boomstick: But transforming into a goddamn Devil to compete with the best hardly makes Kazuya a weakling. I won't ever consider getting on this guy's bad side.

Wiz: Few can match the strength of Kazuya and the power of the Devil.

Kazuya: A fight is about who's left standing. Nothing else.


A sprawling city, blanketed by the descending sunlight's transformation into sunset. What defines this city is the skyscrapers that rise above and pierce the skies. While many companies and organizations find their place here, one of them stands out from the rest, as it is a celebrated biotech firm and military powerhouse that rose up to fight against the warmongers that declared the whole planet a warzone. This place was known as the G Corporation. And they had recently gained the upper hand in the war effort, their foes had suffered a major blow, the head of the organization had disappeared, completely without a trace.

Without their leader, they could not effectively continue the war, giving the G Corporation the opportunity to take the lead, with the odds becoming more and more likely the conflict will end in their favour. In this bustling city, one of the tallest structures was the primary headquarters of the G Corporation. With eyes and ears constantly looking for where to make the next move, the most important people are able to sustain the crucial information.

Inside one of the many offices, the leader of the organization sat in their chair, with a monitor switched on, displaying major news headlines, some reports suggest the war might be over, others say the war has yet to end, regardless, it does nothing to sway the thoughts of the G Corporation's leader. Eventually, communication came through to the office, a buzzing noise could be heard through a speaker, with an attached microphone. "Sir, the helicopter is about to arrive." Turning to the speaker, the leader pressed the button, allowing him to reply.

"Very good, prepare for immediate departure." the leader's voice ordered. "Yes, sir!". With the command instructed, the leader rose from his chair and exited his office. As he heads for the building's singular helipad, several of the G Corporation's finest soldiers guard every corridor and area the leader passes through, all looking to ensure his safety. And so far, all is going well. After a momentary ride in an elevator, the leader could finally see sunlight, signalling to him the presence of the helipad.

As the doors opened, the leader stepped out. Without any doubt, this was Kazuya Mishima. Who everyone had come to see as a hero, having bravely elected to fight in the war. Despite the lack of opposition, Kazuya reminded intent on hunting down his two familial targets, Heihachi and Jin. It seemed uncertain where either of them had ended up, but Kazuya was smart and knew that without a leader, the Mishima Zaibatsu would not remain stable, it seemed all too likely that Heihachi would return once again to reclaim the family business.

Looking to cut his father off from that avenue, Kazuya had not only readied himself, but a legion of his troops to confront Heihachi should he consider the idea of resisting. With all the pieces in their proper places, everything seemed to unfold just as Kazuya intended, just about...

The sound of gunfire could be heard, and Kazuya quickly dropped to the ground, thinking he may have been the target, but to his surprise, the gunfire is unexpectedly halted, and then he heard the sound of bodies dropping to the ground. For an instinctive moment, Kazuya thought it may have been one of his family members, looking to finally settle the score, he raised a smile as his left eye sported its crimson glow.

Turning around, Kazuya saw his entire security detail laying on the ground, disarmed and unconscious. But he did not see the assailant, but then he could feel the presence of someone close by. Kazuya focused that feeling and realized it was coming from behind him, but instead of turning back around right away, Kazuya decided to probe for information. "Who the hell are you?". He definitely knew this attacker was behind him.

But instead of an attack being launched, this attacker gave a response, answering Kazuya, "Someone whose fists know no equal." Intrigued by the words he was given, Kazuya turned around to see a man that not even he could recognize, with all the informative power he possessed, and his knowledge of noteworthy individuals of interest, he is confronted by someone he did not know. This lack of information perhaps proved to be enough, Kazuya became curious and entered his fighting stance, and looked his opponent.

