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Aang vs. Danny Phantom is a What-If? episode of Death Battle.


Ava​​tar the Last Airbender vs. Danny Phantom! The battle between the two most popular heros throughout the Nickelodeon universe. Who is Nickelodeon's most powerful teenaged hero?


Wiz: For years, Nickelodeon has created many memorable characters like Spongebob Squarepants and Timmy Turner.

Boomstick: Yeah but how many Nickelodeon shows feature awesome, butt kicking, teenaged super heros though? Like Aang, the Last Airbender.

Wiz: And Danny Phantom, the half ghost savior of Amity Park.

Boomstick: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick!

Wiz​: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win a Death Battle!


(Final Blow Theme)

Wiz: The Avatar. The human embodiment of light. A powerful warrior who, unlike others, has the ability to control all 4 elements. It's the Avatar's duty to control all 4 elements in order to keep balance among the four nations. One avatar was destined to defeat the evil fire nation and restore balance across the world. But who is this avatar? His name is Aang.

(Shows picture of Aang)​

Boomstick: Wait what? This is the so called powerful​ Avatar? He looks so innocent.

Wiz: Don't let Aang's looks fool you. He's actually one powerful kid. At the age of 12, Aang learned that he was the Avatar after choosing four toys which so happened to be the Avatar relics.

Boomstick:  After discovering this information Aang ran away with his flying bison Appa. Aang later froze both him and Appa in an iceberg and stayed there for 100 years until they were found by a young waterbender named Katara.

Wiz: As the avatar, Aang has the ability to control all 4 elements. Air, Water, Earth, and Fire.

Boomstick: Out of all 4 elements, Air is definitely Aang's most favorite. He became a master with airbender at the age of 12. He master 35 out of the 36 airbending techniques and created his own technique called the Air Scooter. With airbending, Aang can control the air to his liking. He can make an air scooter, shoot air blasts, make himself faster by decreasing the air resistance around him, and jump really high. 

Wiz: With earthbending Aang can control the earth. He can create earth walls, earth armor, and dig underground. He also has the seismic sense, which was taught to him by the sand shinobi killing Toph Bei fong. The seismic sense allows Aang to detect anyone on the ground through vibrations. This helps increase Aang's reaction time

Boomstick: With waterbending, Aang can control and freeze water. Aang usually prefers to control water from large sources of water like lakes, rivers, and oceans. Finally there's firebending. Firebending is more dangerous than the other  bending art. With firebending, Aang can burn his opponents and redirect​ lightning.

Wiz: Speaking of lightning, It should be brought up that it's hottly debated about how fast does lightning in Avatar actually move since people like Zuko are able to react, then run, then jump in front of lightning even though real lightning moves at 224,000 mph. Our answer, it's a cartoon series so anything is possibility. It's never been fully stated how fast it can truly go so we can only assume. Speaking of which, it's also unknown what limit Avatar characters have with there bending. They obviously have a limit somewhere but we have no idea what it is. Example, Aang always throws a rock or two in fights but then in his final battle against Ozai he's kicking pillars around with ease.

Boomstick: That's cute. Aang carries a staff with him that he can use to glide in the air or to attack with air.

W​iz: He also carries with him the bison whistle. But since Appa is outside help, we won't be using him. But his most powerful ability is his Avatar State.

Boomstick: The Avatar State is Aang at his best. In the this state his bending increases greatly, being able to earth bend a city in the comics.

Wiz: This also gives Aang the access to the skills and knowledge of all the Avatars that have existed for over 10,000 YEARS.​

Boomstick: Whoa this kid is old.

Wiz: Aang can do anything that the other avatars before him did. That means he can bend on an island sized scale like Avatar Kyoshi and even lava bend like Avatar Kyoshi, Avatar Roku, and the unnamed Avatar in Legend of Korra. Throughout the series, Aang has done some pretty impressive things. He's fast enough to suppress an explosion with airbending, run faster than the wind, kick around pillars like they're nothing with earth bending, and is at LEAST island level in Avatar state and is likely higher due to the fact that no limit has been stated(though he obviously has one somewhere).

B​oomstick: Wow he sounds unstoppable

Wiz: Well not really. He can easily be killed by a bolt of lightning and is not that strong physically. Also if he's killed in the Avatar State, he won't be reincarnated.

Boomstick: Still. Aang is one of the best heroes that Nickelodeon has created in history.

Aang: When we are at our lowest point, we are open to the greatest change


Danny Phantom[]

(Cues Danny Phantom Intro)

Wiz: Danny Fenton. A 14 year old boy that's heard about ghosts all his life

Boomstick: Yeah mostly due to the fact that he's lived with ghost obsessed parents all his life. Anyway one day his parents wanted to build a machine designed to view a world unseen. This world was the ghost zone. But when his parents plugged the machine in it didn't work and they just quit and then Danny, being the smart kid he is, said "Hey! Let me take a look inside of it." He discovered that the machine wasn't turned on and he hit the on button. It turned on but Danny got hit by the big flash and he died.....kind of.

Wiz: When Danny woke up he saw he snow white hair and glowing green eyes. His DNA was fused with ectoplasm DNA which turned him into half ghost. At first Danny had trouble controlling his powers but his powers were put to the test when his first enemy arrived a month later the accident. The Lunch Lady. Danny managed to defeat the ghost and decided to use his ghost powers for good. From this day, Danny became a super hero and hid his identity by becoming Danny Phantom.

Boomstick: Okay not the best name to use when it sounds like your real name but whatever. Danny Phantom has a huge assortment of ghost powers. Danny can make himself invisible and unseen by the human eye. Invisible Danny can't be touched, smelled, or heard. When invisible he can only be spotted by heat seekingobjects.

Wiz: Danny can also make himself intangible. While intangible, Danny is untouchable by almost anything. He can phase through walls, fire, even ecto-energy blasts and has phased through other ghost's intangibility somehow. However, he can't phase through the ectoplasmic blasts that come from anti-ghost weapons like Valerie's anti-ghost ray.

Boomstick: Danny can also over shadow his opponents and take control of their body, making them whatever he wants them to do. ​He even overshadow Paulina while she was being overshadowed by his best friend Tucker when he wished for ghost powers. However, very powerful targets can resist it though

Wiz: He also has a number of different ecto-shields and ghost rays that can destroy buildings. He can also duplicate himself into 4 other versions of himself. He even has cyrokinesis.

Boomstick: Danny can also manipulate his body in many different ways like stretching it or making holes in his body. He also has a wicked regeneration ability. Freakshow one time turned Danny into a pile of goop, causing him to get rammed by a roller-coaster, just simply to reform. His best ability however is the ghostly wail. With this attack, Danny screams powerful ultra sonic waves of ectoplasm energy that can destroy a building and even one shot all the future versions of ghosts and his future self. It use to drain him of all his power but in the finale, he used it three times without being phased.

