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Alright! You've completed the master level! Filled with happiness, eek-eek-kee! Can't stop laughing, ha-ha-hoo! Magical spell is Ei-Ei-POO! You are Super Monkey Ball 2's best friend!
~ Aiai

Aiai is one of the main protagonists from the video game series, Super Monkey Ball.

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AiAi is a long-time resident of Jungle Island. There, he resides with his wife MeeMee and son Baby. He is given his magical powers starting in Super Monkey Ball to try and make it to Banana Island before GonGon, who is AiAi's rival at the time, does. By the time Super Monkey Ball 2's events occured, he and AiAi are best friends and the four stop Dr. Bad-Boon from stealing all the bananas.

He is a carefree monkey who loves bananas, almost more than MeeMee. When someone is threatening the peace, he is always the first to spring into action.

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