This man was muscular and tan-skinned, red hair tied in a small top knot and crimson eyes. Prayer beads wore worn like a necklace. He wore a dark grey karate gi. After all that information, Kazuya seemed convinced he was about to fight an entirely new foe. With all that Kazuya had available to him, he looked at his surroundings, seeing that there was no one else conscious and that there would effectively be no witnesses to the battle that was about to unfold. The helicopter was present, but no pilots.

With no fear in his eyes, Kazuya felt that this was perhaps the fight he'd been looking for, "Fear not, warrior. I’ll happily take you on." With the invitation to fight offered, Akuma accepted it without fail, as his body begins to emit crimson energy. "I am Akuma. And I will teach you the meaning of pain!" As he spoke, Akuma entered his fighting stance, facing Kazuya. The two warriors were ready, focused and prepared for battle.


(Cue Broly's Theme - Dragon Ball FighterZ)

The two fighters sprinted off their legs at the same time, both running toward the other. As the two approached each other, Kazuya and Akuma pulled back their fists and then thrust them forward, the two fists collided. A shockwave erupted as the two fighters discovered the strength each of them possessed. Kazuya raised a smirk, seeing that his foe was not talking big, there was genuinely power that could rival him.

However, such things were what Akuma had not yet been informed of, he was fighting for the possible chance that a worthy opponent may reveal itself in the form of Kazuya. As the two pull back their fists, Kazuya rushes ahead, he leaps off the ground, and extends his right leg, landing a direct kick to Akuma's head. With a foot in his face, Akuma held his ground, not being launched off his feet.

With an opportunity presented to him, Akuma grabbed Kazuya's leg, and mustering his strength, tossed Kazuya overhead and drove him into the ground. Kazuya, beginning to recover from that attack, turned over so that he faced the sky above, just before he could lift himself up, Akuma stomped his foot onto Kazuya's chest. The dark warrior looked down at Kazuya with contempt, seeing nothing that truly inspired Akuma to use any more of his power. Eager to free himself from this situation, Kazuya used his legs to kick against Akuma's back.

This sent Akuma forward, briefly stumbling, but swiftly recovering. Giving Kazuya enough time to stand up and recover. Akuma turned around to see a fully recovered Kazuya once again enter his fighting stance. Akuma became more confident in his opponent's ability, and so assumed his stance as well. Akuma decided to take charge and rush headfirst into the confrontation. Kazuya saw the speedy approach and sought to manipulate it to his liking. As the warrior approached, Kazuya reached out and bypassed the incoming attack.

He did this by guiding his arm to redirect the punch. Kazuya took his chance, and grabbed Akuma by the karate gi, and tugged Akuma downward, a swift follow up attack became an option, and so Kazuya used his elbow, and forcibly impacted against Akuma's back, immediately knocking him to the ground. Kazuya expected Akuma would attempt to counter in the same fashion he was attacked earlier, so Kazuya cut off that avenue by kicking Akuma with enough force that he flew a flew meters, but while travelling, Akuma recovered.

Instead of tumbling and hitting a wall, Akuma was able to use the ground to slowly halt his momentum. Once he stopped, Akuma yet again stood up, he looked completely intact. Kazuya realized that and decided the fight was going to continue. The two ran at one another again, before they could reach each other, Akuma jumped into the air, as he did this, he performed a somersault. Kazuya stopped where he was, seeing that Akuma was intended to land on him. As he began to descend, Kazuya clenched his fist, prepared to land a strike.

Unleashing his attack, Kazuya aimed right for Akuma's chest, but then realized the chest was just outside of his fist's range, Akuma had never planned on using an attack while he jumped, the parts of Akuma that did reach Kazuya were his two hands, one on Kazuya's shoulder, and the other on his head. Akuma then converted all his falling momentum he gained into Kazuya. Akuma landed on the ground safely, and using that built up momentum, flung Kazuya several meters.

The Mishima collides with a wall, and visible cracks could be seen around the impact zone Kazuya had created. Pieces of rubble land on the ground nearby, but Kazuya walked out of the blast zone. His business uniform had been damaged, as he stepped away from the wall, Kazuya removed his trenchcoat, and ripped his dress shirt off, seeing that it was already torn in several places.