Wiz: Danny carries a wide variety of ghost weapons like the Fenton Thermos. Danny is fast enough to out-fly a space shuttle, strong enough to rip space shuttle, and can really take a beating.

Boomstick: But Danny is not invincible. He's vulnerable to ghost attacks and is very cocky​. He also can be reverted back to his human form if he takes too much damage. But still, Danny is still one of the best fighters to ever live

Danny: I'm going ghost!​​​


Wiz: Alright the combatants are set. Let's end this debate once and for all.


DEATH BATTLE: Nick Heroes Go![]

In the middle of the forest, both fighters made their entrance. Aang on one side came gliding down on his glider. He landed and then got into a martial artist stance. Danny looked at him.

"You gotta a black belt in stupid if you think you're going to beat me. GOING GHOST!" Two halo rings encircled Danny and he transformed into Danny Phantom. "Alright baldy. Let's go."


Danny made the first move. He fired an ecto blast at Aang but Aang started to evade and avoid the blast. Danny fired more and more ghost rays but Aang simply avoid them all. "Hey kid stop moving," Danny said.

"Stop missing," Aang said.

"Got jokes huh? If anyone's the funny one here it's me."

Danny flew towards Aang at high speeds and punched Aang extremely hard and sent him tumbling onto the ground. "Ow," Aang said. "That one hurt. I gotta make sure this guy doesn't get into close again."

"Heh what's the matter? Did that hurt?" Danny taunted. Danny started to run at Aang. Aang got up. He began to feel Danny running at Aang. Danny finally got up close and threw a punch. Aang quickly threw an earth handcuff at Danny's hand and it threw Danny's hand to the ground, trapping him.

"What?" Danny said. Aang began to throw a number of giant earth rocks at Danny. "Sorry to burst your bubble kid but this is not going to keep hostage forever." Danny then went intangible and phased out of the handcuffs. He then got up and saw the earth rocks coming at him. He stood up and began to phase through all of the rocks.

"Huh? That's a new one." Aang said. "What is he? Is he apart of the spirit world? Another nation?"

"Is this kid some kind of ghost or something?" Danny thought. Aang attack at Danny. he threw a number of air bursts that pushed Danny back.

"Wait what did he just hit me with?" Danny thought. Aang began to throw a lot more air bursts towards Danny that pushed him back even more. "Well if he can't see me, then he can't hit me," Danny thought.

Aang began to begin throwing an air burst but then stopped when he saw Danny disappeared right in front of him.

"What the....Where did he go?" Aang questioned.

"Right behind you." Danny said. Danny punched Aang but Aang couldn't see him. Danny threw a flurry of punches.

"You know it must suck fighting what you can't see." Danny said. "Let's end this though." Danny then overshadowed Aang. While inside Aang, Danny ran into someone.

"Who are you?" Danny asked

"I'm Raava. Get out of this body."

"What? No. I need to win this fight."

"I said get out!" Danny then got kicked out of Aang's body.

"What are you?" Danny asked. Aang closed his eyes. His tattoos and eyes began to glow.

"I'm the avatar." Aang began to earth bend the the whole entire platform. "I'm sorry." Aang said.

"Don't be," Danny said. "This fight is over." Danny threw an ice blast at Aang and it froze Aang completely. "I'm sorry. Danny then released a wail of ectoplasmic sound waves. The waves pulverize Aang's body and make blood pour out his ears.


Aang's spirit came out of the shattered ice but Danny catches it with the Fenton Thermos


Wiz: Aang was a formidable opponent and his experience plus fighting style was enough to keep Danny on his toes but it wasn't enough.

Boomstick: Aang had more versatility but Danny's intangibility allowed him to phase through any thing Aang could construct or throw at him. Danny's strength is insane. He's knocked over building sized ghost with a single kick. There's no doubt a blow like that would be enough to one shot Aang due to his low durability.

Wiz: Danny is also tough enough to take anything Aang can throw at him and has the edge in long range attacks. Danny is also leagues faster than Aang is. Danny out-flew a space shuttle which can go at speeds faster than mach 23. Aang may have seismic sense but Danny doesn't usually stay on the ground during fights​​.

Boomstick: Also Danny's invisibility allowed him to be able to sneak up on Aang and deliver more damage. And while Aang is more defensive, Danny is just as defensive with his ecto-shields. Also Aang had no real way to put down Danny due to his regeneration and durability. Aang just got bent.

Wiz: The winner is Danny Phantom​ 

DEATH BATTLE: The Heroes of Nickelodeon (REMASTERED)[]


Today wasn't a good day for Team Avatar.

The skies were grey and overcast. It appears that it might rain today. A strong gust of wind blew the dust and dirt of the lone mountain trail the Gaang was traveling along. Zuko, Toph, Sokka, Katara, and the Avatar, Aang, were exhausted from all this walking. It felt as if they took another step, their legs were going to snap and break off of their bodies.

No one was complaining however. They just pushed through their exhaustion.

One member of Team Avatar decided to finally speak. "Hey so why are we walking on foot again," the water tribe warrior, Sokka asked the last airbender.

"Really Sokka?" Toph answered. "You're really asking us that question?"

"Hey I'm just curious, that's all," Sokka remarked.

"Well in case you missed it, Appa's gone missing and we're trying to find the person that did it," Toph responded.

"I know that," Sokka sarcastically said. "I mean why are we walking to find him? Why can't we just fly Aang's back and his glider?" Sokka asked. "Wouldn't that be like, much faster?"

"Sokka," his sister Katara sighed. "Y'know that's not a good idea for many reasons." Sokka's raised his voice towards the team, making his voice sound more high pitched and squeaky.

"Like what?" Sokka yelled. Toph then kicked Sokka in the knee. "Ow!" Sokka yelled.

"Like the fact that I can't see. Did that ever come across your mind?" Toph asked angrily. Sokka hung his head down in shame.

"Oh. Yeah. Sorry," Sokka apologized.

The rest of the team continue wondering along the lonely mountain trail. Aang was the only person that has yet to say a word ever since they began the journey. Zuko, Toph, Katara, and Sokka began to worry about him. It felt as if they were all the way back in the desert where Aang had lost Appa then. Well to everybody except Zuko. The Avatar's girlfriend placed her hand on his shoulder. Softly, she asked Aang, "Are you ok? You seem a bit down."

"No," Aang's fainted voice answered. "I'm fine." Katara then proceeded to give Aang the biggest hug that she had ever given him throughout their relationship.

"We'll find Appa," Katara answered. "It's not like the descriptions we heard about the thief describes anybody."

"Yeah," Toph joked. "It's not like just anybody is walking around with snow white hair and glowing green eyes. What kind of a clown would even think about dying his hair snow white?"

Sokka scowled towards Toph. "Heeeeey. I was thinking about getting me some grey hair," Sokka whined. "I thought it be cool," Sokka muttered under his breath.

