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A ninja does not know how to fail.
~ Akatsuki

Akatsuki, real name Shizuka Hanekura, is one of the protagonists of the Japanese novel series, Log Horizon. She is a member of the guild Log Horizon and is of the Assassin class.

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Battle Record[]

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Battle Record

  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 0
  • Draws: 0


Death Battle Info[]


  • Height: 150 cm
  • Weight: ???
  • Age: 20
  • Aliases: Shizuka Hanekura (real name)
  • Ninja of Log Horizon

Weapons and Abilities[]

Enameled Ceramic Dagger

  • Was Akatsuki's main weapon
  • Prevents light reflection
  • Increased concealability
  • Was destroyed

Black Clothes of Perpetual Darkness

  • Clothes that blend into the darkness
  • Increases abilities of the wearer in darkness

Heliotrope Hairpin

  • Increases magic defense and luck
  • Stirs up the hostility of monsters in the wearer's vicinity, though this breaks the item


  • The reforged version of Meito-Haganemushi
  • Causes armor to rust once touched
  • Makes blades that come into contact with it grow duller

Assassin Class

  • Average HP and MP
  • Purely offensive
  • Moves have long cooldown periods
  • Specialises in high burst damage and attacking weak spots
  • Deals the most physical damage per second
  • Allows Akatsuki to apply poison to her weapon, though she doesn't have poison imbued blades
  • Can only wear light armor, making her rely on evasion to avoid damage
  • Has many stealth abilities


  • Teleportation
  • Stealth
  • Increased speed
  • Clone creation via her overskill Shadow Lurk
  • Is able to cling to walls
  • Weapon degrading
  • Real life kendo training


  • Destroyed the cursed sword Byakamaru and Enbart Nelles' stolen Guardian armor (Guardians are able to kill a player in one hit)
  • Her Tracker subclass allows her to find opponents and erase her presence, killing targets without them knowing
  • She is able to teleport up to 20 meters and in rapid succession
  • Is calm, not letting her emotions get in the way of a fight
  • Her daggar can render armor useless and weakens the foe's weapon
  • Able to create several clones through Shadow Lurk, which not only confuses foes, but all of them are capable of attacking
  • Is one of the fastest players in Elder Tale
  • Her size does make her harder to hit
  • Can scale walls and cling onto them
  • Can leap between buildings casually
  • Has a large variety of attacks at her disposal


  • Her armor isn't that strong
  • She is somewhat frail, but has withstood attacks from stronger opponents without it affecting her performance
  • Her skills have generally long cooldown times