Now shirtless, Kazuya rushed back into the fight, Akuma took the opportunity to rejoin the battle, seeing if he'd find anything new. Kazuya delivered a punch, Akuma caught the punch in his hand and returned the favour with a punch to Kazuya's torso. Springboarding off the attack, Kazuya rushed back in, and swung his leg upward, kicking Akuma on the chin. As his leg reached its highest point, Kazuya kicked Akuma on the top of his head, knocking the warrior to the ground.

Refusing to give his opponent the slightest chance, Kazuya stomped on Akuma with one leg, eager to snuff out his opponent. But the attack did not make Akuma yield or even remotely back down. Akuma pushed himself off the ground, recovering safely. Kazuya charged yet again, desperate to continue his offensive, able to naturally read his opponent's moves, Akuma slightly turned himself, and promptly kicked himself off the ground, a small gust of wind formed around Akuma's leg as he held it outward as he spun repeatedly.

One of the many techniques he learned, the Tatsumaki Zankukyaku, Kazuya's reaction was quick, but not fast enough, not having seen a technique like that before, Kazuya ended up on the receiving end of the spinning technique, repeatedly struck by Akuma's leg. The combination of the speed and repetition was enough, and Kazuya fell to the ground yet again. Akuma landed swiftly, but instead of chasing Kazuya, he stood there. Waiting.

Both confused and intrigued by the warrior's training, Kazuya rose back to his feet, interested to see what more the warrior had to offer. Kazuya noticed that he was not pursued this time, as he usually would. Something must be different, and Kazuya was going to find out what, even if it means killing this warrior. The two once again clashed their fists, Akuma aimed for a direct punch, but it was intercepted by Kazuya's arm, he followed up by shoving his elbow into Akuma's face, sending him back a few feet.

Returning to normal almost immediately, Akuma was ready for more attacks, Kazuya tossed a punch out, but Akuma maneuvered his arm, slightly grazing it below Kazuya's arm, raising it up and averting its path. Akuma raised his arm and performed a sort of karate chop, striking Kazuya twice, once on the should, and the other on the torso. These blows momentarily dazed Kazuya. But the Mishima master was far from finished.

"Perhaps you're not as strong as I thought." Akuma berating his foe for being a frankly underwhelming opponent. He approached Kazuya, delivering a kick to the leg, which upset the balance Kazuya has sustained, but instead of falling to the ground, Kazuya found himself stopped by Akuma's fist on his chin. "Tremble to pieces!" Akuma shouted, as he clenched his fist and jumped into the air, striking Kazuya with the Goshoryuken.

Launched into the air and then falling back down to the ground, Kazuya was yet again surprised by the display of his opponent. Akuma touched down on the ground safely, while Kazuya hit the ground hard, he wasn't hindered, and climbed back up in little time. "I see this is where you've chosen your final resting place." Akuma curiously commented. This made Kazuya smile, but not for humour, instead, it was for the absolute absurdity of Akuma's assertion.

"Hah! No, I've simply chosen your burial ground." Kazuya refuted, both the fighters appeared more intent on fighting, neither of them had yet to show a sign of fatigue or declining strength. The two charged at each other, their fists passed by each other, and both punched each other in the face. Immediately, both recoiled back, just a few feet. But the two continued to push themselves. Akuma threw out another punch, but it was intercepted by Kazuya's left forearm.

A smirk was raised on Kazuya's face, an opportune moment had presented itself, and it wasn't going to be wasted. Kazuya, with his left elbow, shoved it into Akuma's face, completely cancelling Akuma's attacks. Akuma recoiled back, his guard completely open to attack. Kazuya tightened his grip and delivered a stern punch to Akuma's chest. As he did, Blue bolts of lightning surged across his limb.