"Well Aang," Zuko said. "At least we still got Momo to keep us company until we find Appa. Right?" The fire lord tried to comfort his once before rival. As soon as Zuko finished those words, Momo got unto Aang's shoulder.

Aang smiled at the lemur bat. "Yeah. I guess you're right." The gang continued walking down this lonely path for quite some time. Not seeing a single soul anywhere. This was perhaps the most deserted trail in all of Avatar, and that's saying something. To give a proper time frame, about 3 hours rolled by and the gaang was still walking.

Toph stopped in her tracks. "GUYS!" she yelled.

Everybody stopped in their tracks as well in order to hear what the Blind Bandit had to say. She famously pointed her finger towards a portal in the sky. Every body was astonished at the sight of this portal. They had never seen a portal like this before, especially located up in the sky.

"What is that?" Zuko questioned.

"A portal to the Spirit World maybe?" Katara answered.

"I don't know what it is," Toph answered. "And you're probably gonna think I'm crazy, but whatever that is, it feels like a metal ship is about to fly out of the portal." Sokka giggled.

"A metal ship Toph? Out the spooky green portal thingy?" Sokka asked with a smile. "Please. It's probably a spirit portal like Katara said. Why would a metal ship come from out of that thi-" Before Sokka could finish his sentence, a metal ship emerged from the portal and it was out of control. Sokka's jaw drop. "OH MY GOSH!" Sokka yelled, shaking Toph. "IT IS A METAL SHIP! I TOLD YOU IT WAS!"

Toph jabbed her fist, sending a spec of rock to hit Sokka's forehead. Meanwhile, the metal ship was falling down to earth at a rapid pace. The ship crash landed in front of the eyes of the gaang. "Guys. People are in that thing," Toph felt with her seismic sense. "We gotta help them!"

"You're right Toph," Aang answered. "Let's help them."

"Whoa whoa whoa whoa," Sokka stopped everybody. "What's wrong with you guys? We don't know who these guys are," Sokka said pointing at the three teenagers in the ship. "How do we know they're not evil spirits? Or worst, they could be crazy tax collectors."

"Don't be ridiculous Sokka," Katara said. "I'm sure if they were evil spirits, they wouldn't be trapped in a metal ship."

"I'm just saying," Sokka said. "Just look at the way they're dressed. No one dresses like that."

"Spirits don't either Sokka," Aang told Sokka. The rest of the team ignored Sokka's words and proceeded to help the three teens trapped inside the crashed metal ship.

Aang and Zuko pulled out two of the three kids. Aang pulled out the geek of the trio. The geek was wearing a long sleeved yellow shirt, completed with a black belt, green cargo pants, and a red beret. Tucker Foley.

Zuko pulled out the gothic girl of the group. "Funny," Zuko thought to himself. "She reminds me of Mai." This is strange for Zuko. He never thought he'd ever find a girl who appeared as gloomy as Mai has. Sam Manson.

Toph pulled out the last teenager that was in the ship. A young, 15 or 16 year old lad...and man, was he cute to Toph. Danny Fenton. When Toph first sensed Danny, it was as if sparkles were all around Danny in her seismic sense. The three wiped the dirt that was on their clothes. They then proceeded to speak.

"Nice job Tucker," Sam spoke in anger. "You just had to take a left at the hollow tree didn't ya?"

"Hey don't get mad at me," Tucker responded. "The infi-map here said that we were suppose to make a left." Sam snatched the map out of Tucker's hands.

"Tuck. It says we were suppose to make a right, not left!" Sam lashed out towards Tucker. "And thanks to you we're now here in...I don't even know where we are." Danny placed his hand on Sam's shoulder.

"Hey now. Calm down you two," Danny politely spoke. Danny then spoke to Team Avatar. "Hey. Thanks guys. You didn't have to help us. I had things under control but thank you guys anyway," Danny respectly told the gaang. "Is there anything we can do to repay you guys?"

"As a matter of fact," Sokka began. "We're in the middle of searching for our missing bison. Do you wanna help us?" Sokka asked Danny and his crew.

"Um sure," Danny answered. Tucker stopped Danny from continuing.

"Hold on Danny. Are you sure about this?" Tucker asked his best friend. "You wanna help total strangers that don't we don't know? A bald guy, that cute girl, blurry eyed girl, scarred man, and pony tail guy?"

"Uh, we can here you," Zuko told Tucker.

"And this is not a pony tail," Sokka corrected Tucker. "This is a Warrior's Wolf Tail!"

"It's the least we can do Tuck," Danny whispered. "They just helped total strangers they don't know. Just trust me," Danny finished his comment. As soon as Danny looked at the gaang, Danny gasped a cold, crisp blue stream of air from his mouth. Danny began to scan the area. It can't be possible. "A ghost?" Danny thought to himself. "Where? I don't see him."

"Sorry guys," Danny continued. "I'll join you in your journey later. Apparently there's a ghost nearby and I need to find him." The entire gaang looked at Danny as if he were crazy.

"Uh huh," Sokka shook his head nervously. "I told you they were crazy," Sokka whispered to his comrades.

"Sokka could be right," Aang whispered. "I don't sense any spirits nearby at all," Aang squinted his eyes. "But something doesn't feel right."

"Maybe he's just naturally gifted at sensing spirits better than you Aang," Zuko commented.

"I don't think so," Aang responded. "I don't think so." Danny Phantom then posed before yelling out his three famous words.

Danny going ghost

The outfit Danny was wearing before transformed into a black jumpsuit with white boots, gloves, a belt, and a letter "D" emblem with an inner "P" on his chest. His blue eyes turned green and his black hair turned as white as snow. It was Danny Phantom time.

The jaws dropped of the entire gaang. "IT'S HIM!" everybody yelled. "He's the one that took Appa!" Danny's face expression became puzzled. He had no idea what on earth were these people talking about. Aang approached Danny.

"You took Appa!" Aang said in anger. "Where is he?! What did you do with him?!" Danny was confused.

"Ah, why does the cute one have to be the enemy?" Toph said. Everybody in the gaang looked at her with some pretty astonished faces. Toph began to blush. "Maybe I said that a little too loud," Toph thought. Yeah no kidding.

"I don't know what you're talking about," Danny said attempting to end this peacefully. "I appreciate your help but I don't want you start a something you can't finish," Danny said. "Leave now and don't attempt to engage me."

Zuko thrust his fist forward, emitting a highly pressurized blast of flames from his fist. Danny hopped over the flames, nearly avoiding getting burnt alive. "Hey!" Danny yelled out. "Didn't I just say let's not attempt to engage?"

"Sorry buddy," Toph said as she stomped unto the ground. A piece of rock launched from the ground. She aimed it towards Danny's mid section. Danny clenched his fist as tight as he could. He jammed his fist into the Toph's rock, shattering it into pieces. Toph's eyes widened as well as the rest of the gaang.

