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A man can only take so much, but when he gets his hose snipped that's where I draw the line.
~ Adam Quark

Oh my galaxy.
~ Adam Quark

Commander Adam Quark is the title character of live action television series, Quark. He is the commander of the United Galaxy Sanitation Patrol, and he and his crew fly around the galaxy fighting evil, and collecting garbage.

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Adam Quark is a Commander in the United Galaxies’ space navy. Serving under the Head, who is literally just a big, disembodied head, Quark often find himself given the assignments that nobody else wants. He captains an interstellar garbage scow out of United Galaxies Space Station Perma One, and leads a crew of misfits from mission to mission.

Death Battle Info


Commander Quark is a 39-year-old human male with deep brown hair and brown eyes. He stands 6’ 2” tall.

Powers and Abilities

Quark is a gifted leader and a capable ships captain. He is trained in fighting, and the use of gamma guns.

Weapons and Equipment

  • Gamma gun - This weapon seems to be a typical sci-fi blaster pistol.