With an opportunity to punish his foe even harder, Kazuya ran at Akuma, jumping off his feet and doing a forward leap kick, the attack sent Akuma back several feet, and finally, Akuma seemed to have taken a strong enough hit, because he dropped to one knee, looking at the ground beneath him. Akuma looked up to see his foe, and just as he'd expected, Kazuya refused to allow a window of recovery when on the advantage.

Determined to show his foe his place, Kazuya hurried as quickly as his body could allow him, where he unleashed another blow to Akuma, but just as Kazuya had done before, Akuma used his forearm to intercept and redirect the attack, but this time he took a different approach, gripping Kazuya by that forearm, Akuma pulled the forearm downward, and let go while Kazuya stumbled forward.

To complete his technique, Akuma rammed Kazuya in the head, with a direct headbutt. This seemed to disorient Kazuya for a brief moment, but Akuma wasn't finished with his offensive approach, Akuma put his hands to the side, and suddenly purple energy gathers around him, dark, focused energy forms into and through the palms. As Kazuya recovered, he saw the technique being formed, "What?!" Kazuya was completely dumbfounded, and this moment caught him off guard.

"Gohadoken!" Akuma's arms thrust outwards towards Kazuya, from those palms, a dark surging energy wave with a lavender colour is expelled, it strikes against Kazuya's chest, and knocks him to the ground. Akuma returns to his normal stance and noted that Kazuya was pretty surprised by such techniques. And yet remembered that Kazuya possessed some kind of latent power. "I see you're not willing to do what's necessary to win." Akuma looked at the downed Kazuya, seeing that he was getting back up onto his feet. "Impertinent fool!"

On his way back up, Kazuya wiped his chin with his left arm. "You bastard...", a look of contempt took over Kazuya's face, he was most irritated, and as he finally stood upright, purple energy began to form around him "...It's time to finish this!" Kazuya crossed his arms, which covered his face, as the violet energies began to appear more saturated, and finally, he exerted his power, unlocking his strength within.

(Cue Final Boss Theme (Book III) - Fire Emblem: Heroes)

Kazuya suddenly flew into the air, Akuma looked up and finally saw something of merit, he looked upon his foe, but no longer as an ordinary human being, instead, Kazuya's skin was purple, two horns extruding from his head, a third eye opened on his forehead, and a pair of black wings, the purple energy continued to maintain a kind of aura around Kazuya as he now looked down at Akuma. This was no longer Kazuya Mishima, this was Devil Kazuya. This turn of events had instilled an invitation to Akuma. One that he would not refuse.

"So this is your true power." Akuma re-entered his fighting stance, having now been given more reason to fight, and to fight with absolutely nothing held back. "A fight to the death? I shall enjoy this." Using his wings to his advantage, Devil Kazuya flew straight toward Akuma, who, due to the sudden increase in speeds, couldn't react in enough time, and Devil Kazuya grabbed hold of Akuma, lifting him up and then throwing him right into the wall.

The very same wall that Devil Kazuya himself had thrown into just a few moments ago. After impacting the wall, Akuma pushed himself off it and touched down on the ground. Seeing that his foe now had the skies to freely use, Akuma knew he needed to ground Devil Kazuya in order to keep the fight going. Akuma charged another Gohadoken into his palms, and he quickly tossed out the attack, Devil Kazuya saw the attack coming, and simply flew out of the way, but Akuma followed up his Gohadoken with another.

Finally, Devil Kazuya flew at Akuma, evading the projectile attacks along the way, Devil Kazuya once again managed to grasp Akuma, but this time, Akuma had planned to be attacked. A swift knee to the torso and Devil Kazuya dropped Akuma, the two then landed on the ground, both looking at the other. "Show me your best! Hold nothing back!" Akuma became invigorated, determined to see the absolute best in his foe. Devil Kazuya was very keen to kill but knew that his foe was not a weakling and that he'd endure.