"Uh what's wrong?" Danny asked with a confused look on his face. "Never seen anyone break a rock like that?"

"He's strong," Toph said.

"Don't worry," Sokka said. "We can all take him."

"No," Aang said causing Sokka to ask "No?" "Don't do it guys," Aang said. "If he's this strong then it'll probably be best for me to deal with him."

"No Aang," Katara responded furiously. "I won't let you."

"Katara, please," Aang responded. "I'll be alright. And if I do this, no one else will get hurt," Aang told his girlfriend. Katara then nodded her head. Momo flew off of Aang's shoulder and unto Katara's.

"Good luck," Katara told her lover. "We'll be right here waiting for you." Aang walked closer to Danny. Danny squinted his eyes.

"I see you don't want this to be done quietly, so I guess I have no choice but to engage you in battle," Danny said as he prepared himself for battle. Aang did not say a word. He entered his fighting stance. The two were ready.

Danny phantom ready
Aang ready

"Bring it on!"


(Cue GVH Battle Theme)

Danny did not waste another second. He attacked as fast as he could. At rapid speeds, Danny fired small but powerful ectoplasmic blasts of energy towards the Avatar. The Avatar calmly an swiftly dodged each beam of green light. Danny decided to use a slightly different tactic. He decided to use the exact same attack as before, but this time he attacked much faster than before. Aang repeated the same tactic he used before. Bob and weave. Dodge every single attack.

After dodging Danny's ghost rays a second time, Aang jabbed his fist in a way that was very similar to how Danny projected his ghost rays. And with each jab, a "WOOSH!" sound filled the air. And with each jab, a blast of highly pressurized air emitted from Aang's fist. Catching Danny off guard, Danny was pushed into the wall of the mountain.

"YEAH AANG!" Sokka yelled from the sidelines. "AIR BENDING SLICE!"

"Hey, don't encourage him," Tucker told Sokka. Danny fell unto his stomach. He looked at his opponent.

"A weather manipulator?" Danny asked himself. "I wonder does he know Vortex?" Danny stood to his feet. "Well now that I know he can fight with the air, I'll make sure to keep my guard up."

Danny's fist became engulfed in green ectoplasmic energy. He ascended into the air. His legs transformed into the ghost tail. Danny launched himself towards the Avatar. He fired multiple blasts of ghost rays a third time.

Aang stomped his feet unto the ground. A wall composed entirely of earth erupted from the ground. Danny's ghost rays vanished once they made contact with Aang's earth wall. Danny stopped in his tracks. "He can use the earth too?" Danny thought too himself. "What else can he do? Can he use fire and water too?" Danny sarcastically (and ironically) thought. "Well then. I think he's gonna need a little more than just earth to shield himself."

With that being said, Danny flicked both his right and left hand. A wave of green, bright ectoplasmic energy was projected from both of Danny's hands. When the wave landed on Aang's earth wall...


Aang's defense was shattered. The force launched Aang backwards. The eyes of all of the gaang widened, and Sokka's jaw dropped.


"Get your own puns," Sokka muttered to himself.

Aang was not down yet. The fight was only just beginning. Aang performed a high kick, then a sweep kick, and then a low kick. With each action perform, a boulder was raised from the ground and launched towards the half ghost. Danny could see the attacks coming towards him wide and clear. Danny neatly sidestepped each time a rock was heading his way. With each sidestep, Danny taunted "Nope. Nope! NOPE! Gotta try harder than that kid."

Danny formed a small green ball of ectoplasmic energy in the palm of his hands. Danny tossed each energy ball towards as fast as he could. Aang applied his negative jing. He swiftly dodged each attack with total ease. Danny appeared to slowly becoming frustrated.

"Stop dodging," Danny said.

"Stop missing," Aang responded.

Danny rapidly continued to throw his tiny, but powerful ectoplasm balls towards the Avatar. Aang just continuously kept dodging the attacks. Aang quickly took whipped out his glider. He swung glider as fast as he could. With just one swing of the glider, a massive gust of wind was emitted from the staff. Danny saw the massive stream of air heading his way.

"Not again," he thought to himself.

Danny did not attempt to try to dodge the attack. The gust hit Danny's body (or it at least appeared to have hit his body) but it showed no affect. Danny wasn't pushed back like he was before. His body did not flinch even one bit.

Aang jabbed his fist, launching a boulder from the mountain wall. And to Aang's (and the gaang) astonishment, the rock passed through Danny's body. Sokka point at Danny.

"H-h-how?" Sokka asked.

"Did he just...phase through your earth bending twinkle toes?" Toph asked her student.

"I think he just did," Aang responded. "It's ok," Aang silently thought to himself. "I'll find a way around this ability. It should have a weak point somewhere."

Danny then smiled. "He's seems to be very impressed by this ability," Danny thought. "It must not be a common ability in this realm. I'll have to use that to my advantage." As soon as Danny finished his thought, Danny's body slowly vanished from everybody's sight.

"What!?" Sokka exclaimed. "How, when, and what?! What kind of bender is this dude?"

"I don't know," Katara answered. "But whatever he is, he sure is good at disguising himself."

"Not really," Toph responded. "You guys probably can't see him, but I can perfectly." Oh Toph. Toph could only see Danny for one reason and one reason only. The seismic sense.

Seismic sense Toph

With each step Danny took while he was on the ground, vibrations were being emitted through the earth. This, and this only, was the reason Toph Bei Fong could pinpoint where Danny was at, even with his invisibility turned on. Toph isn't the only member of the gaang with seismic sense. Guess who else possesses the ability?

Seismic sense Aang

That's right. Avatar Aang possesses the same ability. Meaning, he too can see Danny's location. Aang put his foot down to the ground, erupting a massive earth pillar from the ground that plowed into Danny's gut. Danny was launched once again into the wall of the mountain.

"Ok. I KNOW this kid didn't just see where I was going," Danny muttered under his breath.

"Gee Danny," Sam said in the background. "How about you try flying towards him, or attacking, or anything else besides walking and taunting?!" Sam yelled.

"Thanks Sam," Danny sarcastically responded. "What would I do without ya?"

(Cue Red Sun - Metal Gear Rising)

Alright. Danny's not messing around anymore. It was time that he fought his opponent more intelligently than he was before. This is not the time for any screw ups.

Transforming his legs into the ghost tail, Danny flew towards Aang at speeds greater 120 mph. Danny clenched his fist as tight as he could before attempting to deliver a fatal blow. Danny thrust his fist forward but Aang beautifully dodged the ghost's fist. While dodging, Aang hopped into the air and performed a roundhouse kick. Aang's movement launched multiple earth bullets towards the half ghost.

The Phantom elongated his entire midsection and turned it intangible. Danny fired a quick ectoplasmic laser towards the Avatar. The laser rammed into Aang's chest, launching him into the nearby wall. Aang fell to his knees. Danny saw this an opportunity to end this fight. Danny tossed an explosive energy disc towards Aang.

