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I am Ainz Ooal Gown. With that name at stake, there can be no defeat.
~ Ainz Ooal Gown

Ainz Ooal Gown is the villain protagonist of the light novel series, Overlord. He is the remaining Supreme Being of Nazarick, serving as the guild master of the guild named before him, as well as the Sorcerer King of the Sorcererous Kingdom.

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The year is 2138 AD and Earth is a nigh apocalyptic wasteland.  The only solace that humans have is in Virtual Reality Games that simulate real life very well, only lacking a sense of smell and having a limited touch interface.  One of these games was named Yggdrasil.  It was in this game that a notorious guild existed.  That guild's name was Ainz Ooal Gown.

There were many members who shared in its adventures thoroughout the Nine Realms of the Game.  The leader of this guild was named Suzuki Satoru, but in game he was Momonga.  Unfortunately, the fun that Momonga and his friends had was not to last.  Over time, the other members dropped out of the game one by one, until only Momonga and a few others were left.  But, when the game Yggdrasil was finally shut down, Momonga was the only one who was still active in any meaningful way.

Momonga was expecting to log out once the servers shut down for good and get a good nights' sleep, but that was not to be. To his surprise, the Guild's base was transported, him included, to a new world. Plus, he was no longer human. He was now stuck in the body of his avatar. That of an undead being known only as an Overlord.

Death Battle Info



Ability Damage IV (Increases Damage done by abilities.)

Acid Immunity

Arcane Vision/See Invisibility (Can see hidden things.)

Black Halo

Create High Tier Undead (4/day) -  Can create Undead up to level 90 with this skill.

Create Middle Tier Undead (12/day) - Can create Undead up to level 50 with this skill.

Create Low Tier Undead (20/day) - Can create Undead that are up to about level 30.

Dark Soul

Dark Wisdom (Already Used)  (Allowed Ainz to learn 718 spells instead of the normal 300)

Despair Aura I (Causes Fear in those within its' effect radius.  Fear reduces the opponents' stats.)

Despair Aura II (Causes Fear and Panic, which is a stronger version of Fear that causes a desire to flee from the user.)

Despair Aura III (Causes Fear, Panic, and Confusion.  Confusion is more for dealing with large groups of enemies.)

Despair Aura IV (Causes Insanity.  Insanity is a permanent version of Confusion.)

Despair Aura V (Can cause Instant Death.)

Electric Immunity

High Tier Magic Immunity III (Nullifies all low-tier spells.)

High Tier Physical Immunity III (Nullifies all physical attacks below level 60.)

Ice Immunity

Negative Energy Touch/Touch of Undeath (Causes Instant Death through direct contact.  It can be turned on and off at Ainz' discretion.)

Negative Protection

Speak Evil Tongues

Status Damage IV

Slashing Damage Resistance V

Piercing Damage Resistance V

Turn Resistance III (Protects against Mind Control.)

Undead Blessing (Can sense other Undead beings.)

Undead Lieutenant (Can use EXP points to make a stronger Undead.)

Unholy Protection

Racial Traits:

Biological Penalties' Resistance

Bludgeoning Vulnerability V

Critical Hit Immunity

Dark Vision (Can see in the dark)

Death Immunity

Disease Immunity

Doubled Damage by Fire

Eating, Drinking, Breathing Unecessary

Energy Drain Immunity

Good, Light and Holy Vulnerability IV

Good and Holy Consecrated Areas' Vulnerability II

Mind-Affecting Immunity

Necromancy Resistance

Paralysis Immunity

Physical Penalty Resistance

Poisening Immunity

Recover by Negative Energy

Sleep Immunity