Now driven to push himself to his limits, Akuma roared into the battle, Devil Kazuya still retained his skill with martial arts, and so continued his use of those abilities. Akuma tossed a punch, Devil Kazuya sidestepped the attack, and took advantage of the moment, unleashing a trio of punches to Akuma before kicking upward and then downward, knocking Akuma to the ground. Devil Kazuya grabbed Akuma by the karate gi and held him up in front of him, to which Devil Kazuya quickly followed up by releasing him and then delivering a stern punch before Akuma's heels could touch the ground.

Launched several meters, Akuma touched his toes to the ground as his feet skid along the surface, slowing him down to a near halt. Devil Kazuya glided forward, desperate to catch up to Akuma, but the dark warrior was not simply going to let an attack come to him voluntarily. Akuma quickly charged energy into his palms and fired a Gohadoken directly toward Devil Kazuya, the speed of his approach was too great, and he took a direct hit, knocking the powerful demon to the ground.

Seeing the demon on the ground, Akuma had begun to consider maybe even the Devil himself was not powerful enough for the Satsui no Hado. Devil Kazuya stood on one knee, recovering from the attack, he looked pretty irritated, and looked toward Akuma, "You bastard..." As Devil Kazuya's anger swelled even greater, a yellow beam shot from Kazuya's forehead, aimed right toward Akuma, striking Akuma's body, knocking him to the ground promptly.

The laser beam didn't stop at Akuma, it kept going, cleaving the cement and finally slicing off a chunk of the skyscraper, sending it careening down to the city streets below. Akuma, who was still rising onto his feet, looked and noticed the laser's destructive yield. Which helped Akuma further realize how he was going to make the strongest foe appear before him. As Devil Kazuya momentarily looked to the carnage he had just created, Akuma suddenly appeared right in front of him, as if he was teleporting. Akuma grabbed Devil Kazuya and performed a back throw.

Pulling Devil Kazuya toward him as he leaned backward, and with a kick, he sent Devil Kazuya into the skies. But with the wings on his back, Devil Kazuya recovered in midair and looked toward Akuma, still on the ground. Charing another Gohadoken into his palms, Devil Kazuya quickly realized what his foe was trying, and sought to counter his projectile. Energy seemed to gather into Devil Kazuya's forehead, where it started to glow on his third eye.

Having kept his eye on Devil Kazuya the whole time, he realized what was being attempted, and so charged an even greater amount into his palms, this time, it changed from purple to red, the Shakunetsu Hadoken. Content with what he'd created, Akuma launched his projectile diagonally toward Devil Kazuya, who focused his laser toward the Hadoken and unleashed the beam. The two attacks collided with one another, and while both were powerful, neither could overwhelm the other and so, both of them erupted as they dissolved.

Their eruption caused destruction all around them, the glass windows shattered into hundreds of pieces and the ground around them rumbled as though an earthquake had been set off. Annoyed that his attack did not work through Akuma's own, Devil Kazuya flew down to rushed at Akuma like a wild bull, grabbing hold of him. As Devil Kazuya held his grip on Akuma, he kept flying, Akuma, knowing this same predicament had already happened to him once before, employed the use of kicks to break himself free from the Devil's grasp.

But Devil Kazuya refused to budge, and so Akuma resorted to a headbutt, hitting Devil Kazuya on his forehead, which made him cower backward and drop Akuma, now enraged, Devil Kazuya unleashed his laser beam once again, yet again it managed to strike Akuma and pushed him all the way toward the skyscraper, Devil Kazuya, sufficiently enraged at this point, continued to fire the beam across the skyscraper, soon, entire chunks of the building crumbled and fell.

Several pieces now careened toward the ground, Devil Kazuya looked for Akuma, but he could not locate him, he figured Akuma must've either been crushed by the building or obliterated by the laser beam. Devil Kazuya, looked to the ground beneath him to see what destruction had been inflicted, for the most part, it was just destroyed property, it did not appear anyone was injured. But just then, out of the corner of his eye, he saw something headed right for him.