Aang opened his. His vision was slightly blurred. The only thing he could make out was something green was heading his way. Before his vision could fully clear, Aang rammed his back into the nearby wall. As he pushed himself off of the wall, multiple layers of earth was ripped off of the mountain's side, reattaching itself unto Aang's body. Danny's disc landed on Aang's earth armor.


There was a mini-explosion. When the smoke cleared, Aang's armor was perfectly fine as if it didn't just get hit by a mini-explosion. Danny project a much larger, more destructive version of his ghost ray. Aang braced himself for the attack. His shield protected him from Danny's assault. Danny seized his attack. He noticed that pieces of Aang's earth armor were falling off of Aang.

"Not such an absolute defense you have their now is it!?" Danny taunted. "His armor is falling apart," Danny observed. "I guess my more destructive blasts should do the trick." Danny then glanced over to his right side. "Let's see if he can fly though," Danny thought as he saw Aang was closer to the edge of a cliff (remember they are fighting on a lonely mountain trail).

At speeds faster than the human eye, Danny rushed his way to Aang's right side. Without giving an indication of his next move, Danny fire an enormous blast of ectoplasmic energy. Aang dodged the attack the only way he knew how.

Air bend

Aang shielded his body with air bending. Aang unintentionally propelled himself into the air, over the cliff, and it was a real long way down. No matter for the Avatar though. He dropped his earth defense and whipped out his trusty glider. Danny looked over the cliff side. He saw the Avatar was traversing the skies with his glider.

"This guy's good," Danny said. "But he's not better than me I can tell you that." Without another word being said, Danny flew over the cliff side and chased after than Avatar.

"DANNY!" Sam and Tucker yelled. Danny's best friends began to run as if they were about to somehow help him. Toph quickly stomped unto the ground, raising an earth wall in their path.

"I hope you don't think you're gonna go help out your friend," Toph said while pointing at Sam and Tucker.

"Hey, ya never know," Tucker said.

"I don't have time for this," Sam said. "I need to go help Danny."

"Either you two stay or we attack," Sokka said as he took out his boomerang. The rest of Team Avatar braced themselves as if they were about to fight. Zuko's fist alit with flames. A ring of water circled Katara's body. The Blind Bandit raised a piece of earth. A blank expression appeared on Sam's face.

"I hope Danny can do this," Sam told Tucker. "He's on his own right now."

Meanwhile Over the Land of a Random Forest

Danny fired multiple blasts of ectoplasmic energy. Aang swiftly dodged each laser blast. Danny fired many more lasers towards the Avatar, but again the Avatar dodged each attack. Danny then dashed at full speeds towards Aang. Quicker than Aang could realize what was going on, Danny was in front of him. Danny thrust his fist forward as Aang was coming near him. Danny fired another ghost ray. Aang quickly closed his glider and created an air shield to protect himself. The blast hit the air sphere but for some reason it could not protect him from after effect. The explosion.

Parts of Aang's clothes became tattered. His while entire left shoe was completely blown off and so was his shirt (not his pants though because we gotta keep this PG rated). His glider was destroyed. Aang was knocked out. He fell straight to the random forest that was beneath both fighters.

After falling for sometime, Aang finally regained consciousness. He quickly panic as he saw he was head straight to earth, and earth isn't a good thing to land on when you were like 3,000 feet into the air. As Aang fell at the speed of a speeding bullet, he saw the deus ex machina of all rivers. Raising his hand, the surface of the river sprung into the air. Aang landed the supposed softness of the water. Aang hopped out of the water and unto the ground.

Danny descended to the ground. "Oh," Danny said. "You can control ice! I was joking about that when I said that earlier. Go figure ammirite?" Danny joked. Aang breathed heavily as he tried to regain his breathe after what just happened. Danny's body turned invisible. He dashed towards Aang. "I don't know why I didn't just do this."

Danny's body phased through Aang's body. It's time for some good ol' overshadowing. Or maybe it's not actually.

(Cue The God Awakened - Naruto)

Once Danny entered Aang's body, he found himself in a spiritual limbo. He saw many faces, many people inside Aang's body. They were the past Avatars. He had not realized that entered Aang's spirit, Raava.

"What is this place?" Danny asked himself. Soon afterwards, the entire scene changed. Danny found himself to be in some kind of purple, spiritual, cosmic location beyond human process. Danny stood on a purple road. He looked down the path. At the end of the road he saw a giant. "Is that?" Danny asked as he pointed at the giant.

Avatar state limbo

It appeared to be Aang in Danny's eyes. "I think I might've hit my head harder on those rocks than I thought," Danny said to himself as he couldn't believe what he was seeing.

The giant Aang like figure descended closer the purple road. A giant purple force field projected from his hands. Danny was confused. What on earth is he doing. Danny decided to get a bit closer to the force field. He saw that the real Aang was in the middle of the force field. His arrow and his eyes glowed bright.

"WHOA!" Danny exclaimed. The pupils from Aang's eyes vanished. "What am I dealing with here?!" Danny asked. Danny soon began to be lifted into the air. "WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOA!" His environment rapidly changed around him. Locations of where the past avatars use to live, where they've been, etc. Next thing he knew, Danny was launched out of Aang's body and into a nearby tree.

"Ok," Danny said. "Let's not do that again."

(Cue Dark Maker Finale - Jak 3)

Aang's eyes began to glow a blue hue, as well as his air bending tattoos. The wind began to blow through the forest at a monstrous rate. It was blowing at speeds greater than 200 mph!!! Danny's eyes widened as he saw Aang ascend into the air. As Aang ascended to the heavens, he formed an enormous air bubble around his entire body. He raised multiple rocks from the ground and circled them around his body as well. Then, he pulled a ring of water from the river. It circled around his body as well. Finally, Aang roared an enormous stream of fire from his mouth and projected flames from his fists and feet.

Avatar state fire

Danny was surprised at what he was seeing. It was Aang's power up form. The most powerful being throughout the Avatar universe. The Avatar State was ready to combat Danny Phantom.

Before Danny could even comprehend what was even happening, Aang wasted no time in trying to finish this battle. With a swipe of his hand, a powerful gust of wind blew Danny off of his feet. Danny was launched into multiple of trees that was in the forest, snapping each tree he rammed into. Danny fell to his side.

"Whoa!" Danny said. A smile appeared on his face. "Uhm, Vortex called me. He wants his abilities back," Danny joke. Aang did not even chuckle at Danny's joke.

Aang roared a mighty yell. After yelling, a combination of air, earth, wind, and fire appeared to have emitted from Aang's mouth. Danny quickly rolled out of the way. Aang tightened his fist, causing an earth pothole to appear into the ground, trapping Danny's foot. Aang raised his hand, lifting an enormous amount of landmass the size of a mountain.

