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Aganos is a character who appears in the 2013 video game, Killer Instinct.

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Aganos was animated as a golem for reasons lost to time thousands of years ago. Is ownership passed through many powerful individuals, serving each of them until an ancient king gave him orders to "learn". Aganos obliged, received his name, and gained free will, but continued to obey the king out of respect. The King's dying wish was for Aganos to hunt down and kill Kan-Ra, which he has attempted to do over hundreds of years and all across the planet, never ceasing in his hunt.

Death Battle Info[]


Aganos' body used to be made entirely out of metal, but as the years went by and he fell apart, parts of him have been replaced with stone and vines. Most of his metal has rusted. Despite this seemingly fragile build, he is still incredibly strong, able to smack the earth and send stone fragments into the air to rain down on his opponent. His upper half can rotate 360 degrees, and he can turn into a ball to roll towards opponents.


Aganos can store chunks of the earth in his body, slowing his speed but increasing his defenses, and can release them at will to adjust his stratedy. He is also capable of raising the ground to form barriers, either for defense or offense, and using said barriers as clubs.


  • Aganos means "A person of gentle disposition". Ironically, Aganos' theme is titled Polemos, which means "War".
  • Sometimes dubbed "Broccoli Man"