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A Wyvern truly wrapped in mystery. Known to some as the Black God and to others as the Tyrant of Fire, this large and brutal creature is known to the guild simply as Akantor...
~ Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Hunter Notes

A Wyvern shrouded in mystery and known by many names -- "the black god" to some, "The Tyrant of Fire" To others, but usually called "Akantor" By the Guild. Its giant spines and tusks make for a fearsome sight in the volcanic areas it frequents.
~ Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Hunter Notes

Akantor is a massive flying wyvern from the Monster Hunter series of video games.

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Death Battle Info[]


  • Exclusively lives on Ingle Isle and Lava Canyon.
  • Referred to as "The Black God" by most
  • Considered the Apex Predator in its territory.
  • Elements: Dragon, fire
  • Can't fly, despite being a Flying Wyvern
  • Japanese title literally means "The Supreme Monster"


  • Can roar so loud that it creates a sonic beam across the arena, causes Dragonblight
  • Two Gigantic Tusks, used to Gore prey and dig
  • Gigantic Claws, used to attack prey
  • Clawed tail, used for digging and combat


  • Can survive in molten lava indefinitely
  • One of the toughest monsters in all of the Monster Hunter universe
  • Taken hits from a Fire ray fired by a Gravios


  • Weak to thunder and dragon
  • Loud noises can stun it if timed correctly.