And with one flick of his hand, Aang launched the mountain sized landmass towards Danny's path. With his jaw dropped, Danny quickly vanished from Aang's sight and phased through the ground.

Aang scanned the area to find the ghost child. Before Aang could react...


Emerging from the ground at speeds greater than 600 mph, Danny delivered a powerful uppercut to Aang's chin, launching the air bender into the air.

Aang recovered and caught himself in the air. Danny dashed towards the young bending prodigy. As he flew at speeds greater than the speed of sound, Danny fired multiple ectoplasmic ghost rays from the palm of his hands. Moving faster than the wind itself, Aang swiftly dodged the reckless Phantom's ghost ray. Aang counteracted by firing an enormous blast of pressurized flames from his hand.

Danny stretched both his arms forward, projecting an icy blue shield. As hot as the flames were, they could not penetrate Danny's ice shield. Aang seized his fire blast as he saw it wasn't very effective.

As soon as Aang stopped attacking, he quickly made his move. Danny's body became surrounded by a blue aura. His eyes became icy blue. Danny fired an crisp, blue blast of cyrokinetic ectoplasm. Aang crossed his arms, causing the rocks surrounding him to combine and form an enormous shield. Danny's laser froze Aang's defense ice solid.

Aang returned to his offensive abilities. He inhaled flames into his mouth. Danny charged his cyrokinetic ectoplasmic energy. After a good 5 seconds rolled by, Aang breathed an enormous blast of flames as wide as a building. Danny fired a laser that was about the same size.

The two clashed with each other. The two heroes attempted to overpower each other. Aang found the strength to overpower Danny's ectoplasmic blast by adding more fire to his blast. Danny saw his ectoplasmic beam was being overpowered. Aang's flames began to slowly consume Danny's ectoplasmic ray. The flames could be seen in Danny's eyes.

Danny's body appeared to transform into a bright, white, light. When the light vanished, so did Danny. Aang's scaned the area once more. Danny reappeared behind the Avatar. "Excuse me," Danny said as he tapped Aang's shoulder. As soon as Aang turned his body...


Danny jabbed Aang in the face. Aang was launched back down to the ground of the forest. The Avatar was able to catch himself before splatting unto the ground. Danny hurried his way down to the Avatar. Aang raised an enormous wall composed of earth. Danny did not even care at this point. What good is an earth wall gonna do?

To Aang's surprised, Danny bypasses his structure. Aang's eyes widened. Danny placed his hand on Aang's chest. A bright green glow emitted from Danny's white glove. The next thing that happened...


There was a mini-explosion. Aang was launched into a nearby tree. He fell to his knees but he quickly hopped back unto his feet. Aang thrust his fist forward, then performed multiple sweep kicks and high kicks that launched multiple boulders the size of trucks towards Danny. Unamused, Danny did not attempt to avoid the projectiles. Each piece of earth phased through Danny's body. Danny's hand glowed blue.

"You know what?" Danny asked Aang. "I think you need to stop using the ground to fight me," Danny ended his comment and rammed his blue, glowing hand into the ground. The entire ground around the two fighters transformed into solid ice.

"What?" Aang's voices thought. "My earth, has turned into ice. What is this guy?"

Danny fired a cold blast of ectoplasmic energy, attempting to hit the Avatar himself. Aang twirled his way out of the path of the laser. Danny fired multiple cyrokinetic, ectoplasmic laser as cold as the North Pole itself. Aang swiftly, neatly, and perfectly dodged every projectile Danny could throw at him. Aang counterattacked and unleashed a fiery assault. Danny once more simply phased through the attacks.

"Hey Mr. Clean!" Danny taunted. "Just give up. I can counter almost anything you can throw at me."

"No," The voices yelled. "Not everything." With that being said, Aang ascended into the air. He stretched his arm forth.

The Lonely Mountain Trail

The walls of the mountain on the lone mountain trail began to break apart and shift over to the random forest. And everyone's jaw dropped as they saw parts of the mountain was now in the forest.

"What's going on?" Tucker asked.

"That's gotta be Aang," Sokka said. "I don't know what your friend did but Aang must be pissed because he does this against big threats."

"You mean he sees Danny as a threat?" Tucker asked. Tucker turns to Sam. "And you thought he couldn't handle this."

The Heart of the Random Forest

Aang combined all the forms of earth he had attracted to the battle arena. The result of Aang's combination was an enormous earth golem. The earth golem was so gigantic that the gaang, Sam, and Tucker could see it from the mountain trail.

Danny's jaw dropped as he witnessed Aang's earth golem and all of it's glory. "Oh man," Danny said. "I might need a clean pair of underwear after I'm done with this battle."

(Cue 04 Iron Dite - Battle Fever)

Aang, now on top of his massive golem, swung his stone made fist towards Danny Phantom. Danny twirled his body to avoid Aang's golem fist. He did not, however, see the other fist coming. Danny was knocked into the ground at speeds greater than 200 mph! All that could be seen on Danny's face was of pure shock.

Danny stood to his feet and ascended into the air. "Alright kid. This is getting a little annoying," Danny said. "I'm ending this now." Danny prepared himself for his ultimate attack. The Ghostly Wail.

Ghostly wail

Releasing ectoplasmic sound waves from his mouth, Danny wailed a wail so powerful, the forest felt like it was shaking. The sound waves hit Aang and his golem. The golem was not affected by the ghostly wail. Not one bit.

After 8 seconds of using the ghostly wail, Danny seized his attack, noticing that it was useless against the stone giant.

As Danny tried to catch his breath, Aang rammed his stone fist into Danny's gut, launching the ghost kid into whatever tree was still in the forest. Danny fell to his knees. Aang waved his hand, combining earth, air, water and fire into a single devastating attack.

"This ends now," Aang and his past avatars said. Danny widened his eyes.

"No. It's not over," Danny said. The losing ghost whipped out a...handle? Aang launched his devastating element blast at his opponent. The handle soon transformed and expanded. The once handle transformed into Danny's ultimate armor. The one thing that could let Danny fight at his full potential. The Ecto-Skeleton, and Danny was the pilot of it. As the element blast came closer and closer to Danny, the Ecto-Skeleton stretched forth its hand. The Ecto-Skeleton projected a shield that was 100x more powerful, protecting Danny's from Aang's attack. Danny ascended into the air.

"Alright air head," Danny taunted. "Let this be the last go we have."

Aang nodded his head in agreement. He assumed his battle position. "I'm ready for ya."


(Cue Uncontrollable - Xenoblade Chroicles X)

Danny commanded his Ecto-Skeleton to fire a ghost ray 100x more powerful than his normal ghost ray. Aang commanded his golem to raise his arm to shield the golem. The block was successful but it left a giant hole in the golem's arm. Danny fired many more of his 100x ghost rays towards Aang. Aang quickly raised multiple earth walls as big as the golem was. Each earth wall was obliterated by the sheer power Danny had to offer.