Devil Kazuya flew to the side, avoiding the attack, and noticed it was a Gohadoken! Devil Kazuya turned around with all the fury he could muster, and from a carved out portion of the skyscraper, Akuma was still standing. "I didn't think you'd stay dead long." Devil Kazuya now seeing Akuma clear as day. The warrior had not only survived but seemed to have ensured himself protection from the falling debris.

"If you are not prepared to die, you are not prepared to fight." Akuma looked above him and saw a descending piece of debris from the skyscraper. "I couldn't agree more, but you will die, dark warrior!" Devil Kazuya shouted as he flew toward his enemy. Akuma ran and jumped onto the falling piece of debris, landing swiftly, Devil Kazuya touched down on the same location. Akuma unleashed a Gohadoken, which Devil Kazuya evaded with his flight.

Making a speedy approach, Devil Kazuya struck Akuma several times, lightning channelling through his fists, and each strike dealt a precise blow to Akuma. Toss to the ground, Devil Kazuya flew to his prey, eager to continue making death blows. Akuma entered a focused stance, as Kazuya delivered several punches, but despite each of the hits landing, Akuma stayed focused. With a finishing combo move, Kazuya swung his leg at Akuma.

With his parry holding up, Akuma reversed the motions, Devil Kazuya's kick became a compromising position, and Akuma landed a heavy kick to his foe's waist. Dazed by the strike, Devil Kazuya took a step back, but that was just the moment Akuma needed. Akuma used his Ashura Senku technique to teleport behind Devil Kazuya. When he recovered, Devil Kazuya desperately looked for Akuma, but once he realized where he was, it was too late.

A clenched fist, Akuma performed the Goshoryuken, launching Devil Kazuya into the air, but instead of allowing his foe to recover, Akuma charged energy into his opposite clenched fist and slammed his fist onto Devil Kazuya's chest, now the two were rapidly approaching the ground, as the piece of debris was just meters from hitting the ground.

The two hit the ground, and as Akuma's fist and Devil Kazuya hit the ground, the entire debris piece shattered, completely broken apart, leaving the two on the now ruined streets. Akuma stood there as he watched Devil Kazuya slowly force himself up, pushing and shoving any pieces of debris that stood in his way. Devil Kazuya, however, was now at a boiling point on his anger, and once he was upright, he unleashed a mighty roar, the likes of which caught Akuma off guard.

A blinding purple aura enveloped Devil Kazuya entirely, the powerful Mishima couldn't be seen by the naked eye. Akuma smiled, seeing something he had long waited to see this entire time, and it gave him what he needed, so he stood there and watched the purple aura display continue. As the aura begins to weaken, the newly transformed Kazuya reveals his form. His body is now a dark purple, his wings now possess a greater wingspan, with each of the wings possessing eyeballs on them.

He also sports a tail, and the wound that once laid on the body of Kazuya Mishima now became the fourth eyeball. His body glows with orange on parts of his torso, especially the chest area. All his eyeballs were blood red, and the irises a golden yellow. True Devil Kazuya had entered the fray. Now finally getting the opponent he had longed for, Akuma triumphantly shouted: "This is what I was waiting for!".

With his desire to fight the strongest fulfilled, and nothing to hold him back, Akuma assumed a pose, and he started exerting a powerful aura of his own, as Akuma powered up, his body remained almost entirely the same, except for his hair, it turned into pure white. He has transformed into Shin Akuma.

(Cue Brimstone & Fire (Final Round) - Tekken 7)

"Now, face the truth of my power!" Shin Akuma opened declared. True Devil Kazuya, having allowed his opponent to power up, now charged at Shin Akuma, the two fighters collided, each exchanging a punch to the other. Both stubbornly refused to let their foe's punch send then off, so both pushed against the other's fist, the two demonic fighters eventually pulled back their fists and prepared to use other techniques in their arsenals.

