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You wanted to protect the natives of Hurikane. So we can't back down now...
~ Aktis to Plon'chi

Aktis is an original character made by SuperSaiyan2Link, set in the vast galaxy of STAR WARS. More specifically, during the era of the Clone Wars.

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  • Aktis vs Aki Yamazaki

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Death Battle Information

Biographical Information

Name: Aktis

Homeworld: Coruscant

Born: 45 BBY

Died: 18 BBY, Hurikane

Physical Description

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Height: 185 cm / 6'1"

Mass: 72.5 kg / 160 lbs

Hair color: Dirty Blond

Eye color: Brown

Skin color: Fair

Chronological and Political Information


  • Jedi Order
  • Galactic Republic
  • 702nd Clone Regiment


  • Plon'chi (formerly)
  • Shevi Chocoe


Born in 45 BBY, Aktis was abandoned by his parents and found by an unknown Dug and raised in the underworld of Coruscant. However, Aktis’s Force sensitivity was quickly picked up upon, and the Dug brought him to the Jedi Temple in hopes that he could live a much better life. Come 35 BBY, at 10 years old, Aktis was finally ready to be taken up as a Padawan. Aktis was taken up by Jedi Master Plon’chi, who had just returned from an off-planet expedition.

In 22 BBY, the Clone War begun. With tension rising in the galaxy, 23 year old Aktis was promoted to Jedi Knight, and made the Jedi Commander of the 702nd Clone Regiment; with his Master, Plon’chi, becoming the General. Akits and Plon’chi were stationed in the Outer Rim planet of Hurikane, after the Jedi heard reports of a Separatist faction going there.

For the next few years, Aktis and Plon’chi were trusted to gain the trust of the natives of Hurikane, whilst fighting off the Seperatist invaders; all the while tasked with finding out why the Separatists were there. Hurikane was rich with Kyber Crystals, just as the Planet Ilum was, but Aktis and Plon’chi never truly learned what the Separatists wanted with them.

Two years later, in 20 BBY, 25 year old Aktis and Plon’chi were still struggling with the Separatist invasion on Hurikane; the Separatists seemed determined to get what they came for, and weren’t budging. When tensions hit their peak, Jedi Master Plon’chi was shot down by the Separatist forces. In his dying words, Plon’chi told Aktis that he was a good apprentice, and entrusted him with the protection of Hurikane’s natives.

Although Aktis was old enough to handle his own in a fight, the 702nd Legion was without a General. As a result, Jedi Master Shevi Chocoe, a former apprentice of Plon’chi’s, was sent as the replacement. Shevi and Aktis didn’t get along well, although they still had a long fight ahead.

After a year of warfare, in 19 BBY, the fighting suddenly came to a halt. The Separatists were seemingly defeated, but things were not peaceful. Emperor Palpatine called for Order 66, and the 702nd Regiment suddenly turned against Aktis and Shevi. With their means of escape destroyed, Aktis and Shevi were only able to hide on the planet for a year, before they were found and defeated in 18 BBY.

Equipment/Powers & Abilities

Lightsaber Abilities

The lightsaber is the weapon of a Jedi or Sith, which is like a sword, but is made of energy and can cut through almost anything. Lightsabers are colored based on their crystals. Normally, lightsabers are green or blue because the crystals come from the planet Ilum; however, Akits, much like Jedi Masters Yaddle and Marva Zane, wields an orange-bladed Lightsaber.

Trained for a majority of his life by his Twi'lek Master, Plon'chi, Aktis's main form of lightsaber combat is Form V, Djem So. This form is primarily focused around power, and bringing the fight back to the opponent, so that Aktis can take in a barrage from his opponents, before fighting back twice as hard.

Form V

  • Focused on power.
  • There are two forms of Form V, Shien and Djem So. Shien is focused on blaster deflection, which unlike Form III, not only bats away blasts, but also hits the blast back.
  • Aktis is more prominent with Djem So, which is basically Shien but with a saber. It uses cross slashes and other fast but strong attacks to not only avoid being hit, but to bring the fight back to the opponent.

The Force

The Force is a power all around us, which Jedi and Sith notably use in battle or to fix problems. Aktis, being a Jedi Knight, can use the Force with great skill.

Force Push

  • Using his mind and moving his hand, Aktis can push objects without touching them.
  • He can also push people to keep them at a distance.

Force Pull

  • Using his mind and moving his hand, Aktis can pull objects without touching them.
  • He can also pull people to force them into a straight up brawl with him.

Force Wave

  • Focusing energy, then releasing this energy surrounds Aktis in a barrier of Force for a split second.
  • Foes hit by this are hurt a little, but what really happens is that they're knocked dozens of feet away.


  • Although Aktis was never able to become a Jedi Master, he was promoted to Jedi Knight during the rise of the Clone Wars.
  • During the month between Plon'chi's death, and Shevi Chocoe's arrival, Aktis successfully lead the 702nd Regiment and was able to prevent a large amount of casualties.
  • For all intents and purposes, Aktis survived the Clone Wars; although he did not survive the coming years.
  • Aktis survived for a year on Hurikane whilst on the run during Order 66, despite the climate of the planet.


  • Wasn't strong enough to save Plon'chi from being killed.
  • Despite being a Jedi Knight, he wasn't truly fit to be a General.
  • Couldn't escape from Hurikane, was killed during Order 66.

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