Aang fired a massive fire blast, the size of a building. Danny simply projected another shield that was 100x more powerful than his normal shields.

"Alright. Foot thrusters! Full Power!" Danny yelled as he pushed a button that caused the suit to dash towards Aang at full speeds.

The Ecto-Skeleton clenched his fist and thrust its fist towards the earth golem. The earth golem quickly performed the same exact move. Both powerhouse's fists collided with each other, sending a shockwave throughout the forest and was so powerful that the gaang, Tucker, and Sam could feel it from their location. Danny tried to over the earth golem's strength, but he was losing. As soon as he knew he was losing, a green aura surrounded the Ecto-Skeleton's body. And just like that, the Ecto-Skeleton was overpowering the earth golem.

The earth golem was pushed back, stumbling over trees and rocks. The earth golem fell to his back, breaking into pieces as it fell. Aang was surprised. His 2nd best move was defeated by Danny Phantom. DANNY PHANTOM!

Aang stood to his feet. He hung his head down. "Now's my chance," Danny thought as he dashed towards Aang. Aang did not appear to even try to avoid the incoming Danny. As soon as Danny was a good 5 seconds away, Aang yelled. "ENOUGH!" He raised his hands, sending another fusion attack towards Danny.

The attack caught Danny off guard. He didn't react to it on time. The attack penetrated through the chest of Danny's Ecto-Skeleton. All systems went haywire as Danny crashed into the ground. "Oh great," Danny thought. "Dad's gonna kill me when he finds out the suit is damaged."

A lightbulb appeared over Danny's head. "I know how to end this battle." Danny pressed the self destruct button. The dome of the Ecto-Skeleton began to glow red. The words "Self Destruct" appeared on the dome. Aang quickly encased himself in an earth dome. The Ecto-Skeleton exploded. Aang dropped his defense after the explosion.

When the smoke cleared, Aang saw Danny was the ground, badly bruised. Aang crossed his hands, trapping Danny's hands and legs into the earth. Aang was ready to perform his deadliest attack. Energy bending.

Energybending 2

(Cue Bending Energy)

Aang placed his thumb on Danny's forehead and collar bone area. A bright blue light emitted from Aang's eyes and mouth. His whole entire half of the battlefield turned blue and so did Aang's body. A bright green light emitted from Danny's eyes and mouth. His body turned green as well as his half of the battlefield.

(Cue Greatest Change - Legend of Korra)

"In the era before the Avatar, we bent not the elements, but the energy within ourselves," The words of what the Lion Turtle once told Aang long ago echoed through the Avatar's mind. "To bend another's energy, your own spirit must be unbendable," The green color of Danny's body began to consume the blue color of Aang's body. "...or you will be corrupted and destroyed."

The green aura of Danny's body began to slowly consume every last bit of Aang's blue aura. Even Aang's side of the battlefield began to turn green. Only a glimpse of blue light from Aang's left eye could be seen. The blue light began to slowly close as it was being consumed as well. This is the end.

(*Skip to 3:22*)

Before Danny's green aura could finish Aang off, Aang's eyes and mouth glowed bright in Danny's face. His blue aura soon returned and consumed all of Danny's green aura. The entire battlefield was blue. A blue laser shot into the air.

Meanwhile, back on the mountain trail. "What was that?" Tucker said as he pointed to the blue laser.

"HE DID IT!" Sokka yelled. "AANG DID IT!"

"What?" Sam faintly said.

"Oh. It's just energy bending. THE THING THAT TAKES AWAY POWERS!" Sokka cheered. "Your firend is now powerless against Aang."

"Danny..." Sam muttered. "It can't be..."

Danny fell to his back. He reverted back to human form. Danny struggled to stand to his feet. When he did, he simply just fell back down. "Ugh," Danny grunted. "What, what did you do to me?"

"I took away your power," Aang said. "You can't use it to harm anyone else ever again."

Danny giggled. A confused look appeared on Aang's face. "What's so funny?" Aang asked "Danny Fenton."

"Oh it's nothing," Danny said. "Except,"


The real Danny Phantom emerged from the ground, upper cutting the crap out of Aang. Aang was launched into the air. Danny Phantom rushed towards Aang and gave him the beating of his life. BAM! BAM! BAM! POW! POW! POW! POW! Danny was going in. Nothing was stopping him. Danny ended the combo with a blast to the chest. Aang was launched into a tree. Danny's duplicate disappeared.

Aang rammed into said tree and fell unto his butt. His body was bruised. He couldn't move a muscle. He was basically paralyzed for the time being. Danny's eyes glowed green. Danny ascended into the air. He raised his hands, forming a green ball of ectoplasmic energy. But should he do it. Should Aang die?

Aang's fate was in Danny's hands.

(Cue Experienced Many Battles - Naruto or Avatar Ending)

Danny poured more energy into the green ball. The ball expanded. It's all over now. Danny shed a tiny bit of a tear. "I hate to do this," Danny thought. "Please forgive me." Danny tossed the devastating attack towards Aang.

Aang could not move his body. There was no stopping this attack. There was no way Aang could avoid it. All he did was closed his eyes. They say that when you're about to die, your whole life flashes before your eyes. That's exactly what Aang did.

Aang's Final Thoughts

His final moments began with the moment he was born. Aang saw the monks lift the chubby baby into the air.

Baby aang

"I can't believe that one year ago my purpose in life was hunting you down. And now...""Now we're friends," Aang answered.

"Yeah. We are."

"I can't believe one year ago I was still frozen in a block of ice. The world's so different now."

"And it's going to be more different, when we change it together."

Zuko smile

"Do you think friendships can really last more than one lifetime?"

"I don't see why not?" Aang answered holding his teacher's hand.

Toph Smile

"See it's good because it has Aang in it. BoomerAANG!"

"I kind of like that," Aang responded.

Sokka smiled

The final person that ran through Aang's mind was the one he cared the most about. The one he'd fight for no matter what happened. He hates to leave her this way, but he wants her to know that at least he tried.

Aang scores

"I'm sorry guys," Aang's final thoughts said. "I've failed you all."

Avatar friends
"But we will meet again," Aang said. "This is not truly the end. We will meet again. I promise."

A smile appeared on Aang's face as the ectoplasmic ball finally took his life. The ectoplasmic blast landed on Aang, expanding into an burning hot, green laser. Aang's body began to slowly fade away as it was burning beyond belief. The last bit of Aang's body finally faded. Avatar Aang was no more. The Avatar was now dead.


The spirit of Raava appeared before Aang. "Such power," the spirit said. Danny's ghost sense went off.

"So this was the ghost?" Danny thought. He quickly uncapped the Fenton Thermos and captured the spirit of the Avatar, sending it to the Ghost Zone.