With his full power, Shin Akuma unleashed three consecutive Shakunetsu Hadokens toward True Devil Kazuya, but the mighty fiend evaded all three of them, and promptly activated his laser beam for good measure, firing the beam from his forehead, striking Shin Akuma, and knocking him to the side. What Shin Akuma did notice was the laser beam no longer emitted yellow when fired, and now it was indigo.

Shin Akuma easily bounced back from being struck by the laser beam, and True Devil Kazuya yet again blitzed his way toward Shin Akuma, but the powerful warrior kicked up his leg and spun rapidly enough to hit True Devil Kazuya with enough force to disrupt his flight. The power of the Tatsumaki Zankukyaku. Shin Akuma landed on the ground and approached True Devil Kazuya on the ground, but just then, True Devil Kazuya looked at Shin Akuma and unleashed another beam, striking Shin Akuma.

But before he could even remotely allow Shin Akuma to land on the ground, True Devil Kazuya picked Shin Akuma up and flung him into a nearby building, Shin Akuma recovered quickly but was rammed head-on by True Devil Kazuya, who repeatedly struck him over and over. "I will bury you!". Blow after blow, and Shin Akuma refused to yield. Shin Akuma, in desperation, pushed himself off the wall, and shunted True Devil Kazuya, finally breaking him free from the Devil.

True Devil Kazuya recovered quickly, took off into the skies and charged toward Shin Akuma, having readied himself for a quick attack, Shin Akuma raised his forearm, guarding a punch against his foe. With his foe's wait exposed, Shin Akuma unleashed an upward kick which caught True Devil Kazuya off guard. Recovering whilst in mid-air, True Devil Kazuya launched a laser beam, striking Shin Akuma and sending him into the same building he'd been in before, as True Devil Kazuya aimed the beam upward, several pieces of this building were falling.

With an opportunity showing itself, Shin Akuma kicked a loose part of the building and sent it careening toward True Devil Kazuya, who used his fist to shatter the entire projectile to pieces. Shin Akuma used that opportunity to jump into the air and launch an attack up close, True Devil Kazuya engaged in mid-air combat with Shin Akuma each trading blows before knocking each other back.

"Feel the power of the Devil himself!" True Devil Kazuya unleashed the Electric Wind Godfist, the lightning surging through his limbs, knocking Shin Akuma into the air. "This will be your burial ground!" True Devil Kazuya unleashed a heavy punch to Shin Akuma, dazing him. True Devil Kazuya then unleashed another uppercut, launching Shin Akuma into the air. He looked up and saw his foe still vertically ascending.

True Devil Kazuya flew up to his foe, catching him, and then ramming him back down to the ground, Shin Akuma impacted on the ground. True Devil Kazuya tossed Shin Akuma in front of him. And charged purple energy into his chest, "It's over!" True Devil Kazuya finally unleashed his laser beam, but then 6 additional laser beams all fired from the eyes on his wings. " die!" All the beams focused on Shin Akuma.

An energy explosion, erupted, with Shin Akuma in its epicentre. True Devil Kazuya quickly flew up and out of the way, to avoid being in the explosion he created. A few moments pass and the explosion subsides. True Devil Kazuya overlooks the destroyed surroundings. He lands on the ground and inspects them. He then feels a blunt object strike him, and he turns in the direction to see Shin Akuma, wounded, but still standing.

Unfathomably, and beyond the concept of rage at this point, True Devil Kazuya begins to charge his laser beam with tremendous energy, "I will send you to hell!!!" True Devil Kazuya looked down at Shin Akuma, who also charged a Gohadoken with as much intensity. The two charged their attacks and unleashed them on each other. The resulting shockwave from their collision shattered more glass across multiple buildings. Shin Akuma waisted on time and ran forward, knowing True Devil Kazuya would attack him.

As True Devil Kazuya approached, Shin Akuma focused his power, assuming a stance and clenching his left fist with all the strength he could will into his being. True Devil Kazuya inbound, gave Shin Akuma a potent strike, but it did not stagger Shin Akuma's focus, and with his foe right where he wanted him, Shin Akuma lashed out his left arm, breaking his foe's guard.

"I will put an end to your arrogance! Know shame in death!" With his foe dazed, Shin Akuma surged with crimson energy as he looked toward the momentarily incapacitated True Devil Kazuya "Prepare yourself!" as the crimson energy focused around Akuma, he used Ashura Senku to strafe towards his opponent and grabs them.

"Die 1,000 deaths!" Shin Akuma shouted as he unleashed a brutal onslaught of merciless fury, the weight of Kazuya's sins weighed down on him, the blood on his hands, the urge to murder, the desire to dominate, to possess, to truly take his place as ruler by killing the foes in his path, even his own family members, all of it was an anvil to Kazuya's soul, it crushed him altogether. "Messatsu!" Shin Akuma completed the Raging Demon, and then looked down at the corpse of Kazuya Mishima, no longer the Devil, no longer a threat to anyone in this world.



(Cue Akuma Theme - Street Fighter V)

Boomstick: Oh! Damn! I'm a bit lost for words, that was just too cool!

Wiz: This one was a fierce match, Akuma and Kazuya possessed similar years of experience, comparable control of their transformed states, and enough skills that both could fight at short and long-range. But Akuma's sheer power and initial speed advantage were distinct early on. But Akuma's code usually prefers an even bout, so he wouldn't let the fight end before Kazuya could get stronger.

Boomstick: Kazuya ultimately owns the speed advantage, not only does his Devil form grant him flight, but if he's anywhere near as quick as his boy, Jin, then he can achieve speeds to fly into orbit, which is a lot quicker than Akuma's ocean feat, I mean come on, he has wings, there's no way you can be any faster.

Wiz: While Kazuya had the advantage in speed, Akuma had the advantage in strength, in his base form, Akuma broke apart an entire island, with just a single punch, while its difficult to definitively measure, we can use our previous data to conclude Akuma's yield would equal five hundred megatons. Which puts him several leaps and bounds about Kazuya's satellite durability feat.

Boomstick: While Kazuya did survive that 3.7 megaton blast, he was in his Devil form, and with that enhanced durability, it's not like Kazuya could've survived that blast in his base form. But Kazuya did have his ultimate trump card in his True Devil form, which Akuma would allow thanks to him being so keen on having a fair fight.

Wiz: Of course, Akuma had reliable access to his own trump card, Shin Akuma. And while both are nearly unstoppable forces, Shin Akuma's boosts in strength and durability make it difficult for True Devil Kazuya from landing a killing blow. Kazuya's lasers were powerful, but not powerful enough to kill Akuma so easily. We previously determined True Devil Kazuya's volcano feat could equal one hundred megatons, but that's still a generous estimate.

Boomstick: Even if we say for argument's sake that we should highball True Devil Kazuya and say the volcano feat is entirely his doing, that still wouldn't be enough to match just one punch from Akuma's base form. And with his greater control of the Satsui no Hado compared to any other practitioner, Akuma was able to play smart and figure out the best time to land his finishing blow.

Wiz: With Kazuya having committed several evil acts, and just being an evil person in general, the Raging Demon could wield extraordinary power against him. Overwhelming Kazuya's soul with all of his sins, and destroying it altogether. Overall, with the greater strength, durability, and easier methods to secure his victory, Akuma was able to quell the Devil and stop Kazuya in his tracks.

Boomstick: Looks like Akuma has 'Tekken' care of Kazuya.

Wiz: The winner is Akuma.

Original Track[]

An Original Track for this fight would be titled "The Raging Devil".

The title refers to Akuma's signature move (The Raging Demon) and Kazuya's transformed state (Devil Kazuya).