Danny wiped the tear from his eye. He flew back to the mountain trail where everyone was awaiting the winner of the battle. Tucker and Sam cheered as they saw Danny was alive and well.

"Where's, where's Aang?" Katara asked Danny. "Is he-" Danny nodded his head.

Katara's eyes began to water. She fell to her knees. Sokka provided comfort for his sister. The rest of Team Avatar was completely devastated at the loss of their friend.

"Aang..." Zuko muttered.

"I-I can't believe it. Twinkle toes," Toph said as she shed a tear.

"Uh guys," Danny told Tucker and Sam. "I think it's time we go. I think we've caused enough pain for one day." Danny took Sam and Tucker and flew off to find another way to get back to their world. How is Team Avatar going to break the news that the world's beloved Avatar is now dead?

Conclusion (REMASTERED)[]

Bolt: *sniffs* I didn't expect a DEATH BATTLE to make me cry. We're gonna catch a lot of crap for this aren't we?

Rush: More or less but let's explain why Danny won, shall we?

Bolt: Let's do this.

Rush: Aang is a difficult one to beat. He was more nimble and a better fighter than Danny. Plus his environmental manipulation gave him some form of unpredictability.

Bolt: The two were fairly even in speed as well. They've both dodged multiple projectile attacks, dodged arrows, and dodged lightning that people will swear to you doesn't make them massively hypersonic. But that wasn't enough for Aang, on a base level, to beat Danny.

Rush: On a base level, Danny was the obvious stronger of the two. He's lifted buses, kicked over giant meat monsters, ripped the steel off of a space shuttle, and all of that was performed without Danny's power augmentation.

Bolt: Danny was more durable too. He shakes off being blasted through walls, battles with building busters, and struck with lightning while Aang on the hand gets knocked out by being blasted INTO a wall and nearly dies from getting shot by lightning. But Aang is not stupid. Once he realizes he's outmatched up close, he'll keep his distance away from Danny and try to overpower him with his bending options.

Rush: Except Danny can easily close that gap. Danny's intangibility makes it nearly impossible for Aang's bending to have an affect on him. And his invisibility allows Danny to get in close and deliver one powerful blow.

Bolt: But the seismic sense!!! He can sense Danny's vibrations through the ground. That should counter invisibility.

Rush: Yes and no. If Danny stayed invisible while on the ground, then yes. However, Danny counters this in so many ways. First, if he is invisible and intangible at the same time then Danny can't be sending vibrations through the ground for Aang to sense because he's intangible. Second, Danny can freeze the ground with cyrokinesis. And if the episode The Serpent's Pass taught you anything, the Seismic Sense does not work while standing on ice. Finally, Danny could just fly. It's not like Danny has earth on him for Aang to sense if he was in the air.

Bolt: Not to mention, Danny has a counter for nearly any bending Aang could throw at him. Cyrokinesis counters water bending and earth bending. Ice Shield counters fire bending. Intangibility counters air bending.

Rush: Then, when comparing the power of both fighter's defense, Danny's is overall better. Aang has more options of defense but Danny's defenses are much harder to penetrate than Aang's. Attacks like Azula and Ozai's fire blasts are able to shatter Aang's main forms of defense, so I'd imagine attacks like Ghostly Wail, a full powered Ghost Ray, and much more random butt pull powers Danny comes up with could do the same thing.

Bolt: In the end, Aang's only shot at trying to defeat Danny was to use Avatar State. And even then, while it gives Aang the experience and destructive capacity adavantage, it doesn't really change what was just established. Also, he's still a glass cannon compared to Danny. Danny could still put him out of commission with one powerful blow, just like Azula did.

Rush: Plus the Ecto-Skeleton makes it more unfair for Aang. Not only did Danny those advantages before the suit, but now he has all those advatages X100!!!! Not to mention that it gives him a better control over all of his abilities.

Bolt: Last but not least, energy bending was Aang's last shot at putting Danny down. Energy bending is quite unclear on what it does and why it does it. We know that it can seal away the energy but when you really think about it, Danny doesn't really rely on an energy source per say.

Rush: Danny's powers come from his mutated DNA. Could Aang remove the ectoplasm from Danny's DNA or cut off his connection is quite unclear and an interesting question. But let's assume that it can.

Bolt: Energy bending is assumed to be based on who has a stronger willpower, Aang or his victim. If it came down to a battle against willpower, Danny can trump Aang. He's resisted Freakshow's control over him. And during his battle with Pariah Dark, Danny was determined to not let him take over the world and he holds his own while only powered up by 4% of power and he still was able to lock Pariah in the Sarcophagus (Vlad's last moment arrival defeated Pariah). Danny's determination allows him to fight on, even if the odds are on a stake and the chances of winning are almost none. Even in Kindred Spirits, the hologram of Maddie noted how incredible Danny's willpower is.

Rush: Even if it wasn't determined on willpower, Danny can still counter it by a couple of ways. (1.) He could simply phase out of the trap Aang sets up in the first place. (2.) Danny can teleport out of it (yes he can possibly teleport)

Danny teleport
Danny teleport 2
Danny teleprt 2


Bolt: And (3.)He could Naruto Uzumaki it and "Surprise. It was my clone all along."

Rush: All in all Danny Phantom is above Aang in enough ways to snatch a win. He's stronger, more durable, has better defenses, a counter for pretty much anything Aang can throw at him, can take Aang's punishment while the same cannot be said vice versa, and has what it took to finish Aang.

Bolt: One last thing. In theory, there's the possibility that Danny could've separated Aang and Raava from each other.

Rush: Much similar to how he separated Vlad from his father, Dash and Paulina from the ghosts that were possessing, and when Walker and the GZPD (Ghost Zone Police Departament) overshadowed Amity Park in Public Enemies.

Bolt: Poor Aang. He really got bent out of shape on this one. He tried his best but he was eventually winded out. Maybe Aang needs to go get some excorcise.

Rush: The winner is Danny Phantom...again.

Phantom Eater WINNER!
Danny Beware

Danny Phantom (Winner) +Stronger and more durable by a long shot +Intangibility made it nearly impossible for Aang to hit Danny +Danny has a counter for anything Aang could've thrown at him +Better defenses +Invisibility closes the gap and performs sneak attacks +Ecto-Skeleton increases the gap by 100 fold =Speed =Battle Smarts -Not as nimble -Inferior in CQC -Cannot overshadow Aang thanks to Raava and past lives

Aang funny again

Avatar Aang (Loser) +Superior CQC +More Experienced via Avatar State +Raava makes overshadowing nearly impossible +More destructive in Avatar State =Speed =Battle Smarts -Not as strong and durable -Intangibility makes it difficult for Aang to land a blow on him -Cyrokinesis alone counters most of Aang's bending options -Invisibility makes it difficult for Aang to find him -Defenses are fragile compared to Danny's -Ect-Skeleton increased all of Danny's advantages by 100x